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GoodFriday2013Leaflet(24MAR)TH Final

GoodFriday2013Leaflet(24MAR)TH Final

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Published by Wes Howard-Brook

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Published by: Wes Howard-Brook on Mar 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 America once inspired hope and faith in people all over the world. Inthe hands of leaders obsessed with the greed of empire, much like theleaders who condemned and executed Jesus, ideals of freedom andequality now mask a crucifixion machine serving theprime directive of empire: more, always more. Never in the history of the country haveveneers of opportunity and equality so broadly masked extremes of disadvantage, inequity, and euphemized violence. Considering themsheep for slaughter, we have unleashed this devastation on innocents:our children.
Drones epitomize crucifixion.
The RomanEmpire chosecrucifixions and coliseums, not for their torture, but for their spectacleand shock-n-awe inducing power. Crucifying one person couldintimidate thousands who witnessed or heard of it. Now, and forsimilar reasons, the USA deploys the pinnacle of brutal, repressive,shock-n-awe provoking technologies: drones. Eyes that spy from thesky.Messengersof death. Hellfirethat strikesfrom the clouds.
Drones terrorize.
 America's drones deliver destruction, but moreimportantly, they deliver intimidation. Dronesintimidatethe families,friends, and associates of our enemies, andour threatis clear: We willobliterate our enemies
and those close to them.
 Associate at your ownrisk,even at home: 30,000 drones in American skies this decade, saysthe FAA.They will be watching.
Drones alienate.
Chillingly dispassionate, like no other technology of murder--never was violence so pornographic as thecowardly,up-closeand personal extermination delivered through fly-by-wire with a nosecam view. Severe dissociation indicates a sociopath, yet we excuse itscollective expression in the name of “national security” and the"greater good."
Drones don't justcrucify innocents; they crucifyinnocence.
Children die at
ends of a drone strike: those whoseblameless bodies get shredded and maimed and those whose blamelessminds and hearts vicariously feel ripped apart in compassionateidentification with dronestrike victims. Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!" Even childrenunderstand this. What could be worse: knowing that a facelessforeigner sent a Predator or Reaper drone to wreak havoc on you andthose you love, or knowing that someone you love sent a Predator orReaper to murder people just like you--and he's sitting next to you atSunday dinner? At the news of his resurrection, the grief of Jesus' followers turned to joy. The embodiment of their hopes and faith had died, but a new embodiment rose up in its place. We believe in resurrection, and weare many. We will not go quietly into that dark night. On thecontrary: we are living our way into a new day. War, terror, and global domination have
providedprosperity except for the privilegedfew. Mechanized war was not the way.Digitized war is not the way. Remote-control, robotic war will not bethe way. War is a society's declaration of its limits of moralcompetence--it can
be the way.Stand for the safety and prosperity of our children.Refuse moralincompetence: the programs of empire.May God, who raised Jesus from the grave, always bringing life out of death, flood our hearts and our world with the light of love andcompassion for each other and our children.
of them are
our children.
Stop their crucifixion.

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