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Black Metal Chicken

Black Metal Chicken

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Published by Henrik Heinonen

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Published by: Henrik Heinonen on Mar 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Elephants Head,a derelict pub in Hackney.
Oscar GaynorHenrik HeinonenVictor Ivanov Andrea MacarioMatthew PeersWill Slater
Will Peers
:Henrik HeinonenOscar GaynorShow curated by Henrik Heinonen16th and 22nd of March 2013
Trough he change ino moderniy he 20h cenury naions and govern-mens sough o enhance heir powerover an individual by his very sameidea o a human wihou a subjec.Trough oaliarian regulaion and hedeniion o a person as a represena-ion o an absrac ideal such as race,naion or a paricular poliical ideol-ogy, he poliical power sough o limiand correc a person by urning himino an image, an objec raher han anauonomous sel-direcing being. Tis was he main operaive logic behindall o he grea poliical experimens o he 20h cenury: Sovie communism,Fascism and Naional Socialism. How-ever, hese modern uopian projecsnowihsanding, i has been andsomewha sill is inheren o he way he liberal parliamenary democracy conrols is subjecs.Tis PDF-le has been corruped. Te corpse o he undead or he livingdead represen a human being wihoua subjec, a man avoid o he sel orhe social ideniy. Tis human be-ing urned ino an objec wihou anauonomous individual ideniy is oneo he mos signican quesions oday relaing o poliical power, sysems o inormaion and how hese dene aman, a human being as a social eniy.

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