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Manheim Township School Board Policy 907: Visitors

Manheim Township School Board Policy 907: Visitors

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Published by tmurse
The Manheim Township School District has notified parents that they will no longer be allowed to visit schools to have lunch with their children, a move it says is designed to “ensure a safe learning environment.”
The Manheim Township School District has notified parents that they will no longer be allowed to visit schools to have lunch with their children, a move it says is designed to “ensure a safe learning environment.”

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Published by: tmurse on Mar 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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907. SCHOOL VISITORS1. AuthoritySC 510 The Board welcomes and encourages interest in district educational programs andother school-related activities. The Board recognizes that such interest may result invisits to school by parents/guardians, adult residents and interested educators. Toensure order in the schools and to protect students and employees, it is necessary forthe Board to establish policy governing school visits.2. Delegation of Responsibility The Superintendent or designee and building principal have the authority to prohibitthe entry of any individual to a district school, in accordance with Board guidelinesand state and federal law and regulations. The Superintendent or designee shall develop administrative regulations toimplement this policy and control access to school buildings and school classrooms.3. Guidelines Persons wishing to visit a school must make arrangements in advance with theclassroom teacher or building principal in that building. Persons who arrive at theschool without an established appointment will not be permitted beyond the schooloffice.
Parents/Guardians who come to a school building to drop off an item for astudent must leave the item in the school office.
Parents/Guardians are not permitted to walk the item to the student, nor are theypermitted to walk a student to his/her classroom.Upon arrival at the school, all visitors must register at the office where they will signin and receive a badge. Visitors may be asked to present a form of ID (i.e., driverslicense) prior to being admitted in the school building. Visitors who enter the school during the school day shall only be permitted to enterthrough one (1) entrance. All other entrances shall be locked.
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All staff members shall be responsible for requiring a visitor to demonstrate that s/hehas a visitor's pass if it is not visible. If a visitor does not have a visitor’s badge, thestaff member must escort the person to the office or immediately call the office andrequest assistance.No visitor may confer with a student in school without the approval of the principal.Should an emergency require that a student be called to the school office to meet avisitor, the principal or designee shall be present during the meeting.Parents/Guardians who enter the building are only permitted to be in the area wherethey have a scheduled appointment. At the conclusion of the appointment, theparent/guardian must report to the school office to sign out in the visitor’s log.Failure to comply with these procedures shall result in more limited access to theschool as determined by the building principal, consistent with Board policies,school rules and federal and state law and regulations.Classroom VisitationsSC 510 Title 22Sec. 14.108Parents/Guardians may request to visit their child’s classroom, but the request mustbe made prior to the visit, in accordance with established administrative regulations,unless a building principal, at his/her sole discretion, determines an impromptu visitat that time is appropriate. The building principal or program supervisor must grant prior approval for the visit,and shall notify the classroom teacher prior to the visit. At his/her sole discretion, thebuilding principal, program supervisor or designee will remain present in theclassroom for the observation. The classroom observation will not exceed the agreedupon timeframe (up to the maximum of one (1) hour). In order to minimize disruption of the classroom schedule and the educationalprogram, parents/guardians shall be limited to one (1) observation per month, perchild in the school for classroom visitations. Parental participation in classroomactivities or programs such as room parents, back-to-school events, and chaperonesfor field trips shall not constitute a classroom visit for purposes of this policy. The building principal or program supervisor and classroom teacher have theauthority to ask a visitor to leave if the visitor disrupts the classroom routine,educational program or daily schedule, or if a visitor violates Board policy. Failureto leave when asked or repeated, documented disruptions may result in loss of classroom visitation privileges.

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