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wedding crashers

wedding crashers

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Published by doolgirl

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Published by: doolgirl on Mar 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wedding Crashers

Sonny Corinthos walked into Alexis Davis hospital room bright and early and dressed to impress. He had mulled over his and Alexis\u2019 conversation concerning their ex-
spouses to no end and had finally come up with a foolproof plan. The problem lay in convincing Alexis, he was sure she would see the fool part, but he wasn\u2019t too
confident about the plan. That\u2019s where he prayed his charm, dimples and Armani suit came in.

Sonny slowly opened the door to Alexis\u2019 room and poked his head inside, surprised to see her up and packing her bag. He thought to himself how beautiful she looked in

a chocolate angel sleeve tunic and matching chocolate flare leg pants, large hoop earrings and a large nugget necklace with brown and beige stones.
\u201cAlexis, what are you doing?\u201d he asked.
Alexis quickly turned towards the voice and stared up at Sonny, who was dressed in all black from head to toe. \u201cThey think I\u2019m sick Sonny, not dying. Try not to be so

eager, you\u2019ll get the chance to dance on my grave all in due time.\u201d
\u201cDon\u2019t make jokes like that Alexis, you have to stay positive.\u201d
\u201cI\u2019m sorry, too morbid for you? It\u2019s just that all these frequent trips to General Hospital to be poked and prodded, stuck and smooshed with no diagnosis in sight is

starting to wear thin. Enough of that, if the suit isn\u2019t for me, who is it for? Has one of your associates gone to meet the original Godfather, Father God?\u201d
\u201cHa Ha Alexis. I see your sense of humor is alive and kicking.\u201d
\u201cWas that your attempt at a joke?\u201d
\u201cYes it was.\u201d
\u201cThen stop. So, what\u2019s with the suit?\u201d
\u201cI\u2019m wearing black to celebrate the death of Carly and Jax\u2019s engagement.\u201d
\u201cWow and you accused me of being dark.\u201d
\u201cWell then, you Alexis are the light.\u201d
\u201cSeriously Sonny stop it. You\u2019re starting to scare me.\u201d
Sonny let out a hearty enough laugh to make sure his dimples flashed in the process. "Trust me Alexis, when you hear my plan you\u2019ll be thanking me and you haven\u2019t done

that since the night Kristina was conceived.\u201d
Alexis blushed as the memory of their one night together ran through her mind and quickly changed the subject. \u201cOkay who are you and what have you done with the

real Sonny Corinthos?\u201d
\u201cIt is me, the old me, who has been inspired by you.\u201d
Alexis looked around the room whistling. \u201cIf you keep this up, I won\u2019t need a diagnosis because I will be in a sugar coma, so spill it Sonny.\u201d
\u201cWell I was thinking, you don\u2019t want Jax to marry Carly and I don\u2019t want Carly to marry Jax, what better way to get what we want than to team up?\u201d Sonny asked.
A stunned Alexis looked at Sonny not believing this \u201cWhile I abhor the thought of that unholy union as much as you do, I don\u2019t have the time or most importantly the

energy to waste, especially on Carly.\u201d
\u201cThink about it Alexis. You\u2019d be doing it for Jax, not Carly.\u201d
Alexis looked at Sonny intrigued \u201cOkay Sonny, let me in on the inner most workings of your mind, but please be gentle. I\u2019m very fragile right now.\u201d
\u201cYou seem fine to me. I know that you\u2019re strong enough to keep throwing those jabs my way.\u201d
Alexis plopped down on the bed while Sonny stood close \u201cShoot.\u201d At Sonny\u2019s glare, Alexis burst out laughing \u201cI\u2019m sorry. No more, I\u2019ll be quiet.\u201d
\u201cThank you, you\u2019re so kind. As I was saying, neither of us want a Carly and Jax union so we\u2019ll do something about it. Together.\u201d
\u201cAlright, I\u2019m in.\u201d Alexis said as she picked up her bag and headed to the door \u201cCall me at home with the details because if I have to stay in this place a minute longer

than necessary\u2026\u201d Alexis thought of a crude comment involving Carly but refrained. \u201cLet\u2019s just say it won\u2019t be pretty.\u201d
\u201cYou can\u2019t go home Alexis\u201d Sonny said plain and simple.
\u201cWhat are you talking about, I can\u2019t go home? We\u2019ve only been speaking to each other using our inside voices for about a week and you\u2019re already bossing me around.\u201d
Sonny ignored Alexis\u2019 words and kept talking \u201cYou can\u2019t go home for two reasons, one and the most important, my psychotic brother, your husband, is running around

plotting God knows what and two, it messes with the plan.\u201d
\u201cI can understand the part about Ric but what part of the \u2018plan\u2019 prohibits me from living in my own home?\u201d

\u201cThe part where you move in with me.\u201d
\u201cIf it wasn\u2019t for the biting chill in the air, I would swear it was April Fools Day, because you have to be joking about wanting me to live with you and Carly. \u201d
\u201cI\u2019m not and it\u2019s not a joke. You heard correctly, I want you to move into Greystone.\u201d
\u201cFor a number of reasons; for your protection, for both of your daughters, since they\u2019re already there and it will drive Carly up the wall.\u201d
\u201cForget about Carly for a second, what about me? Living in a house with you, Carly and all our children, I don\u2019t think so. I might as well stay here and let them prepare

me for Roselawn. Because I would have to be certifiable or on my way there, after dealing with all of you.\u201d
\u201cCome on Alexis, it\u2019ll be fun.\u201d
\u201cMaybe for you to watch Carly and me torment one another, but for me, not so much. I bet you already have the mud wrestling ring set up as we speak.\u201d
Sonny laughed out loud \u201cAlexis I\u2019m crushed. Have a little faith in me.\u201d
\u201cThere you go, freaking me out again.\u201d
\u201cAlexis come home with me. It would be easier on you than traveling back and forth, Molly and Kristina are getting into a routine there, and it\u2019s safer. And besides non-

married couples live together all the time.\u201d
\u201cCouple? Excuse me, did you just say couple?\u201d
\u201cYeah. Our coupledom is the foundation of the whole plan, living together is just extra. We\u2019ll tell everybody that we\u2019ve made up, which is true, and that we\u2019re going to

give our family a try. Then all we have to do is sit back and watch as Carly and Jax implode. So let\u2019s go the limo\u2019s waiting.\u201d Sonny said as he put his hand in the small of
Alexis\u2019 back to usher her out of the room.
Alexis suspiciously looked back at Sonny as she tried to take in all the information that he had just dropped on her. But when she saw the devilishly wicked gleam in his
eye, Alexis relaxed a little and thought that the plan could work, could be fun and would get her mind off her on problems.
Smiling at the sometimes ironic twists of fate, Alexis started humming the words to the song Reunited.

After feeling a light fluttering at her wrist, Alexis flinched and stared up quizzically at Sonny from her seat. \u201cWhat do you think you\u2019re doing?\u201d
\u201cJust familiarizing myself with your body all over again,\u201d he answered nonchalantly as if him touching her was the most natural, normal thing in the world.
\u201cHere\u2019s an idea, why don\u2019t you take that hand and reacquaint yourself over and over with your own body because mine is off limits. You can look but don\u2019t touch.\u201d Alexis

Sonny turned from her with a tight smile on his lips to look in Milo\u2019s direction to close the partition, not wanting the rest of their conversation to be overheard.
\u201cLook Alexis you said you were in, so you have to be all in. How are we going to convince anybody of anything if there\u2019s enough distance between us to squeeze in all our

\u201cYou\u2019re right. Point taken.\u201d
\u201cThank you. Now could you move a little closer? Please,\u201d he added after interpreting the look she shot him.
\u201cAlexis please stop fighting me. We\u2019re supposed to be going for a brand new couple vibe not that of an old married one.\u201d
\u201cOkay, if we must. But since it was your idea bucko, you move. I\u2019m quite comfortable where I am.\u201d
Without any hesitation Sonny moved in close enough for their thighs to touch. Alexis became strangely affected by the sudden contact and close proximity and tried

to downplay it. \u201cBetter now? We\u2019re practically Siamese twins\u201d she cracked.
Sonny let out a full and hearty laugh at words and placed his arm around the back of the seat where her head lay. \u201cYou know what Alexis? Whether you believe it or

not, I\u2019ve missed you. I haven\u2019t laughed like this in a long time.\u201d
Weirdly touched by his admission, Alexis smiled. \u201cI\u2019m glad that I could be of amusement to you. So what\u2019s next?\u201d
\u201cWell I thought that we could\u2026you know\u2026practice.\u201d Sonny said, treading lightly as he prepared himself for her reaction.
\u201cPractice for what? Some sort of test?\u201d Alexis asked jokingly with no earthly idea of what he could be talking about.
\u201cWe could call it that if you like. Sort of a chemistry test,\u201d Sonny said as he focused on her lovely mouth.
\u201cNow you\u2019ve went and totally lost me. I have no clue\u2026\u201d

Alexis\u2019 babble was cut short the moment Sonny thought it was better to demonstrate than explain. His hand traveled to her head and pulled her forward so that her
lips connected crushingly to his. Sonny deepened the kiss ever so slowly as he savored, memorized, and drank from Alexis\u2019 lips.
How could I have forgotten this? Sonny thought as he sent his tongue in search of hers. Surprisingly to him, it was granted full, total and unrestricted access inside
her warm inviting mouth. And when Alexis moaned her approval, his hands fisted tighter in her hair, pulling her mouth and body closer and deeper into his.

Alexis was taken aback by all of the sensations roaring through her body with just one long continuous kiss from Sonny. Hesitantly choosing air over a sweet delicious death, Alexis slowly removed her hands from around Sonny\u2019s neck and placed them on his chest as she regrettably broke her mouth away from his to see in his eyes the thing she was feeling in her body. Heat. Lots of scorching, blazing heat. And judging by his gaze Alexis knew he felt it too.

Neither of them spoke and just slowly watched the other with glazed, passion filled eyes and swollen lips as their erratic breathing started to resume a semblance of
What are you getting yourself into Alexis? she thought. But not wanting to analyze or overanalyze anything at the present moment, Alexis shut down all reasoning and
threw herself into Sonny\u2019s arms and into a frenzied frantic kiss initiated by her.
Partially lying down with Alexis awkwardly on top, Sonny leisurely ran his hands down Alexis\u2019 back to cup her buttocks as Alexis\u2019 hands were busy swiftly removing and

grabbing at Sonny\u2019s suit jacket while her mouth kissed, licked nipped and sucked at his neck.
After several minutes of tongues mingling and hands exploring, Sonny was given a long enough reprieve to ask \u201cHow do I get you out of this damn thing?\u201d
\u201cWhat?\u201d Alexis asked so intoxicated with Sonny and the feelings he released in her that she surprised herself with even a single coherent word since her mind and

limbs felt like mush.
\u201cYour top,\u201d he clarified. \u201cHow do I get it off? It seems almost\u2026\u201d
Apparently they had been so wrapped up in each other that they had been oblivious to the limo coming to a halt a while ago. The rest of his inquiry was cut short

because the back doors to the limo were surprisingly, harshly opened.
\u201cYou\u2019re not getting away with this,\u201d Carly\u2019s voice barked and snarled before actually paying attention to what she was witnessing. But when she did \u201cWhat the hell?

\u201cAlexis?\u201d Jax questioned as he stood behind his fianc\u00e9e.
\u201cMommy! Daddy!\u201d Kristina shrieked and clapped from her Uncle Jax\u2019s side.
Stunned, Sonny and Alexis re-shifted their bodies into normal sitting position to stare into the faces of Carly, Jax, and Kristina. From the adults they saw surprise,

shock, and looks ranging from mild to moderate disgust. But on their baby girl was a look of confused amusement.
\u201cJax\u2026Carly\u201d Alexis stammered. \u201cWe\u2026 uh\u201d Alexis chose to just shut up because she was unable to find the words.
\u201cWhat Alexis is trying to say is\u201d Sonny said as he came to her rescue. \u201cWe\u2019re glad you\u2019re here. We have something to share with you.\u201d
When their exes said nothing and just continued to stare, Sonny added \u201cBut first could you two give us a couple of minutes. We need to make ourselves decent.\u201d Sonny

said flashing them both a megawatt smile.
When they still didn\u2019t respond, Sonny and Alexis looked at them and saw that Carly and Jax weren\u2019t moving a muscle. The duo stood outside the limo with their mouths
gaped open.
\u201cOh and Carly,\u201d Sonny asked with one hand on the door handle. \u201cCould you take Kristina to her room? This isn\u2019t for little eyes and ears\u201d he said, not waiting for a
response before he promptly closed the door.
After hearing the door slam, Sonny turned to Alexis just in time to see her succumb to a fit of laughter and joined in. Minutes later, weakened from tears of joy,
Alexis rested her head on Sonny\u2019s chest and said \u201cDid you see their faces? Who knew it could happen so quickly?\u201d
\u201cYeah\u201d Sonny agreed. \u201cWho knew\u201d he repeated as he caressed Alexis\u2019 hair and held her tightly to him, referring to the dormant but ever present feelings for her she
had awakened in him.
Jax watched Carly suspiciously as she paced back and forth in the living room of Greystone without uttering a word. After catching Sonny and Alexis in the backseat of

the limo, she raced like a bat out of hell to dump Kristina in her room to prepare for the confrontation of a lifetime.
\u201cCarly, are you okay?\u201d
\u201cOKAY,\u201d she screeched. \u201cYou\u2019ve got to be kidding me. How can I be okay? The poor desperate prude has finally reattached her claws to Sonny. I know she\u2019s been

counting the days, biding her time until she could have another chance with him and when she found it she jumped all in. God she\u2019s so clingy and suffocating. Did you see

how she was draped all over him?\u201d
\u201cYeah I saw. But what I didn\u2019t see was Sonny putting up much of a fight. So don\u2019t go blaming it all on Alexis.\u201d
\u201cWhy are you being so calm when we\u2019ve got to put a stop to this Jax? Didn\u2019t you see what I just saw? Are you OKAY with it?\u201d
\u201cNo I\u2019m not. But I\u2019m not going to wear a hole in the ground worrying about it either. So my question is, why are you?\u201d


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