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Muster Drum Vol 2

Muster Drum Vol 2

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Published by concealcarrryman8

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Published by: concealcarrryman8 on Mar 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“If there must be trouble, let it be inmy day, that my child may havepeace”
-Thomas Paine
up top have vowed to resist (we don’t“believe”)…but our heels are inevitablygoing to be drug toward the precipice. As inany tug of war, the victory will go, notnecessarily to the majority, but to those whofight hardest; those who sweatand strain, and persevere.We’ve dug in our heels,and now we need to put our backsinto it! We have to pull 51% (ormore) of this country’s populationback from the abyss. By doingso, we save ourselves, and ourposterity as well. To those whosay we will fail, I remind you, afew “farmers with well wornmuskets” defeated the world’sgreatest Empire once. To my brothers,I cry: “Heave!”
By Derek Stephens
Well, America hasmade her choice. The unfortunate sideof democracy is that the majority rules,and the rest of us live withthe result. Our great Countryhas been looking over theedge for quite some time, andon November 5
, 51%decided to jump. The other49% of us are tied to that firstgroup. We have two choices;get pulled over and fall off the cliff of Liberty into thechasm of tyranny and social-ism, or dig in our heels andpull for all we’re worth!I, and most of my friends, arewilling to hold the line. The physicsproblem is that the other end of the ropehas more weight. The “Pied Piper of Change” fooled the majority of my coun-trymen into following him happily downinto the gorge. Those of us who remain
By Dustin Harris
Before I begin, letme get this out of the way;I am not a racist. Don’teven try to use that tacticon me.For weeks, I haveheard journalists, Democ-rats, church goers, Repub-licans, Atheists, Gays,teachers, truck drivers,and liger owners talk about “what a historic daythis is! Look how far thiscountry has come to electa black man to the officeof President of the UnitedStates.”I agree that this isa historic occasion. His-tory was made on Nov. 4,2008 in a big way. It hadnothing to do, however,with the color of Barak Obama’s skin. We, thevoters of the UnitedStates of America, electedthe first, openly Socialistpolitician to the highestseat in our Union. 
January 2009Volume 1, Issue 2
"No Free man shall ever bedebarred the use of arms." —
Thomas Jefferson
Labor to keep alive inyour breast that littlespark of celestial firecalled conscience.” —
George Washington
I never expect to see aperfect work fromimperfect man.”
—Alexander Hamilton
He that goes a borrowing,goes a sorrowing.”
—Benjamin Franklin
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If there must be trouble, let it bein my day, that my child may havepeace.”
Thomas Paine
Here is a man whowas unashamed about hisSocialistic philosophies.From “Spread the wealtharound,” to nationalizedhealth care and targeted taxincreases, Barak Obama canonly be one thing, anti-capitalism and anti-liberty.What does his election sayabout us?Look how far thiscountry has come from itsDivine roots, and from theFounder’s inspired docu-ments! Those who dwell onthis event in reference toskin color are in the leastavoiding, and at the mostintentionally hiding, themore significant achieve-ment here. Over fifty-percent of the Americanvoters this November choseto give up their liberty inexchange for a mess of pot-tage!
All of us whowere engaged in the strug-gle must have observedfrequent instances ofsuperintendingprovidence inour favor. Tothat kindprovidence weowe this happyopportunity ofconsulting inpeace on themeans of establishing ourfuture national felicity.And have we nowforgotten that powerfulfriend? Or do we imaginethat we no longer need hisassistance? I have lived,Sir, a long time, and thelonger I live, the moreconvincing proofsI see of this truth-that God governsin the affairs ofmen. And if asparrow cannotfall to the Groundwithout hisNotice, is it probable thatan Empire can rise withouthis Aid?"
— Benjamin Franklin
Thumper’s Dad said, “If you can’t saysomethin’ nice…” Well, I think you knowthe restThough no one I delivered the firstissue to verbally asked me why I was attheir doorstep with newsletter in hand, thelooks I got from many said just that. It isthe inquisitive, and non-spoken, curiouscats that I would like to address in thiscolumn. I cannot speak for the other au-thors of “The Muster Drum,” only formyself when I answer the question of 
By Dustin Harris
Our first issue of “The MusterDrum” was met with various responses.Some were complimentary, others werecurious, and most who received it ap-peared to be non-responsive. Compli-ments are always welcomed, curiosityallows for some education, but the non-responsives (sic) worry me. I do notthink it was apathy on most individual’spart. I am reminded about something“Why.” Why am I doing this?Let me begin by answering the an-tithesis. I am not speaking out on theseissues to gain favor with my neighbors(heaven forbid, but quite the oppositecould transpire). I am not doing this toget rich (there are no fees, hidden costs orpyramid schemes involved here. In fact,all funding is coming directly from ourown pockets). Finally, I am not writingfor this newsletter because I am bored
(government) or collective ownership and ad-ministration of the collection and distribution of goods and services. It strives for an egalitarian or“equal” society.Socialists believe that capitalism is“unfair”, that power and wealth will only be heldby those willing to work hard to get it. Socialismis not a “hand up”, but a “handout”. It destroysfree agency, and places “citizens” in the terribleposition of having to choose either to work sim-ply to support others, or, leeching off the work of others. Guess which most people will choose? Iknow, history has already answered that questionthousands of times.
By Derek Stephens
The word “socialism” has become acommon part of the American vernacular as of late, in no small part due to the political poli-cies of President Barack Obama. I find that alot of people who bandy about the term can’treally define it, however, or confuse it with itsmore mature brother, communism.Socialism is the political theory es-poused by Karl Marx (though I would creditthe 19
century French and English Coopera-tive movement with the idea), and is a transi-tional form of government. It is meant to tran-sition capitalist societies to communism. So-cialist economic theory advocates state
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Socialismmeans that ifyou have twocows, thegovernmenttakes one andgives it tosomeone whodoesn’t haveone.”
The Muster DrumContinued frompage 1Continued on page 3Continued on page 3
and have nothing better to do with my time (I ownand run two business, am heavily involved withchurch activities, family life, etc., etc., etc.).No, the best way to describe why I am sacri-ficing my time to write for, produce, and distributethis newsletter is that I just feel the need. I grewup in a politically active home. I have always felta love for, and a desire to do what I can to upholdthe values that this great nation espouses. How-ever, I have recently watched helplessly as ourcountry has cast off her traditional values andfallen deeper into the pit of wickedness andsocialism. The past three years have brought tome an even stronger, and more pressing, inner-call to stop just observing and do something.Something (or more accurately, Someone) is justmoving me and I cannot ignore the tugginganymore.Recently, I have spent every spare moment,reading about and educating myself on important,foundational topics. I find myself constantlydrawn to The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Federalists and Anti-FederalistPapers, History books, and anything the FoundingFathers wrote or studied themselves. The more Ieducate myself on what this Country should be,the more I realize that this Country is no longer.That realization is both startling, enraging, andempowering all at once. I feel sorry for what wehave lost, but feel the war is not over, and I mustrise up and do my part!Just as the Revolutionary War was won, not atBunker Hill, or the North Bridge of Concord, oreven on the Lexington Green, but in the forests,homes, fields, and hiding places between thosehistoric places; I believe the war to win back ourfreedoms and liberties will be won at the grass-roots level. This is just one of my many weaponsin this war. What is yours?I think our Constitution is hanging as it wereby a thread, but I believe with all of my soul thatPatriots like you and I will rise up and save it. Wemust save it! Friends, it is time to save ourConstitution, save our Liberties, and preserve theNation that God Himself called a “PromisedLand.” I invite you to join us!
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Next time you hear about the“redistribution of wealth” and “universal”health care, remember, there is no freelunch. It means that those who don’t wantto work will now be eating off of your plate,comrade.Oh, I almost forgot, what does “Atale of two cows” have to do with thisarticle? Well, my mother explained thedifferences between Capitalism, Socialism,and Communism to me this way:
means that if you have twocows, the government takes one andgives it to someone who doesn’t haveone.
means that the govern-ment takes both your cows, and givesyou a little milk.
means you have the right tosell one of your cows and buy a bull!
brighter, than the memories of my children.But how will they remember me? What willthey recall of their Dad? Will it be how muchmoney I made, or how much time I spent withthem? Will it be what I owned, or what I shared?When they needed me, was I there, or “gone onimportant business”?The most important thing you will ever giveyour children is your time. Teach them, play with
By Derek Stephens
“No success can compensate for failure in thehome”.
David O McKay’s famous statement should serveto remind us all of our highest priority and responsi-bility. Of all the things I will be called in this life(bite your tongue dear reader!), “Dad” is the mostimportant title I’ll wear. In the twilight of my years,no memories will be fonder, and none will burn
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The Muster Drum
If the federal governmentshould overpass the just boundsof its authority and make atyrannical use of its powers, thepeople, whose creature it is,must appeal to the standardthey have formed, and take suchmeasures to redress the injurydone to the Constitution as theexigency may suggest andprudence justify.”
—Alexander Hamilton
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The science of govern-ment it is my duty to study,more than all other sci-ences; the arts of legisla-tion and administrationand negotiation ought totake the place of, indeedexclude, in a manner, allother arts. I must studypolitics and war, that oursons may have liberty tostudy mathematics andphilosophy. Our sonsought to study mathematicsand philosophy, geogra-phy, natural history andnaval architeture, naviga-tion, commerce and agri-culture in order to give theirchildren a right to studypainting, poetry, music,architecture, statuary, tap-estry and porcelain."
—John Adams
them, love them while they’reyours. I promise you’ll neverregret it. When the things of thisworld fade away, you will be leftwith a Treasure...and so will they.
WHO AM I? ANSWERS: 1) George Washington 2) Paul Revere 3) Samuel Adams4) Patrick Henry 5) Thomas Jefferson 6) Isaac Davis 7) Sons of Liberty 8) Concord9) Valley Forge

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