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Bill Hileman's first statement on Jan. 8

Bill Hileman's first statement on Jan. 8

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Published by TucsonSentinel
Wilson Hileman described how his wife Susan asked for Christina Green when she woke up from treatment after the shooting.
Wilson Hileman described how his wife Susan asked for Christina Green when she woke up from treatment after the shooting.

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Published by: TucsonSentinel on Mar 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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, 2011. THE TIME IS 1726. AND I WILL BE SPEAKING2WITH.3LEGEND: Q. DET. MCGILLICUDDY A. WILSON HILEMAN4Q2. DET. TZYSTUCK 5 ______________________________________________________________________________ 6Q. Just state your full name for me.7A.
Wilson Tressler Hileman Junior.8Q. That may take me a minute to write down. Ha, ha. Wilson Hileman Junior, correct?9A.
Yes, ma'am.10Q. And you go by Bill?11A.
I do.12Q. Okay. All right. And your wife is Susan ...13A.
Yes.14Q. ... Hile- ...15A.
Yes.16Q. ... Hillman?17A.
Hileman, long ...18Q. Oh.19A.
... I.20Q. H-I-L-E-M-A-N?21A.
Yes, ma'am.22Q. Correct.23A.
Okay.24Q. Um, so tell me what happened this morning as far as you know. Where, where was your 25wife going and ...26A.
My wife ...27Q. ... things like that.28A.
... was going to the Safeway on Oracle for the Gabby Giffords event. She was ...29Q. Okay.30A.
... taking our neighbor's daughter, nine year old, Christina Green, with her.31Q. Okay.32A.
I got a call around 11:15 from a woman that did not leave a name, that said my wife and33Christina had been in a car accident, that I should come to the emergency room here.34
Q. Mm hm (yes).1A.
Upon arriving here, I was told, no, she was actually one of the shooting victims.2Q. Okay. Okay.3A.
And she was in surgery.4Q. Okay. All right. So your, what was the purpose of, well not the purpose, but what was5the arrangement as far as taking the little girl?6A.
She's a, a dear friend. My wife ...7Q. That's okay.8A.
... is kind of a mentor to her. And they, just trying to get a young person interested in9 politics.10Q. Okay. Okay.11A.
 Nothing _______________________.12Q. All right. Um, so your wife wasn't able to tell, obviously not able to talk to you at all.13A.
 No.14Q. Okay. Um, what kind of vehicle was she driving?15A.
A Volkswagen GTI, white, two door, Arizona plates, uh, P2C2E.16Q. Okay.17A.
And she, uh, had a phone and a purse thing with all her cards and everything in it.18Q. Okay. Does she still, I'm assuming the car is still there. Well, the car will be there.19A.
I have no idea.20Q. Yeah. Okay.21A.
 No idea.22Q. Okay. Um.23A.
I don't know. Is there a chance her stuff was recovered? Her purse and her phone and24her wallet and all ...25Q. We ...26A.
... that?27Q. ... have her, um, we have whatever she was wearing and whatever was brought into the,28um.29A.
It would be a little turquoise ...30Q. To the E. R.31A.
... purse thing that ...32Q. Yes.33A.
... she would have.34
Q. I, I think we have that. And everything that she had with her will be in the evide-, in our 1evidence and be kept as evidence.2A.
Would I have to stop credit cards or anything? I mean, this is what I'm wondering. If 3somebody is out there and, uh.4Q. It was like a small little turquoise.5A.
Turquoise.6Q. Yeah. She didn't carry a real purse.7A.
 No.8Q. Okay.9A.
Like it has a slot for her phone and her wallet. And it had a little ...10Q. What ...11A.
... a little.12Q. ... color was the phone?13A.
The phone is reddish.14Q. Reddish pink.15A.
Reddish, it's kind o' like reddish pink. Yeah.16Q. Yeah. We have that. I saw it. So it's, it's all saved and it's in our evidence, so you don't17have to worry about any credit cards or anything like that. Um, okay. Unfortunately, I18mean, I, I thought maybe you were at the scene and you had more to ...19A.
I was not.20Q. ... tell.21A.
I was not.22Q. And that was the ma-, the main reason I wanted to talk to you. And tell me again what23your wife told the surgeon before she went in. You said she, she was able to ...24A.
They ...25Q. ... talk.26A.
... they, she was asking about the little girl.27Q. Oh, okay.28A.
That she took with her. What was her condition.29Q. Okay.30A.
They hadn't told her yet.31Q. Okay. All right.32A.
I think that actually the little girl hadn't passed yet.33Q. Okay. So ...34

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