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Special Report_ the End Game in Syria

Special Report_ the End Game in Syria

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Published by Rizky M Faisal

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Published by: Rizky M Faisal on Mar 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Download the report fromhere.
Russia's deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov, admitted on December 13th 2012, what many have knownfor some time. Russia's official admitted that that the Syrian government may be defeated by opposition forces asal-Assad's forces were "losing more and more control and territory." The death toll in the country is nowappr oaching 70,000 people since the conflict began.Therevolution in Syria is has now been raging for two years. The massacres by the al-Assad regime arebeamed around the world on a daily basis and have almost become nor malised. The people of Syria rose upagainst the brutal rule of Bashar al-Assad in spite of the brutal tactics of suppression used to quell the uprising.Withlittle in the way of weaponry and with massacres being carried out across the country the people of Syriacaused a stalemate with the Syrian regime and now have regime forces onthe retreat. The Ummah continues toshowtremendous metal in the face of tanks, fighter jets and artillery.Whatbegan with a single man in the markets of Tunisia spread to thousands on the streets of Cairo and evolvedto hundreds of thousands demanding political change for the entire region. The self-immolation of MohamedBouazizi in Tunisia created a sweeping wave, which crossed the artificialborders in the region until it reachedSyria. It was only natural it would engulf Syria as the people of the countryhave suffered for decades under thebrutal rule of the al-Assad's who rule the country like the mafia.The uprising in Syria has many moving parts and the outcome in the country will determine the future direction of the Arab spring. This has kept the international community fully engagedin the evolution of the crisis. Syria isnowthe official battleground between those who wish to see the nationcontinue playing a role in protectingforeign interests in the region and those who wish to change the destiny of the country and make it representativeof their values and independent from outside interference.Thisspecial report from Khilafah.com will look at Syria past, present andthe future. It will look at emergence of Islamin Al-Sham and the impact it has left on the people of the region. The report will highlight the creation of modern Syria by the Sykes-Picot agreement between the French and British, which brought the Alawi's out fromthe wilderness and for the first time into a position of power. It will highlight how foreign interference hasremained in the country to this very day though different guises and how the Ba'athist regime has protectedforeign interests. As the uprising in Syria has evolved it has been interesting observing the changing positions of the world's powers to the developments on the ground, these will be analysed in order to accurately highlighttheir indifference to the demands of the indigenous people of Syria.
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