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jaxis interlude

jaxis interlude

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Published by doolgirl

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Published by: doolgirl on Mar 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jaxis Interlude
Alexis sat up on the side of the bed securing the light silk sheet around her. She shivered slightly as the air caught her shoulders as she watched him sleeping

peacefully on the other side of the bed.
She turned her head, the view of the lights of Port Charles through the windows of his penthouse sparkled against the dark navy sky
She turned again to look at him
He asked her would she regret it as he trailed kisses down her spine
That was hours ago
She couldn\u2019t refuse
She trusted him
She loved him
And she needed him at that moment as much as he needed her
She wasn\u2019t sure now if she did regret it
He was her best friend and they had crossed the line
She was confused by Cameron\u2019s intentions
She was trying to stay as far away as she could from Sonny
And Ned... everything she had tried to fix, she just seemed to make worse with him
She was alone... she was spending the next few months without her daughter. The one thing she could say was her true love, her purpose in life... she was taken away

from her
Alexis wasn\u2019t eating, she wasn\u2019t sleeping...
Jax had begged her to come by, to leave her apartment, to get out, to at least have dinner with him. To let him take her mind off of being without Kristina for a

moment or at least help her waste another day until she had her daughter again
Alexis decided she would take Jax up on his offer
They had drank a bottle of wine between them and had made their way back to Jax\u2019s penthouse
He held her. Jax knew that she was grieving.
She was the picture perfect image of someone who could pretend to be fine even when completely broken hearted...
She needed him but he needed to hold her, to feel like he had a purpose, to feel at least she needed him, if no one else did

Alexis tried to slip quietly from the bed and made her way to the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror and then fumbled around the bathroom as if she

were trying to figure out why she was in her own dream.
She had said her own name out loud as if she were scolding herself
Alexis shivered realizing she was still naked after leaving the silk sheets behind
She peered again into the bedroom grabbing Jax\u2019s dress shirt that had fallen carelessly at the edge of the chair
Before she could finish buttoning his shirt to cover herself she looked up to see his icy blue eyes watching her every move
Alexis smiled shyly and then backed herself into the chair. Sitting while trying to cover her bare skin
Jax sat up sensing the tension
She broke her stare and focused her eyes on anything but him
Jax held out his hand
"Alexis come here..."
He couldn\u2019t have been more charming, more sincere, more understanding
He grinned at her to relieve the awkwardness
She smiled back letting out a nervous laugh
"Alexis it\u2019s ok"
She walked toward Jax taking his open hand
Jax pulled her into his arms
"Jax this is a little... weird.... I, we were caught up in the moment and I didn\u2019t think, we didn\u2019t think about after, about how it would be... right now..."

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