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you said nobody leaves

you said nobody leaves

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Published by doolgirl

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Published by: doolgirl on Mar 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You Said Nobody Leaves
Chapter 1
Two days had passed since Jax's life had been shattered. He hadn't left his house, lost almost all of his business deals due to inactivity, and was slowly realizing the
uselessness of life. Jax was sitting on his couch staring at the ceiling as the thoughts slowly engulfed his brain.

"....Alexis, I'll drive you to GH to see your brother, but you are going to have to drive home, I've got to take care of Jerry"
"That\u2019s fine, we need the time to catch up anyway"
Jax drove Alexis to GH and then left to go speak with Jerry, who had gotten himself in even more trouble. Jerry was talking to Jax, who had just found out that

their entire family was into mob dealings. Jax stormed out of the hotel where Jerry was staying and rushed back to GH, hoping to find Alexis. He needed to tell her

this and convince her that he would get them out of their family's troubles. Jax drove to GH and saw Bobbie.
"Have you seen Alexis?"
"Jax, you didn't hear?"
"No, what is it?"
"Alexis and Stefan left GH and were driving home to surprise you with some news. Someone rigged the wheel in Alexis's car and she drove off a ditch. They found

Stefan's dead body, but they didn't find Alexis."
Jax's knees had weakened as he had feel to the floor and burst into tears with his head in his hands. Jax's muffled words passed through his tears, "This is all my

Bobbie had knelt down to put her arm on Jax's shoulder after she left for a second.
"Jax. We found this for you in Stefan\u2019s room. It\u2019s from Alexis"
Jax slowly opened the piece of paper and sat on a chair. It read:

Sweetie, I'm taking Stefan home. I have amazing news to tell you. I thought you might come by GH and offer to drive us home, you always do things like that. I thought I would be able to wait to tell you at home, but its killing me. I'm pregnant! I felt a little dizzy, so I went to see Dr. Newman. She took a test and told me that I was 3 months pregnant. We will have a child Jax. One that is purely of love.

Always Yours,

Jax had slowly dropped to the floor again. He began to wail and Bobbie ran over to him.
"Jax, are you ok?", Bobbie asked.
"Please, just shoot me. Stab me. End my misery", Jax said, as he gave the letter to Bobbie.
She quickly read the letter and tears began to well in her eyes. She tried to comfort Jax, but there were no words to comfort him.
Jax tried to make himself look presentable, and he walked out of GH. He drove to the police station where he found Mac.
"Mac, what\u2019s the latest on Alexis?"
"There is no trace of her body. There is no chance Jax. She couldn't have survived the fall. Stefan died on the impact immediately"

Jax shook these thoughts from his head. It had been 2 days since his life had stopped being worth living. Alexis was his life. She was his hope, his happiness, his
tenderness and his life. Jax decided that he wouldn't give up on it that easily. She meant too much to him. He got dressed and took his car out to the place where
Alexis's car drove off. It was the first time he had been there. As he stepped out of the car he slowly felt his body feel empty. He looked around the place,
crawling around all of the ditches, but there was no sign of her. He spent 5 hours looking for her, but there was no Alexis. He made his way back to his car and
started driving back to the house. He checked the mail and found Alexis's magazines. A package came for her too, and Jax opened it. Inside was a stack of photos.
The developed photos from Paris. Jax looked through the pictures, seeing pictures of the two of them, happier then ever. He had just asked Alexis if she would
marry him. Jax tried to wipe away the tears that he had made on the photos. He ran up to his penthouse, slammed the door shut and threw the pictures against a
wall. He sat on the floor crying his eyes out. He thought he would go insane of guilt. If he hadn't went to see his family, Alexis could still be alive. His family. The
thoughts of them sent shivers up Jax's spine. He chose them over spending time with Alexis. If he had known, he would have never even spoken to them for 10
years. But, those were regrets. Regrets that he couldn't avoid. A knock came at the door.

"Who is it?", Jax yelled.
"Its Jerry", Jerry answered.
Jax opened the door. He looked at his brother with a look of total disgust. Jerry was prepared for this.

"You useless, disgusting pig", Jax said. And on that note, he decked Jerry in the stomach and slammed the door shut.
Chapter 2
"Jax! Hey, let me in!" Jerry's voice was insistent on the other side of the door.
Jax just stood on the other side of the door, not trusting his voice to answer his brother.
"Jax, c'mon! I'm your brother! No matter how mad you are at me, I can still help you through this!"
Jax went to the door and opened it just enough to see Jerry's face, and told him his feelings on the subject in no uncertain terms.
"Jerry, listen to this. You CANNOT, and WILL NOT try and help me cope with Alexis's death," his voice cracked a little as he said 'death'. It still didn't seem

right. He went on again, knowing he had to say it all before he broke down again. "I have had enough of you and your betrayals. If I hadn't gone to talk to you about what YOU DID, Stefan, Alexis, and our child would still be alive today, and my life wouldn't have turned into this lonely, empty, hell I'm living. Now listen to this because this is the last thing I'm going to say to you, EVER..." Jerry visibly flinched at his baby brother's harsh words. "I never want to see your face again, Jerry. Ever. From now on, we are no longer brothers, and no longer business partners. Goodbye," with that, Jax slammed the door closed again, and stood leaning against it as he listened to his brother's footsteps leaving his home...leaving his life forever. With that, Jax staggered to the couch, and burying himself in the soft cushions where he could still smell Alexis's perfume, cried himself to sleep.

The next morning Jax woke up, stiff and sore from sleeping all night on the couch. He very slowly made his way upstairs to the shower, and stripping quickly he
stepped under the steaming hot water. As he stood there, letting the water pelt his skin, he thought back sadly to last night and what he had said to Jerry. Had he
been right to banish his only brother from his life forever? He asked himself sadly. Yes, he thought again. It's because of him that the love of my life and our child
are dead. As long as they are gone from my life, so is Jerry. As he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his lean, muscular torso, he wandered into

the bedroom. Going into that room sent him reeling immediately with thoughts of Alexis. He could almost see her laying there in her cream satin pajamas. He sat down on the bed, overtaken by memories of her. He remembered the pictures that he had gotten yesterday, from the Paris trip. He didn't need to look at them to remember that trip though. He could still hear her voice, that wonderful afternoon when he'd agreed to marry her.

"You can trust me, Jax. I want to share my life with you." She had told him that, and he had seen the love and truth shining in her eyes. After that he had agreed to marry her, and they had gone into the house and ended up making love again after all of those long, lonely months. The funny thing was, it had seemed like they had never been apart...except maybe it was even better than before. The next few months were idyllic for them. They had never been so happy in their lives. Alexis had been planning their wedding, and they were more in love than ever. If Alexis had lived, they would have been planning for their baby now too. This time was forever, they often told each other. More than once they had recommitted themselves to their pledge...nobody leaves.

The last thought brought Jax out of his reverie. He smiled bitterly. So much for that. We said nobody leaves, but you're not here anymore, Alexis. It's just me. So
how am I supposed to live without you?
As if in answer to his question, the phone rang, startling him out of his lonely thoughts. He picked up the phone cautiously. "Hello?" His deep Aussie voice sounded

quieter than usual, tinged with sadness.
"Jax! It's your mother. We need to talk, dear."
Chapter 3
"WHAT?", Jax said, not exactly in the mood to talk to his mother.
"Please, talk to me Jax. It\u2019s not my fault that Alexis is dead", Jane said.
"I know it isn't, but it is dad and Jerry's fault, so I am staying away from you", Jax said.
"We are your family! You can't just stay away from us. Alexis wouldn't want that for you", Jane said.
Jax felt as though his stomach was ripped out as he heard what Alexis would want, if she was here.
"I don't need you telling me what Alexis would want. She would want to be alive, with me. Do you understand that? It\u2019s because of your husband and your son that

the woman I love is gone. Do you understand that?", Jax said.
"I do, but you can't blame us forever. You got over the Alexisda situation, and you will get over this", Jane said.
"You listen to me! I am tired of the women I love dying because of you. Do you understand that? I loved Alexisda, and she supposedly died, I love Alexis, and she is

dead. What kind of family are you if you kill the people I love?", Jax said.
"Jax, give us time. You will get through this", Jane said.
"Yes, I will, but not with you, or anyone in the family. I will NEVER forgive you for this", Jax said, and hung up the phone.
He went back to sit on the couch and lay down. He slowly drifted to sleep and the time took him back to the day when Jax was in the fire.

Jax made his way out of the building with Sonny, gasping for air. They both looked up and saw the most amazing woman running towards them. For that brief
moment, Jax thought "What if she runs to him?" But, the thought was instantly removed as Alexis leaped into his arms, his body engulfed with her happiness and
relief. She held on to Jax for dear life, not even noticing the presence of Corinthos. Jax smiled, as he was finally pleased.

"I can live to a hundred and I will never see anything more beautiful than you running toward me", Jax said.
Jax woke from his dream, sweating and shaking.
"I will live to be a hundred. When will you run into my arms again?", Jax said, crying.

He awoke the next day to the knocking at the door. He opened the door and saw Bobbie.
"I know this is horrible timing, but I need you to help me with something", Bobbie said.
"Its ok, you are about the only person who I don't hate", Jax said, and had a soft laugh.
"Tomorrow is Lucas's birthday, and I need a man's opinion on what to get him", Bobbie said.
"Sure, give me 5 minutes", Jax said.
Jax went to get dressed and Bobbie smiled, because she knew that it would be good for Jax. They drove to the toy store and walked in, as Jax was nearly taken

away by the girl standing a few feet away. She was holding a tall woman's hand, but she was the perfect capture of Alexis and Jax. She had long brown hair, and soft blue eyes. She smiled, and Jax lit up, for the first time in a while. She had her smile. Bobbie walked away from Jax, giving him some space. Jax continued to watch the girl and her every move. She walked over to the woman, and asked her for a quarter to ride the horse. Jax couldn't resist, but meet the woman and the

"Excuse me, I know this is going to sound absolutely insane, but I feel this strange connection to your daughter. Could I say hello?", Jax said.
"Well, she isn't my daughter, I am her foster mother, but yes, go ahead", the woman said.
Jax walked over to the little girl.
"Hi, my name is Jax", Jax said.
The girl looked at her mother, who nodded that it was ok.
The girl lighted up with a smile, as she said "Hi! My name is Sarah"
"It\u2019s a pleasure to meet you Sarah. You are a very pretty girl, do you know that? You look just like my fianc\u00e9e did", Jax said.
"Can I see a picture of her?", Sarah said.
"You sure can", Jax answered.
Jax reached into his pocket and opened his wallet, where there was one of the pictures of them in Paris.
"She does look a lot like me!", Sarah said.
Jax said good-bye to the girl, and the woman, and went back to Bobbie to choose a gift.
Chapter 4
Later that evening Jax sat alone in his penthouse, drinking a glass of iced tea as his thoughts wandered. Going to get a present for Lucas with Bobbie hadn't been so

bad. It had been fun; except for when he had seen the little girl that looked so much like his Alexis had. So much like what their child would have looked like. He
sighed heavily as he scolded himself for thinking of that child so much. Why am I so interested? He asked himself. I should feel even more depressed when I see a
child that looks like it could have been ours, but instead seeing that child today made me feel closer to Alexis and our child. Jax shook his head in confusion. Why?
Unfortunately, he didn't get any answers that night. Or the next day. Or the day after that. Every day he woke up thinking of Alexis. Some days it felt like she had
never been killed, she was just in the shower, or out shopping. Then the cold, hard reality of what his life had become would come back to slap him in the face.
Alexis's dead Jax, and so is your child. It's time you got over it and learned to live again, he would think to himself. Then another part of him would come back, No, I
can never forget Alexis or our child. Alexis was and always will be the one and only love of my life. This inner turmoil kept him in a deep depression almost constantly.
It didn't help that he never even talked to anyone, except maybe Bobbie a couple of times. He stayed true to his word and didn't speak to Jerry or his father, or
even his mother. He did his own business quietly, with far less passion for his work than he used to have. It seemed all of his passion died with Alexis.

One person seemed particularly bothered by Jax's depression: his assistant, V. Like everyone else, Jax didn't talk to her about what he was feeling. He did what he had do to work, and that was all. V. was deeply disappointed in him. As months passed after Alexis's death, she had hoped that Jax would come to her; they could start a relationship now that Alexis was out of the picture for good. It had almost happened once before, so why not now? Unfortunately for her, Jax did not share her feelings on the subject. V sighed as she remembered the day she had tried to get him to open up to her.

"You can talk to me, Jax. We were close once, we could be closer now," she had said flirtatiously.

Jax had just looked back at her in complete disbelief. "What are you saying, V? That you want me to just forget Alexis and start a relationship withyou? Well, I
hate to burst your bubble, Venus, but that's just not going to happen! Not now, or ever. I will always love Alexis. She comes first in my heart, now and forever. I
don't want you suggesting anything like that to me again. Do you understand?" Jax had stared back at her, his eyes cold, dead. That's when she realized that a good
part of Jax had died with Alexis and their child.

"Yes, MR. Jacks. I won't ever try to help you again!" V. had run out of the office, nearly in tears, but determined to let go of him once and for all. Jax went on after
that as if nothing had happened, and as far as he felt, nothing had. He could never get involved with V, or anyone else for that matter!

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