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Grade 4_4q Cle

Grade 4_4q Cle

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CLE 4th Quarter Reviewer
CLE 4th Quarter Reviewer

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: flower.power11233986 on Mar 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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©Reviewer of Gabe & Cobbie Quintos
Apostles’ Creed
Match the parts of the prayer in Column A with their meanings in Column B by
writing the letter of the corresponding meaning in “B” in the space provided.
 Answer A BI believe in God: a. We believe that God is present amongus through the Holy Spirit.the Father almighty,Creator of heaven andearth.b. We believe that at the end of time, we
will share in God’s glory.
 I believe in Jesus Christ,His only Son, our Lord.He was conceived by thepower of the Holy Spiritand born of the VirginMary.He suffered underPontius Pilate; wascrucified, died, and wasburied.He descended to thedead.On the third day, He roseagain.He ascended intoheaven, and is seated atthe right hand of theFather.He will come again to judge the living and thedead.c. We believe that the Church is composedof the people of God.I believe in the HolySpirit -d. We believe that out of love, God createdeverything that exists.the holy Catholic Church e. We believe that that community of God iscomposed of the living and the dead.the communion of saints, f. We believe that the entire life of Jesus
was in obedience to the Father’s will.
He now joins the Father in glory and at theend of time, He will judge man according tohis deeds.the forgiveness of sins, g. We express our faith to the BlessedTrinity.the resurrection of thebody, and lifeeverlasting. Amen
h. We believe that with God’s mercy, our 
sins are forgiven.
 ©Reviewer of Gabe & Cobbie Quintos2
II. Lesson 19: Jesus Reveals Himself to the World
Fill in the blanks. Choose from the words in the box.1. The _____________ symbolize all the peoples of the world, called tocome and adore Jesus.2. God announced the birth of Christ through a/an __________________.3. The ____________________ were the first to know of the birth of Jesus.4. The Three Wise Men asked _______________ where they can find thenewborn King of the Jews.5. Jesus was born in the town of ___________________ in _______________.6. The Wise Men brought gifts of ______________ to symbolize sacrifice, ______________ to symbolize prayer, and _____________ to symbolizeour acts of love.7. The three wise men from the east are also called _____________________.8. The Feast of the ______________________ is our ce
lebration of Jesus’
revelation of Himself to the world.9. ____________________ got very upset when he learned about thenewborn King of Israel.10. We read the story about the Visit of the Magi in the Gospel of _______________.Answer the following questions:1. At Christmastime, why do Filipinos hang star lanterns (parol) at ourwindows? What do they symbolize? ___________________________________________________________ 2. The message conveyed by the Three Wise Men is ___________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________.
III. Lesson 20 - Jesus Shows He is the Messiah
True or False. Write T if the sentence is true. If the sentence is not true,underline the word/phrase that makes the statement incorrect and write thecorrect word/phrase on the blank provided to make the sentence true. _____________1. On the Feast of the Passover
, we remember Jesus’
triumphant entry to Jerusalem. _____________2. Jesus entered Jerusalem on the shoulders of his disciples.
 _____________3. “Hosanna”
means “Savior of the World”.
  _____________4. The Pharisees asked Jesus to stop the people from shouting. _____________5. The people waved their arms to welcome Jesus intoJerusalem. _____________6. Jesus entered Jerusalem the way he did in order to teach usto be confident in our abilities.
Matthew gold shepherds BethlehemMagi myrrh angelHerod Judea Epiphany frankincense
 ©Reviewer of Gabe & Cobbie Quintos3
Everyone in the crowd was pleased and happy at Jesus’
arrival. _____________8. Before going to Jerusalem, Jesus and His disciples were atMount Sinai. _____________9. Jesus instructed his disciples to bring him a horse and its coltbefore entering Jerusalem.
IV. Lesson 21 - Jesus Calls Us to be His Disciples
Fill in the blanks. Choose from the words in the box.1. The Pharisees and the Sadducees were able to have Jesus arrested withthe help of ____________________ .2. The disciple who betrayed Jesus was paid
 __________________________ for information on Jesus’ whereabouts.
 3. The Jews celebrated __________________________ to commemoratethe time when the Israelites were saved from the Egyptians.4. When we find ourselves refusing to accept the teaching of Jesus, we
become like the ______________________ of Jesus’ time.
 5. The _____________________ was the great council of the Jews.6. ________________________ was the high priest during the year Jesuswas arrested and crucified.7. The ___________________________ were afraid Jesus might lead arevolt and remove them from power.8. Jesus was betrayed on a ________________ (day of the week).Essay: In what ways are we like the peop
le during Jesus’ time who plotted for 
his death? Give a specific example and explain in 2-3 sentences why webecome like them. ________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________ 
V. Lesson 22 - Jesus Celebrates His Sacrificial Meal with His Apostles
Ring the letter of the correct answer.1. We recall the Last Supper of Jesus with his apostles on the first ________________________ .a. Good Friday b. Holy Thursday c. Easter Sunday2. Before they began to eat, Jesus took off his cloak and washed the _________________ of his apostles.a. feet b. cloaks c. hands3. ____________________ initially refused to be washed by Jesus.a. Judas b. Paul c. Peter
Thursday Sanhedrin leaders of thePharisees andSaduceesJudas Caiaphas Pharisees30 pieces of silver Passover

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