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Disinformation Convention - Grant Morrison Interview

Disinformation Convention - Grant Morrison Interview



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Published by Zero One
Disinformation Convention - Grant Morrison

occult, chaos, disinformation, reality hacking
Disinformation Convention - Grant Morrison

occult, chaos, disinformation, reality hacking

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Published by: Zero One on Mar 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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d i s i n f o r m a t i o n : g r a n t m o r r i s o n t r a n s c r i p t
http://www.disinfo.com/archive/pages/dossier/id987/pg1/index.html by Richard Metzger/Transcribed by Loz of Barbelith.com - November 10, 2002Editor's Note: This Disinformation interview was transcribed by l.pycock@virgin.net>Tiresias of Barbelith Underground, one of the best online communities devoted to Grant Morrison's milieu (andother mind-warping topics).TITLESThroughout the interview, covers and artwork flash onscreen, mainly from The Invisibles, andoccasionally ones from Doom Patrol, Arkham Asylum and other Grant Morrison comics.Richard Metzger Hello and welcome to Disinfo Nation, I'm Richard Metzger. On tonight's show the man responsible for warping more minds of this generation than any other lone individual. He's wanted by the authoritiesfor his frontal assault against reality(A 'Wanted: Grant Morrison' poster from much earlier on in his career, when he still had hair, flashesonscreen.)and for various assorted crimes against reason. Lock up your women, it's that charming genius of thecomics world, Grant Morrison tonight, on Disinfo Nation.Disinfo.Con 2000Richard Metzger (Speaking to audience.)I promised it was about to get 'wacky' and that shoe is about to drop. If there is anyone who deserves to be called 'The Heir to William Burroughs' I think it's our next guest. The possessor of one of the mostincredible imaginations on the planet and we're incredibly lucky to have him here as The Invisibleswinds down to two last issues . . . Ladies and gentlemen I give you, Grant Morrison.(Applause. Metzger leaves to stage right, Grant Morrison saunters on, trying to look like King Moboverdosing on cool, doesn't quite make it, as a little grin breaks at the corners of his mouth. He heads tothe podium, bends to the microphone, then screams.)Grant MorrisonWOOOOOOOOOW! Here we are! Right! Fuck man, I tell you when I was a kid I read Robert AntonWilson and all this shit and here we are, we're standing here, talking about this shit and it's real! OK,I'm pissed
(Holds up red beaker.)and in half an hour I'm gonna come up on drugs, so watch for it!(Audience laughter.)I guess, I don't know, is there any practising magicians in the audience? Put your hand up if we gotany? Yeah? Come on!(Puts his hand up.)Bold! OK, a few. OK, by the time we finish this you're all going to be practising magicians. This shit'seasy right?I'm like you right? Basically, why are we here, right? Why are we here, at this time, what's this allabout, and by the way this is a Scottish accent so reset the filters and pretend itsh Shean Connerytalking to you OK? Double-Oh-Sheven. So, if you can follow me, I'm just gonna talk the way I talk andfuck you if you don't understand me!The deal is this: I've been writing this comic for the last six years and the weird thing is, like you, likeeveryone here, we're trying to figure, what's going on? Why do we feel different? Why don't we fit intothis world? Why do we think they're not telling us the truth?So, I went out and I read Robert Anton Wilson's books when I was 20 years old, which is 20 years agonow, and I figure, is this guy bullshitting me? He says we can talk to aliens, we can talk to people fromSirius, is he talking crap? He said Aleister Crowley's got methods for contacting alien intelligences andfor changing the world, is he talking crap? So I did it and, no, he's not talking crap!Right, and we can all do it!And this is, urr, by way of trying to demolish the counter-culture and replace it with something useful.We're just gonna start here and see where we get to.When I started doing The Invisibles, which is a comic book for people who don't - who haven't seen thething, it's a comic book which is kinda my attempt to explain what had happened to me after I'd beenabducted by aliens in Kathmandu in 1994 and the only reason I was abducted by aliens in Kathmanduin 1994 was because I went to Kathmandu in 1994 to be abducted by aliens!(Laughs.)And it works right!(Applause.)And these fuckers, they will turn up!INTERVIEWRichard Metzger 
Dateline - Los Angeles California. We track Grant Morrison, best-selling comics writer in the world, tohis room in the trendy Standard hotel on the Sunset Strip. It was here, against the glittery backdrop of aHollywood dream factory, where this interrogation took place.(Onscreen Caption: Grant Morrison - Crimes Against Reason. The interview is done with RichardMetzger in the foreground right, Grant Morrison diagonally opposite and they're sitting by the windowor on some sort of balcony and it's night.)Richard Metzger First up, what brings you to Los Angeles?Grant MorrisonWell, basically the idea is to try and make some money you know? Because this is the place where bullshit turns in to money and that's an area of magic that always interested me, just the idea of turning pure thought into pure cash and this is the place where light becomes money. I think it's a very weird place to be in, none of it connects, I mean, you're living here as well, but it doesn't add up, but it'sinteresting that way because it's all of it an illusion, everything's a fake here and I kinda like that and Ikinda want to get involved in it and see if I can profit from it.Richard Metzger What do you see right now as your relationship to what's being produced by the Hollywood culturemachine?Grant MorrisonI think what's happening, in my terms anyway, is what I'm seeing is that ideas that were oncemarginalised that normally I like to play with ten or fifteen years ago in the comics books have becomethe mainstream culture, the lifeblood of the movies and the TV and the records, everything we watchedand listened to, you know?There's Buffy on the TV, we've got The Matrix in the cinema, Gnostic ideas are burgeoningeverywhere, ideas about the supernatural, the occult, the power of magic, the disintegration of realityand they're all come from this place.They've become mainstream and they've been fed back in to our lives as 'the Spectacle' you know? It'sthe best Spectacle we've ever had.Richard Metzger But why do you think these ideas have, all these marginal ideas, have become mainstreamed?Grant MorrisonI think it has to happen. Even in the sense that we've all grown up with and can now make themmainstream, and that's exactly what we seem to be doing, we're selling weirdness back in to the cultureand the culture does demand it. The culture has come to us, looking for ideas once they would've

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