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Published by kevi meru
100 % certain you will die one day -- might as well get an idea where you're headed afterlife.
100 % certain you will die one day -- might as well get an idea where you're headed afterlife.

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Published by: kevi meru on Mar 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A TIME TO DIEBy Kevi MeruThere is a time for everything under heaven: a time to be born and a time todie
(Ecclesiastes 3).Death is decreed for all mankind. Adam and Eve were warned of theconsequence of disobedience, which is death, but they failed to heed the warningseriously and brought death upon all humans down through the centuries. Still in mercy,God removed sudden death and showed them the way of salvation by way of sacrifice.An animal was killed, thereby shedding blood, to make a covering for the nakedness of Adam and Eve. Fig leaf was not enough.So now death is a curse and all humans are subject to it: we are subject to aging,death and decay. Death came about because of sin. To conquer death, Jesus came toearth and lived a sinless life. He paid the penalty of sin, which is death, and because Hewas sinless, He conquered death by His resurrection, and now Jesus possess the keys of hell and death (Revelation 1:18). For a believer in Christ, the final enemy to defeat isdeath --- at death he or she shed the physical body and rise with Christ in victory inspiritual immortality (1 Corinthians 15:26, 44).For the most part, the time that each individual dies is a mystery. People die of different conditions and in different circumstances and stages. Unless clearly revealed, itshould never be presumed dying young or old is better. For example, in the Columbineshooting in a school in Colorado, a girl by the name Rachel was confronted by her assailants to give up her faith in Jesus Christ or die. She chose to die rather thanrenounce her faith. She is now in heaven and God used her testimony to speak tomillions around the world.Beginning with the early Christians, many died under persecutions. Some were burnt, thrown to lions, murdered and the bodies given to the dog, tossed to the sea, etc.They did not get a proper burial. The Bible says that flesh and blood shall not inherit thekingdom of God. So at death the spirit leaves the body to go to its eternal destination:some to everlasting shame and some to everlasting glory (Daniel 12:2).A friend who is a registered nurse in America faced a dilemma over the body of her deceased dad. Her brothers in the Philippines wanted his body be shipped overseas, but that would be too expensive --- she has three children who needed her income.Cremation would be both convenient and inexpensive. Her oldest son was a bitconscientious of a Christian body being cremated. I told him about the many Christianswho died and their bodies were burnt, eaten, drowned or mutilated beyond recognition,and that a funeral service is mainly for the living to find a respectable closure and aloving memory. The family opted for cremation.1

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