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Costa Brava Agreement Announcement 2013 03

Costa Brava Agreement Announcement 2013 03

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Published by Scott Roberts
Costa Brava Settlement Agreement Announcement 2013 03
Costa Brava Settlement Agreement Announcement 2013 03

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Published by: Scott Roberts on Mar 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TO: Bloomingdale NeighborsAs one of the signatories (as a designated representative of The Neighbors of the Unit Block of T St.,NW) of the recently approved Settlement (Voluntary) Agreemen) with Costa Brava, I am pleased toprovide a copy of that agreement for the information of Bloomingdale residents.. I also would like toshare that from the very beginning of the process, Mr. Larry Holden, one of the owners and themanager of Costa Brava, indicated that he welcomed Settlement Agreements as a means for buildingcommunity relations and making sure the business is responsive to community needs. Throughout theprocess, Mr. Holden made every effort to understand the perspectives and concerns of protestants.,and kindly noted when those concerns were at odds with business concerns . Consequently, discussionsbetween Mr. Holden and protestants were always easy, civil, and free-flowing. Thank you Mr. Holdenand welcome to the neighborhood!I also take this opportunity to explain the Settlement Agreement process and the rationale for TheNeighbors of the Unit Block of T St., NW seeking to be a party to such an Agreement. For variousreasons, many in Bloomingdale have adopted a very negative stance towards the filing of protests withthe DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration of liquor license applications of new bars andrestaurants. This was most recently indicated by votes of members of the Bloomingdale CivicAssociation that were nearly unanimously against the filing of protests against 3 liquor licenseapplicants. Yet, ironically, many of these same residents actively engage in protests to the liquor licenseapplications of Bloomingdale's carry-out liquor stores. Indeed, virtually every liquor store inBloomingdale has a Voluntary (Settlement) Agreement. Yet, many neighbors malign protesters of alcohol license applications of bars and restaurants as 'anti-business' and even crazy (I read a tweet thatindicated I personally sought to protest liquor applications because I believed people would be comingout of the bars naked!).The Neighbors of the Unit Block of T Street, NW are not ant-business or crazy. We fully recognize andappreciate the significant investment (in some cases in excess of $500,000) made by liquor licenseapplicants. We also acknowledge and appreciate the contribution these businesses can make to theoverall quality of life in Bloomingdale -- and state this in our petitions of protest. And we understandthat business seeks to operate with as few regulations and requirements as possible to maximize profits.But The Neighbors of the Unit Block of T St., NW, who live in very close proximity to the 1st & RhodeIsland , NW area where many of the new businesses are locating, also fully recognize and acknowledgethat Bloomingdale, in architecture, lifestyle, and character, is fundamentally a residentialneighborhood, without a business 'corridor': In Bloomingdale, we have scattered businesses andbusinesses located in very small commercial areas -- and nearly all have residential dwellings next to,behind, above and/or in front of them. Consequently, we believe the building of working relationshipsand mutual understanding between nearby residents and business becomes very important toenhancing these business' bottomline. We also acknowledge and appreciate the significant investmentof tens of millions of dollars that residents of our block, over the past 20 years, have personally made inmajor renovations, landscaping, and maintenance of their properties in order to transform this block of approximately 80 rowhouses from what
the Washington Post 
called 'the crack cocaine capital of DC' of 

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