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Island Connection - March 22, 2013

Island Connection - March 22, 2013

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Volume 6 Issue 24
Volume 6 Issue 24

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Mar 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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R S  OR S  NDRD U S  O S  GI  D C HR S  O N S  C RMI   N O 4 3 7  O S R O N
aramount views. Pristine waters. Quaint caés. Teseare just a ew o the many wonders o Bohicket Marina.From sunup to sundown, the prime spot on BohicketCreek is always welcoming in spectators, but on March 30,guests will notice a little something special going on.For the third year in a row, the Sea Islands Chamber o Commerce (SICC) will be hosting the annual “Art Walk”on the grounds o Bohicket Marina. Tis all-day juried show  will eature work rom ten dierent local artists “It’s theperect place or a stroll, and we have so many talented artistslined up this year, many o which do a great job capturing lowcountry themes,” comments Karen Tompson, executivedirector o the SICC.Tompson developed the idea or a nonproft chamber o commerce on the sea islands ater years o experience working on Kiawah and Seabrook. A true Charlestonian (her JamesIsland amily tree dates back to the 1600s), Tompson’spassion or her community led to the development o SICC.“Being out here on the islands creates such a niche. I know the area and I love the area. I kept seeing a need to help localbusinesses out here,” she says.Tus began the Sea Island Chamber o Commerce.Tompson ounded the organization in June o 2010 in hopeso helping small businesses and promoting economic growth
Lands on John’s Island
Owners Tim and Courtney Erwin.
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St. Patty’s At Seanachai
 Volume 6 Issue 24March 22, 2013
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TheSound of Music
 Art Walk 
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cross the street rom Fat hen and nestledin the corner o the shopping center onMaybank Highway in Johns Island is a brand new destination with a little something or everyone. Especially the hungry. Wheremost o us who claim residence on John’sIsland would recognize as “the old Mama Q’s”now lies a quaint new addition to the growing community. Most o us are pretty amiliar with the ins and outs o your average sandwichshop, however Te Southern General oers theexpected and much, much more. And trust us,it’s well worth a taste.Te main ocus o the menu eatures a double shot o amazing house sandwiches, sometraditionally refned and others adventurousand unique. Each o the General’s eight tasty classic-style sandwiches are paired with eightequal “Crat” versions. Te result: a twostory ood throw down between the classicsandwiches we all know and love, tried againstan alternative contemporary version, uniquely and tasteully implemented by its artisan creatoror a reasonable price.Che im Erwin is responsible or thegood grub piping rom the Southern General’s
The IslandConnection 
Lynn Pierottipublisher
Hannah Dockerymanaging editor
Swan Richardssenior graphic designer
Lori McGeesales manager
 Jerry Plumbgraphic designer jerry@luckydognews.comContributorsMarilyn BlizardChad Kelly John NelsonIan MillarCarol AntmanKathy HoganSam ReedLegare FarmsBob HooperPublished byLucky Dog Publishingof South Carolina, LLCP.O. Box 837Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482843-886-NEWS
Future deadlines: March 27for submissionsfor the April 5 issue
Op-Ed articles and letters to the editor do not necessarily refect the opinion o  Lucky Dog News or its writers.
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC
Publishers of 
Island Eye News
 The Island Connection
Civic Calendar 
Mayor Lipuma called the March 5own Council meeting to order. Councilapproved the minutes rom last month’smeeting and public hearing.
Citizens’ Comments
Chris Dahlsrrom inormed Councilthat a ew weeks ago, he and his neighborslearned that a new cell tower was being built near his property. Te tower is 100eet rom his oce and 90 eet romhis neighbor’s deck. Dahlsrrom and hisneighbors are concerned over the sizeo the new tower, the proximity to theirhomes, the damage o cell radiation, as well as depreciative property value. “Werely on the powers here at Kiawah Islandto look ater our interests. When we hearthat something like this has happened… we expect every decision made by Councilto say, ‘how is this going to aect thepeople that live close to us?’” MayorLipuma encouraged Council to visit thearea where the new tower is being placed.
Second Reading of Ordinance 2013-1
Council unanimously approved a second reading o Ordinance 2013-1, withregards to reductions to setbacks. Tere was no discussion, and Mayor Lipuma said that no changes had been made sincethe frst reading.
Mayor Lipuma made three ocialproclamations on behal o the own o Kiawah. First, he declared that KiawahConservancy is the ocial conservationpartner o Kiawah Island. Secondly,he declared that March is now Irish- American Heritage Month and thirdly, hedeclared that March is also American RedCross Month.
Night Heron Beach Franchise Renewal
Council approved a one-year contractrenewal with Night Heron BeachFranchise. Lipuma explained that thecontract is identical to the one signed lastmonth with Island Beach Company, andincludes such items as beach chairs andumbrellas.
First Reading of Ordinance 2013 – 2
“What this is, is to clean up ourbudget,” Lipuma explained. He said thatover the course o this budget year, theown has had unexpected expenditures,such as hiring an attorney or the case withKiawah Island Utility. Money has beentaken out o the contingency to und theseunexpected expenses. Te own executeda contract with the own’s waste hauler, which Lipuma has saved $300,000. “Wecould go back and rebalance the budget,by taking those monies and putting themagainst attorney ees and other unbudgetedexpenses,” Lipuma says. Te own willhold a public hearing prior to the Aprilown Council meeting to discuss changesto the budget beore a second reading.
GFOA Popular Financial Report 
Te own treasurer explained thatevery year, the own o Kiawah submitsa comprehensive fnancial report thatdetails the fnancial status o the own.For the sixth year in a row, the own asreceived an award or Kiawah’s fnancialreport on behal o the GovernmentFinance Ocers Association.
Environmental Committee OrdinanceRevaluation Update
Mayor Lipuma commented that theEnvironmental Committee was charged with handling the three major issuesconcerning 1) beach walkovers 2) glasson the beach and 3) dogs on the beach.Environmental Committee Chair JohnLabriola said that the Committee met andhad a “very constructive and productivemeeting, which was very well attended.”He reported that there was no news, as aras a vote, and that the Committee is still working through the details o each issue.Motions were made on the ordinancesand unanimously supported, butmore details andrecommendations will come at the nextCouncil meeting.
Status of the Kiawah Ad Hoc FireCommittee
Councilman Murphy explainedthat last summer, ormer Mayor Orbanormed the Ad Hoc Fire Committee tobetter understand the operations at St. Johns Fire District, and the relationshipthe district has with the own to see i there were any areas or improvement.Murphy recommended that the work o the committee be taken up by thePublic Saety Committee, and the FireCommittee be abolished. “I’m very, very pleased with the level o cooperation romChie Stanley and the district,” Murphy said. Councilman Lipuma made a motionto abolish the committee and all were inavor.
Communications Committee
Councilwoman Johnson inormed thosein attendance that the CommunicationsCommittee is working on a new websitedesign. “We will begin to review proposalsand this is a process that will take a loto time,” she said. Te new website willbe unveiled in the summer o this year. Johnson also said that she regrets to hearthe several people in the community wishthat the own Notes were still in hardcopy print. “It just didn’t make fnancial sense,”she said. “Email alerts will be sent out tolet residents know when the new issue isout.”
 Arts Council
Councilwoman Johnson addressedseveral Arts Council events coming upand commented that the Council is busy  working on the 2013-2014 season. “We aregrateul or all the enthusiasm and intendto make it another enjoyable season.”
Kiawah Council 
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21 Beachwalker DriveKiawah Island, SC 29455Phone: 768-9166Fax: 768-4764
2001 Seabrook Island RoadSeabrook Island, SC 29455Phone: 768-9121Fax: 768-9830Email:lmanning@townoseabrookisland.org 
Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric Co-op located at3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island.Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
4045 Bridge View Dr, N. Charleston958-4700t
75 Calhoun St.724-3745
2March 22, 2013
Kiawah Town Council – March 5
March 26
Seabrook own Council2:30 p.m.Kiawah Ways and MeansCommittee2 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
 April 1
Kiawah EnvironmentalCommittee3 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
 April 2
Kiawah own Council2 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
 April 3
Seabrook Planning Commission Work Session2:30 p.m.Kiawah Planning Commission3 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
 April 4
Kiawah Arts Council3 p.m,Kiawah own Hall
 April 10
Seabrook Planning CommissionRegular Meeting 2:30 p.m.
Planning Commission and BZA 
Councilman Patch commented onthe State ruling on Captain Sams Spit,and that a preliminary plat with theplanning commission has been led. Healso reported that the BZA would meeton March 18. Tirdly, he mentioned thatthe Council o Governments (COGS) andCharleston Area ransportation Study (CHAS) met and has been working ona new upstate terminal in Spartanburg.Te orecast is to transport cargo by rail, which would remove 225 trucks a day rom Interstate-26.
Town Administrator’s Report 
 Administrator Rucker said that she hasbeen working with the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange and members o the Seabrook Council to produce the annual directory.“Our intention by working together is toinclude inormation relevant to disasterpreparedness,” she said.She commented that the own hasbeen working with Comcast regarding the instillation o cable services in theReserve. Comcast has reported that they are interested but the delivery o linesto the area has a low estimated returnbecause o the small number o homes inthe Reserve. A meeting is scheduled todiscuss challenges and options.
Mayor’s Report 
Mayor Lipuma said that on February 28, he attended a reception or Jet Bluein celebration o their new ights out o Charleston International Airport. Terst ight landed at 4 p.m. and the Mayorspoke with Governor Haley as well as theChie Operating Ofcer or Jet Blue.Te Mayor attended CandidatesNight at the sandcastle. “It was very wellhandled, and there was a good turnout o candidates and members o the public,” hesaid. Each candidate had two minutes tomake comments and then mingle with theattendees ater.
Citizens’ Comments
Marilyn Larach, recently electedpresident o KPOG, expressed her desireto have ree and open communicationbetween KPOG and the own. Wendy Kulick asked CouncilmanPatch i he had been working withSeabrook Councilman Sam Reed on wind and hail insurance rates, due to statement made in the last issue o theIsland Connection’s recap o the Seabrook Council meeting. Patch said that there hasbeen “no real activity” on the issue, otherthan a ew correspondences. Lipuma commented that he elt the rates islandhomeowners pay are among the highest inthe southeast, even though the loss rate ismodest.Kulick also asked Council i the own would be ling an Amicus brie in regardsto the case between KICA and KRA.Te next Kiawah Island own Councilmeeting will be on April 2 at 2 p.m. at theKiawah Island own Hall.
Kiawah Council 
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March 22, 2013

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