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173 New Yorkers Short Stories

173 New Yorkers Short Stories

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Published by Tamás Adrienn

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Published by: Tamás Adrienn on Mar 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What makes one city different from another city? Is itthe buildings, the weather, the people? It is the peoplewho make a city, and to know a city, you must know itspeople. You must know what makes them laugh andcry, know the small details of their everyday lives.What kind of people lived in New York at thebeginning of the twentieth century? Are New Yorkersdifferent now from a hundred years ago? Cities growbigger with the years, new buildings are put up and oldbuildings are pulled down, horses are replaced by carsand buses, fashions change. But people do not change.The New Yorkers in these stories are very differentfrom each other, but the hopes of a tramp are asimportant as the hopes of a lawyer; the love of awaitress is as exciting as the love of an actress. And wesee that people's hopes and fears and dreams do notchange with the years.
ne dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all.Every day, when she went to the shops, she spentvery little money. She bought the cheapest meat, thecheapest vegetables. And when she was tired, she stillwalked round and round the shops to find the cheapestfood. She saved every cent possible.Delia counted the money again. There was nomistake. One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That wasall. And the next day was Christmas.She couldn't do anything about it. She could only sitdown and cry. So she sat there, in the poor little room,and she cried.Delia lived in this poor little room, in New York,with her husband, James Dillingham Young. They alsohad a bedroom, and a kitchen and a bathroom - allpoor little rooms. James Dillingham Young was lucky,because he had a job, but it was not a good job. Theserooms took most of his money. Delia tried to findwork, but times were bad, and there was no work forher. But when Mr James Dillingham Young came
The Christmas Presents

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