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All of Us Are Called for a Purpose

All of Us Are Called for a Purpose

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Published by tonyr_61

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Published by: tonyr_61 on Mar 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COMPENDIUM OF STUDIES BY YOSEF BEN NAVID All of us are called for a purpose. Some years ago a little boy about eight years old watchedme as I prepared for my morning meditations. I began to talk to him aboutYeshua= Jesusand asked him several questions.
―What are you doing?‖ I asked the lad.
―I go to school,‖ was the reply.
―Why do you go to school?‖
―To study,‖ he said.
 Why do you study?‖
―To get smart.‖
―Why do you want to get smart?‖
―So I can get a good job.‖
―Why do you want to get a good job?‖
―So I can make lots of money.‖
―Why do you want to make lots of money?‖
―So I can buy food.‖
―Why do you want to buy food?‖
―So I can eat.‖
―Why do you want to eat?‖
―To live.‖
―Why do you live?‖
  At that point, the little boy thought for a minute, scratched his head, looked me in the face
and said, ―Sir, why do I live?‖
 He paused a moment in mid-
thought, then gave his own sad answer, ―To die!‖
 The question is the same for all of us: Why do we live? What is the basic purpose of your living in this world, as you claim to be a disciple of the Yêshûa Hamashiaj= Lord Jesus Christ?Is it to accumulate wealth? Fame? Popularity?To fulfill the desires of the flesh and of the mind? And to somehow survive and, in the end, to die and hopefully go to heaven?No. The purpose of your life as a believer must be to obey Yêshûa= Jesus when He said,
―Go ye into the entire world, and preach the gospel. . . .
‖That is what 
Shaul= Paul did when
he laid down his arms and said, ―Lord, what 
 you want me to
If all of your concern is about your own life, your job, your clothes, your children’s good
clothes, healthy bodies, a good education, a good job and marriage, then your concerns areno different from someone who is lost in this material world. When Yêshûa= Jesus was here on earth, His goal was to do nothing but the will of HisFather.Our commitment must be only His will. Yêshûa= Jesus no longer is walking on earth. Weare His body; He is our head. That means our lips are the lips of Yêshûa= Jesus. Our hands

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