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Encounter With the Paranormal Entities-2

Encounter With the Paranormal Entities-2



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Published by Alok Jagawat
An article on some paranormal observations.
An article on some paranormal observations.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Alok Jagawat on Mar 16, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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It is quite late in the night while I am writing the second part of this article series. This incident took place near Alwar. Alwar is a district which lies on NH-8 from Jaipurto Delhi. You have to take a side road towards Sariska en-route to Alwar. This routeis famous for notorious activities of ghostly entities. This was not known to me.I actually belong to Rajgarh which is a small town of Alwar district. My greatgrandfather was the “Riyasatdar” of Rajgarh. He was the chief of the land of ‘Rajagarh’ and was responsible for revenue extraction from the area. He wasmarried four times with every wife alive and living with him. It was the will of theGod that he has only two sons. They were born to the last wife and one of them Thakur.Kishan singh ji Baraith was my grandfather.My grandfather was a devotee to God and never liked the idea of ‘Lagan’ or revenueas it was unlawful. So he left my Great Grandfather Thakur. Ratan Singh ji at a verytender age. I am telling you all this because my whole narration is related to this.My grandfather then came to Alwar. The king of Alwar Shri.Sawai Singh Ji knew mygrandfather and was aware of his lineage. So he offered him the job of “Ziladar” inirrigation department. He also gave him a big fort to live. This “Haveli’ belonged tobrother- in -law of Alwar “his highness”. This fort or palace was believed to behaunted and people nearby even warned my Grandfather about it.My grandfather was a staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman, (An Indian deity related topower and Chastity}. He was never afraid of anything and decided to live in thesame palace. My father and uncles were born in that palace and I wanted to see it. Ihave never seen it before. I was informed by my uncles that most of it had ruined.But contrary to the belief of my father and uncles, it did not dampen my hopes. Iwanted to photograph everything and wanted to keep it as a memory. So Alwar visitwas a visit to my ancient Lineage.I was accompanied by my cousin brother Rajeev, and his wife. My wife was also withus. We have to leave Jaipur at about 5:00 am in the morning. When I woke up, I felt
a sudden change of mind. I was bit perturbed without any reasons. I was not surethat whether I should go or not. I woke up my wife to take a second opinion.According to her I should have informed my cousin about the sudden shift of myplans.I called my cousin who was still asleep. He told me that he is ready to go and willsoon come to my house. However, there was a strong feeling that I should not gowhich I resisted.I did not take my son with me who was two years old. This is because I was notaware about the route and did not want any trouble. Here I must tell you that Alwarroute passes through dense Sariska forest and several ancient towns. Most of thisroute is deserted and there are no facilities on the road. The car we took was my own car which was brand new and was hardly driven. Weset on drive at around 6:30 AM. It was a pleasant morning with clouds. So thetemperature was normal. (Usually temperature is high in Rajasthan).We were moving along while chatting to each other. The route to Alwar passesthrough, Sariska, Pandupol, Brhithari Ji and Bhangarh. We were amazed to see lot of elephants while we were hardly out of the town. They were around seventy innumber. I was happy as I took it as a good omen. Here I must tell you that elephantsare considered to be related to Trunk headed God Ganesha. In Indian mythsGanesha is a God, who is worshipped before every God. He reconfirmsauspiciousness of every motive and act. It is good to see his symbol at the start.We had hardly driven sixty kilometers when we saw that the road was blocked. There were some people on the road. A tall man was standing in the center and wasguiding others. I came out of the car and saw a huge thick pipeline on the road. Thetall man was clad in Saffron colored clothing and was a Sadhu or priest. I inquiredof what was happening. He informed us that there is a prayer ceremony in thetemple nearby and he needed some water. So he requested us to wait for fewminutes. I inquired about the temple. I was informed that it was an old temple andwas also offered a visit. So we parked our car on the side of a wall and entered thetemple premises. To my surprise it was the temple of My ”Ishtha” Shri.Thakurji. I
was really happy to see my beloved God inside. All of us prayed there for four tofive minutes. The priest offered us tea and we sat down over there. (All the time, Ihave a strange feeling that I should not go. But after praying to my beloved God, I just shunned that idea.) The head priest requested us to stay there and take meals as well. We weresurprised as he hardly knew us. Away from all this, I was happy as I thought thatmy visit is been stamped by my beloved God. While all the time I was actuallywrong. Something else was happening. He was warning us not to go further.We quietly refused his offer and took a leave. We have to visit a place called Madhriwhich was a small village on the route. It was the home town of a great astrologerwhom we wanted to meet. According to the instructions I entered a narrow lanewhich was supposed to take us to the residence of this old astrologer. I was drivingvery carefully and with great precaution. The street was very narrow and suddenly Iheard a loud bang!I was surprised of what could have possibly happened. Suddenly we weresurrounded by lot of villagers. All of them were shouting at us. I acted very calmlyand plead for my mistake. My car actually struck against a motor bike and the bikefell down. I immediately offered a compensation as it was my mistake. This calmedmost of the villagers. When I came out of the car I was really shocked. The bike wasall right. To my surprise the bumper of my car was lying on the road. It was reallystrange. How could have that happened with that strong part of the car and that tooat such a slow pace.However there was no choice. I unlocked the back gates of my car and kept thebumper inside. My wife and my sister in law were very uncomfortable. We all weretaken aback with the strange turn of events. But even after this we continued our journey.We reached the residence of the astrologer. It was a small hut and carried a bigdense tree in the center of the premise. The building nearby was tattered and gave

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