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From Sin to Salvation.

From Sin to Salvation.

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Published by glennpease





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Published by: glennpease on Mar 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FROM SI TO SALVATIO.THE PAULIE PICTURE OF THEREDEMPTIVE PROCESS.BY THOMAS GRIFFITH, A.M.," The grand distinction of Christianity is that it secures the observanceof out-ward Law by the inspiration of an inward Life," SCHILLER."Christianity transforms our natural life, through faith in supernatural life." REA." As Sin has reigned unto death, even so shall Grace reign, throughrighteousness, unto eternal life, by Jesus Christ our Lord" ROM. v. 21." What our nature is now, -what it must become, to enter a spiritualstate; and how it must become this, is a matter of the greatest personalinterest. And religion consists in suggesting and developing the meansJor this; in cutting off the earthly feelings which are uncongenial with thespiritual nature." MRS. STALEY.HODDER A-D STOUGHTO,27, PATEROSTER ROW.MDCCCLXXXII." If life be 'worth living, it is so only when we live it ourselves, and helpothers to live it, in a manner worthy of life." LACTATIUS." He too is doing a soldiers work who, though withdrawn from the lineof battle, stands sentry at the gates, and looks after the military stores"SEECA.COTETSCHAP. PAGEI. ITRODUCTORY 3
II. SECURITY UDER SI . . . . 43III. STRUGGLE AGAIST SI 6lIV. SLAVERY TO SI 79V. SUFFERIG FROM SI ..... 95VI. HOPE OF RIGHTEOUSESS .... IO/VII. FREEDOM FOR RIGHTEOUSESS . . .125VIII. LIFE FOR RIGHTEOUSESS .... 139IX. POWER FOR RIGHTEOUSESS . . . .165CHAPTER I.ITRODUCTORY.I.cannot open Milton's " Paradise Regained" without being surprised at theentirely different theory it gives of the redemptive work of Christ from that put forth in the" Paradise Lost." In the earlier poem we havethe Calvinistic doctrine of salvation by thevicarious sufferings of Jesus ; in the later, therationalistic doctrine of salvation by the personal sanctity of Jesus. In the first all issummed up in" Die man or justice must, unless for himSome other, able and as willing, payThe rigid satisfaction, death for death"But in the second, the one note sounded fromfirst to last is" Recovered Paradise to all mankind,
By one man's firm obedience, fully triedThrough all temptation, and the tempter foiled."4 FROM SI TO SALVATIO.And some divines have fallen into this mistake ; erecting thereon a whole system of theology, which makes the sanctity of Jesus,and our imitation of it, do duty for his sufferings and our salvation through them. But thetext on which they mainly rely (Heb. x. 7-10),speaks manifestly, not of doing God's will ingeneral, by a holy life ; but doing that particularwill which demanded a vicarious death. Forthe Son says, " Lo, I come to do that will bywhich we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ ; " to supersede by thesacrifice of myself the sacrifices offered by thelaw. Or, as St. Paul has put it in Phil. ii. 8," he became obedient " (i.e., submissive) " untodeath, even death upon the cross." Just as inHeb. ii. 9 the reason given for the Incarnation isnot that Jesus might live as our example, butthat he might die as our substitute, "he wasmade lower than the angels for the suffering of death ; that he might taste death for everyman"But Milton, in both these entirely oppositeI TROD UCTOR Y. 5views of the redemptive work of Christ, as wellas the divines on both sides who share theseviews, has overlooked the one distinctive featureof this work which pervades the writings of John and Paul ; its turning essentially, notsimply on the vicarious sufferings nor on thepersonal sanctity of Jesus (these are but preparatives, means to a further end), but on hisresurrection life, when he ascended into theheavens, there to live with God and unto God ;there to receive gifts for men; and thence to

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