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Old Neighborhood

Old Neighborhood

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Published by Jason Williams
First 6 pages of feature length adult comedy.
First 6 pages of feature length adult comedy.

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Published by: Jason Williams on Mar 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXT. SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD - VERY EARLY MORNINGJASON BATEMAN walks out on to the porch of the only househe’s lived in for 38 years. Bathrobed and pillow-headed, heclings to a mug of coffee -- six important sips away from gotime: a shower, shave, work.The serenity of the moment is interrupted by strangeelectrical zapping noises coming from the neighbor’sresidence.Jason takes a few steps toward the source of the commotion.He notices a moving truck in the neighbor’s driveway. Allthe windows in the house are strangely aglow. The air feelscharged with static.The buzzing sound gains momentum, reverberating deeply,until it explodes in a sudden surge. Startled, Jason spillshis coffee. He rests his hand on a tree and receives astatic shock.JASONFuh!Someone GIGGLES from across the street. Jason turns his headjust in time to catch a short fat man scurrying off behindsome bushes.Jason retreats into his home, sucking his finger, floored byconfusion.FADE TO BLACKROLL CREDITSINT. SPORTS EQUIPMENT FACTORY - MORNINGMONTAGE - ROBOTS DOING HUMAN WORK-- Robots flattening strips of leather by hand-- Robot operating a hydraulic press-- Robot inserting felt padding into a baseball glove-- Robots doing quality checks-- Robots taking a coffee break-- Robot supervisor berating lazy robot employee-- ROBOT PAGE leaves factory floor and gets into elevator
2.-- Robot page gets caught staring at female worker’s breastsINT. FACTORY OFFICES - CONTINUEDMONTAGE WINDS DOWN-- Robot page exits the elevator and walks down the hall-- Robot page enters Jason’s office.END CREDITSINT. JASON’S OFFICE - CONTINUEDJason is holding a futuristic-looking smart phone to hisear. His eyes are glazed over as he stares at the robotstanding in his doorway. He’s half-listening to a quickvoice on the other end of the line.ROBOT PAGEMr. Bateman...Jason continues to stare, daydreaming.ROBOT PAGEUh Mr. Bateman...Jason snaps out of it and the robot page transforms into aYOUNG AWKWARD EMPLOYEE. We realize that Jason was onlydaydreaming. There was no robot.JASON(closing the phoneconversation)Alright, Rodrigo, I’ll revise thoseorder docs for ya and uh...uh shootyou a confirm first thing estanoche.(beat)Si, si.(beat)Dayyyyyy-nada, mon ami.Jason takes a few seconds to find the button on his phone toend the call.Jason and Young Awkward Employee stare at each otheruncomfortably for a beat. Young Employee pulls at the crotchof his pants which was clinging uncomfortably to his penis.(CONTINUED)

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