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Anecdotes Illustrative of n.t. Text

Anecdotes Illustrative of n.t. Text

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Mar 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AECDOTES ILLUSTRATIVE OF .T. TEXTHODDER & STOUGHTOEW YORK GEORGE H. DORA COMPAYI. A Christian s Death. MATT. i. 21. " Thou shallcall His name Jesus : for He shall save His people from theirsins."As the late Professor Hodge of Princeton was lying on hisdying bed, and just before he breathed his last, after saying, " My work is done ; the pins of the tabernacle are takenout," he began to repeat the lines,u A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,On Thy kind arms I fall,"when his power of utterance seemed to fail. His sorrow-stricken wife, who was by his bedside, finished the stanzathus," Be Thou my strength and righteousness,My S amour , and my all."" Say Jesus" said her dying husband, and then breathedhis last.II. A Russian Legend. MATT. ii. 2. " Where is Hethat is born King of the Jews ? for we have seen His star in theeast, and are come to worship Him"THE Russian peasantry have a curious tradition. It is thatan old woman, the Baboushka, was at work in her housewhen the wise men from the East passed on their way tofind the Christ-child. " Come with us," they said ; " wehave seen His star in the East, and go to worship Him."* I will come, but not now," she answered ; " I have myhouse to set in order ; when this is done I will follow andfind Him." But when her work was done the three kingshad passed on their way across the desert, and the starshone no more in the darkened heavens. She never saw
the Christ-child, but she is living and searching for Himstill. For His sake she takes care of all His children. Itis she who in Russian and Italian houses is believed to fillEW TESTAMET AECDOTES.the stockings and dress the tree on Christmas morn. Thechildren are awakened by the cry of " Behold the Babou-shka ! " and spring up hoping to see her before she vanishedout of the window. She fancies, the tradition goes, that ineach poor little one whom she warms and feeds she mayfind the Christ-child, whom she neglected ages ago, but isdoomed to eternal disappointmentIII. Ready for the Judgment. MATT. ii. 10. "Whenthey saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy "When they saw the star, they rejoiced. A cause of terror toone person is a cause of joy to another. The baying of ahound on his track strikes dismay to a hunted robber inthe woods. The same sound would give cheer to a lostchild, when he knew it was his father s hound in search of him. It makes all the difference in the world at which endof the cannon you stand when it is being fired in battle. Itsbelching fire is the same in either case ; but in one instanceit is against your enemies, and in the other against you.There is no more terrible thought possible, to the opposerof God, than that the Lord reigneth, and that He is sureto put down all His enemies. There is no thought morecomforting than this to the Christian believer. Therewas an under-witted but a faith-filled Scotch lad in thiscountry, at the time of the great meteoric shower of ovember, 1833. When on every side men and women were thatnight in terror at the thought that the hour of final doomhad come, this lad s mother aroused him from his sleep witha cry : " Sandy, Sandy, get up, will you ? The Day of Judgment has come." Instantly the boy was alive to that call,and was on his feet, shouting, "Glory to God ! Fm ready."When the loving followers of Jesus see signs of His appearance, they rejoice with exceeding great joy.IV. A Boy s Rebuke. MATT. iii. 2. "And saying, Re-
pent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."I the neighbourhood of Hoddam Castle, Dumfriesshire,Scotland, there was once a tower called the " Tower of Repentance." What gave the tower its name we are not told,but it is said that an English baronet, walking near theEW TESTAMET AECDOTES.castle, saw a shepherd lad lying upon the ground, readingattentively. " What are you reading, lad ? " " The Bible,sir." " The Bible, indeed ! " laughed the gentleman ; " thenyou must be wiser than the parson. Can you tell me theway to heaven ?" "Yes, sir, I can," replied the boy, in noway embarrassed by the mocking tone of the other ; " youmust go by way of yonder tower." The gentleman sawthat the boy had learned right well the lesson of his book,and, being rebuked, he walked away in silence. Doesthe reader know anything of the Tower of Repentance?If not, let him learn.V. A Superstitious Use of Scripture. MATT. ir.6. " He shall give His angels charge concerning Thee : and intheir hands they shall bear Thee up, lest at any time Thou dashThy foot against a stone"A instructive instance of the effects which may follow asuperstitious use of Scripture is recorded in the life of Mr.Lackington. That celebrated bookseller informs us that,when young, he was at one time locked up to prevent hisattending a Methodist meeting in Taunton ; and that in afit of superstition he opened the Bible for directions whatto do, and hit upon the above text. " This," says Mr.Lackington, " was quite enough for me ; so without amoment s hesitation, T ran up two pairs of stairs to myown room, and out of the window I leaped, to the greatterror of my poor mistress." He was, of course, veryseverely bruised ; so severely, indeed, as to be confined tohis bed during fourteen days.VI. Following Christ. MATT. iv. 19. " Follow Me."

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