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Islam in Brief

Islam in Brief

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Published by dr_asaleh

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Published by: dr_asaleh on Mar 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Islam In Brief
راصتخاب ملس
A simplified Introduction to Islam
A collection of articles dealing with differentIslamic issues
ةيزلنا ةغلب مسب فيرعتل دإ هءاإ ىجري ا.ةيزلنب قط 
Prepared by:
Yasser Gabr
Houda Karkour
Islamic Propagation Office in Rabwah, Riyadh
ضايرل ةنيدمب وبرلاب تالاجل ةعو وعدل ال كمل
Islam at Your Fingertips2008-1429
This little book is a guiding book to Islam, where weare trying to vanish away the chaos that is hiding thereality of Islam. Therefore, we hope that you receivethis book with open arms without a jot of prejudice tounderstand Islam as it is not as it has been depicted inthe media. Then, let's pray God-Allah Almighty thatthis book would be a good introduction for the correctknowledge of Islam, the religion of all the messenger ofAllah Almighty from Adam to Mohammad peace beupon them.
Chapter One
The Creator
The name Allah (God) in Islam is the personalname of God. The most concise definition of God inIslam is given in four verses of Surah Al-Ikhlaas in theHoly Qur'an:{{Say, "He is Allah, [Who is] One,Allah, the Eternal Refuge,He neither begets nor is born,Nor is there to Him any equivalent."}}(Holy Qur'an 112: 1-4)To Muslims, this four-line definition ofAlmighty God serves as the touchstone of the study ofGod. Any candidate to divinity must be subjected tothis ‘acid test' and since the attributes of The Creatorgiven in this chapter are unique, false gods andpretenders to divinity can be easily dismissed usingthese verses.

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