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Sample Non-Permissible Purpose Letter

Sample Non-Permissible Purpose Letter

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Published by FreedomofMind

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Published by: FreedomofMind on Mar 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sample Non-Permissible Purpose Letter
Find an unknown company on your credit report? Why is that inquiry there? Anyonewho pulls your credit report must have a permissible purpose to due so accoring toThe Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). If they don't have a permissible purpose theyare breaking the law. If you see a company name you don't recognize send the non-permissible purpose letter below right away. Non-PP Puller CompanyAddressCity State Zip CodeTo Whom It May Concern:I have noticed that you have placed an inquiry on my _________ credit file dated ________. As you probably know, Credit Reporting Agencies treat inquiries as astatement of fact and will not allow a consumer to dispute them. Since it is againstfederal law (Fair Credit Reporting Act -- 15 USC ?1681b) for an entity to view aconsumer's credit report without a "permissible purpose," I am writing to inquire asto your alleged purpose, for doing so since I did not apply for employment with yourorganization nor did I request credit from your organization.[Describe any additional details about the inquiry here if need be. For example, youra subscriber to My Credit Keeper and Trilegiant pulled a "hard inquiry" on one of yourreports.]Based on the evidence in my possession, this inquiry was performed under falsepretenses as described in the clear language of the law. 15 USC ?1681n(a)(1)(B )states, in part, "in the case of liability of a natural person for obtaining a consumerreport under false pretenses or knowingly without a permissible purpose, actualdamages sustained by the consumer as a result of the failure or $1,000, whichever isgreater;"You are civilly liable to me in the amount of $1,000.00 for your willful violation of thelaw -- performing a "hard inquiry" on my __________ file without my permission. Ido hope that we can settle this matter amicably. You can remove the inquiry withinone (1) business day of the receipt of this notice. Or, we can meet in court whereyou will end up removing the inquiry, paying me the civil liability fine, punitivedamages for my score drop, plus court and attorney fees. The choice is up to you.Please contact me immediately at the address listed below.Sincerely,Consumer

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