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Charlotte Lamb Hot Blood.doc

Charlotte Lamb Hot Blood.doc

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Published by nadia457

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Published by: nadia457 on Mar 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ISBN 0-373-11852-X HOT BLOODFirst North American Publication 1996.Copyright© 1996 by Charlotte Lamb.
Printed in U.S.A.
Hot Blood
Charlotte Lamb
Kit and Liam werebusiness partners by day and lovers by night. But Liamwas content tohold Kit at arm's lengthemotionally. Kit was frustrated--they were twomature people,for goodness'sake; surely by now they should becloser?However, ashard as shetried, Kit just couldn't get 
Liam to openup and let her in...until shemet Joe, andLiam met theglamorousCary. Without warning,tensionserupted, andKit realized that beneath hiscontrolledexterior, Liamwas red-hot!Would he dotoday what he'd been putting off tilltomorrow?
1.SECRET OBSESSION - the sin of Pride2.DEADLY RIVALS - the sin of Covetousness3.HAUNTED DREAMS - the sin of Envy4.WILD HUNGER - the sin of Gluttony5.DARK FEVER - the sin of Lust6.ANGRY DESIRE - the sin of Ange7.HOT BLOOD- the sin of Sloth
The film ended suddenly and the house lights came up beforeKit had time to pull herself together. She scrabbled in her bag for a handkerchief, her head bent so that her silvery hair half hid thetears streaming down her face.She didn't want anyone to notice her. She felt stupid, sitting herein floods of tears over an old black and white movie made beforemost of the audience had even been born!
Kit was a film buff, obsessed with the cinema and with thetechniques of filming; it was her hobby. She had a camcorder andoften spent a weekend filming landscapes or recording amateur  productions at the little local theatre in town. She particularlyloved old black and white films. They had so much moreatmosphere; a tension and power that films shot in colour simplydidn't have, and possessed a sense of the past—a nostalgia— which she found irresistible. When the Classic Film Club hadopened at this small cinema, once known as the Flea Pit but nowmodernised and given the grandiose name of the Imperial— although everyone still called it the Flea Pit, Kit had immediately become a member. She wasn't so much interested in seeing thefilms themselves, which were mostly available on video now, butthe club also had monthly lectures by film critics, directors, andactors; occasionally it even got hold of a rare old film which youwouldn't get on video.People began pushing past her, hurrying to get home or into theChinese restaurant across the road, which was always busy at thistime of night.'Excuse me!' they said impatiently, and Kitstruggled to her feet to let them get by, trying to make herself very small, which wasn't difficult because she was only five feettwo. She mumbled apologies, still clutching her handkerchief, pretending to be blowing her nose.Only when the last one hadfiled past did she turn to follow, and that was when she realisedthat there was one other person still sitting in the row, in the seatnext to her.He was sitting sideways, arms folded, watching her, his longlegs crossed, one foot swinging rhythmically, and he clearly hadno intention of moving.

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