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Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns



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A list on Collective Nouns for your reference
A list on Collective Nouns for your reference

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Published by: Tuisyen Dewan Hj Ali on Mar 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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a band of musiciansa bench of magistratesa bevy of beauties/girls/ladiesa billow of smokersa board of directorsa body of mena bunch of crooksa caravan of gypsiesa choir/group of singersa class of pupils/studentsa company of actorsa congregation of worshippersa crew of sailorsa crowd of spectators, peoplea dynasty of kingsa field of athletesa galaxy of beautiful womena galaxy of film starsa gang of crooksa gang of labourersa gang of prisonersa gang of robbersa gang of thievesa group of dancersa horde of savagesa host of angels; friendsa house of senatorsa huddle of lawyersa line of kings/rulersa mob of gangstersa mob of riotersa pack of rascalsa pack of thievesa panel of judges/expertsa party of friendsa party of friendsa party of politiciansa patrol of policemena posse of policemena posse/patrol of policemena regiment of soldiersa relay of runnersa school of pupilsa staff of employeesa staff of servantsa staff of teachersa team of playersa team of players/doctors/ scientistsa tribe of nativesa troop of scoutsa troupe of artistesa troupe of dancersa troupe of performersan army of soldiers
a bevy of quaila brood/flock of chickensa catch of fisha cloud of fliesa cloud of insectsa cloud of locustsa colony of gullsa drove of cattlea drove of horsesa flight of birdsa flight of dovesa flight of locustsa flight of swallowsa flock of birdsa flock of chickensa flock of geesea flock of sheepa gaggle of geesea haul of fisha haul/shoal/catch of fisha herd of buffaloesa herd of cattlea herd of deera herd of elephants
 a herd of goatsa herd of swinea hive of beesa host of sparrowsa kindle of kittensa litter of cubsa litter of kittensa litter of pigletsa litter of puppiesa litter of cubsa menagerie of wild animalsa muster of peacocksa nest of antsa nest of micea nest of rabbitsa pack of houndsa pack of wolvesa plague of insectsa plague of locustsa pride of lionsa school of herrings/other small fisha school of porpoisesa school of whalesa shoal of fisha string of horsesa stud of horsesa swarm of antsa swarm of beesa swarm of insectsa swarm of locustsa team of oxena team of horsesa train of camelsa tribe of goatsa troop of lionsa troop of monkeysa zoo of wild animalsan army of ants
a bale of cottona basket of fruitsa batch/ loaf of breada battery of gunsa belt of asteroidsa bouquet of flowersa bowl of ricea bunch of bananasa bunch of flowersa bunch of grapesa bunch of keysa bundle of firewood/sticksa bundle of haya bundle of rags/old clothesa bundle of sticksa catalogue of prices/goodsa chain of mountainsa chest of drawersa cloud of dusta clump of bushesa clump of treesa cluster of coconutsa cluster of diamondsa cluster of grapesa cluster of starsa clutch of eggsa collection of coinsa collection of curiositiesa collection of picturesa collection of relicsa collection of stampsa column of smokea comb of bananasa compendium of gamesa constellation of starsa crate of fruita crop of applesa fall of raina fall of snowa fleet of motor-cars/taxisa fleet of shipsa flight of aeroplanesa flight of stairs; stepsa forest of treesa galaxy of starsa garland of flowersa glossary of difficult words/phrases

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