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Subcultures Survey

Subcultures Survey

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Published by zabolotnyi61

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Published by: zabolotnyi61 on Mar 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Anastasia SHUMAN and Maria TROKOZ, Group 45-Ph
The purpose of this report is to present the findings of the
survey into teenager’s preferences.
The information was collected from a group of thirty-five pupils aged 15-17 at the NaukovaZmina Lyceum.As we know, every person on this planet wants to be self-expressed. But different people dothis in different ways. It depends of age, preferences in music, food, movies and of course the
person’s l
ifestyle. This survey aimed at studying the most spread subcultures among teenagers.There are a lot of 
nowadays. And just about half of people we interviewed (17 of them)said that they are supposed to be hipsters. However, nearly 40% (11 persons) said they are justsimple people i.e. they do not think that they belong to any particularsubculture. And there is also the third group of people (7 of the polled,20%), which like the
The word ‘h
refers to a subculture of young, recently settledurban middle class adults and older teenagers that appeared in the1990s (on the right). The subculture is associated with independentmusic, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, liberal orindependent political views, alternative spirituality oratheism/agnosticism, and alternative lifestyles. Interests in mediainclude independent film, magazines such as the
, and websiteslike the Pitchfork Media. Their appearance is more or less neat,though they tend to combine garments from different styles (e.g.canvas trainers, skin-tight jeans and ties).People who belong to the grunge style (on the left) are used tobeing dressed in casual clothes, comfortable and scruffy. Peopletend to wear multilayer clothes with lots of rents like Kurt Cobainor Johnny Depp. Their spiritual level varies.
It may be concluded that ‘hipsters’ and ‘grunge’ dominate thesubcultures’ scene o
f our educational establishment, being backed
up by a large group of ‘independent’ young people not belonging
to any particular subculture. Such results could have beenexpected since the Naukova Zmina Lyceum focuses on educatingintellectually oriented middle-class teenagers with particularemphasis on developing their independent thinking.40% of the polled have a positive attitude to hair being dyed inbright colors, such as green or blue, but only 15% of those are ready to dye their own hair.

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