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Humm Apr13 - web.pdf

Humm Apr13 - web.pdf

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Published by rob9639
Arts, entertainment and ideas in the communities west of Ottawa. Featuring articles on upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar for the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada.
Arts, entertainment and ideas in the communities west of Ottawa. Featuring articles on upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar for the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada.

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Published by: rob9639 on Mar 31, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Bother and the BeautyArt in Almonte
Thoughts on Climate ChangeApril’s Events
p.30 & 31p.7p.14 & 37
   A   P   R   I   L   2   0   1   3
The Art of Graham Ross p.3
The Art of Graham Ross p.3
www.thehumm.com April 2013
PO Box 1391Alonte ON K0A 1A0Phone: (613) 256–5081
Kris Riendeueditor@thehu.co
Layout and Design:
Rob Riendeurob@thehu.co
 Advertising andPromotions:
Kris Riendeu: (613) 256–5081kris@thehu.co
 Assistant Editor:
Ron Frser
Calendar Submissions:
is  onthly rts, en-tertinent nd ides newserdelivered ree to businesses nd visitor ttrctions in Alonte,Perth, Crleton Plce, Westort,Pkenh, Cr, Arnrior, L-nrk, Siths Flls, Burnstown,White Lke, Blderson, nd Ot-tw. Our ndte is to connectnd roote eole nd eventsin the sll towns nd rurl co-unities o the Ottw Vlley —where the rts ourish nd enter-tining chrcters run ok!
By eil or on disk.
Deadline for ads &content: the 22
of themonth prior to publication
cost $35 (includes HS) or one yer (12 issues). Send chequewith your ne nd ddress to:
PO Box 1391Alonte ON K0A 1A0Oinions nd inortion ub-lished in
in letters,ress releses, or individul col-uns do not necessrily reectthe oinion o this newser.All writing, rtwork, nd hoto-grhs ublished in
 re coyright to the uthor, or to
in the cse where nouthor is secied. Rerintingny content without erission violtes coyright nd is rohib-ited (nd desicble!).
Thanks this month to:
elt rtist Wendo Vn Essen orcreting the wesoe Mlel-oe ntlers. Visit the Mleloeon Fcebook to see soe grethotos!
   R  e  a   d  e  r  s   W  r   i   t  e   H  u  m  m   b   l  e   T   h  o  u  g   h   t   W   h  o   ’  s   R  e  a   d   i  n  g   t   h  e   H  u  m  m
The Art o Getting Up in the Morning
For six ice, n enriching environent delyed the onset o Huntington’s Disese. My ily hs Huntington’s Disese.Tis lunched e on  serch or wht ight be consideredn enriching environent or e nd y ily. I ended uwriting  oe to exlin wht I hd discovered long thewy. I hoe you nd it useul.I this oe hels, lese sk soething o soeone with  lii-ttion, like e with Huntington’s Disese, to nudge the intoeeling tht they too re ble to contribute in  eningul wy.
The Art of Getting up in the Morning 
I need to get u in the orning.I need the trnsition o drk to light.I need the blue light ro the sun.Te light distorted s it trvels through the horizon.I I don’t, ter two weeks y body will wntto slee ll dy nd sty u ll night.Tt is our nture.I need to get u in the orning.God is not going to get e u.A ngging souse is not going to get e u.Fer o consequences is not going to get e u.It will kee e in bed.I hve to get y DNA to wnt to get u nd ce the dy.Tt ens I hve to convince y own DNA,tht s  collbortive onkey, I  contributing.I ust rove to it I hve ening nd urose. It hs to be rel.Tt is our nture.I need to get u in the orning, to et well,to go or  2-hour wlk or the BDNF so I cnroduce new brin neurons. Tt is our nture.I need to get u in the orning to sk o others nd lern,discuss, sk questions,be terribly wrong, listen, think, roject,ssue, veriy, rticulte nd write.All tht leds to roduction o new brin neurons.Tt is our nture.I need to get u in the orning knowing tht over the lst weeksoeone sid soething with tht incredible tone o voicetht ens I hve de others’ lives better.Tt ens it is very likely to hen gin in the next week.Tt is our nture.I need to get u in the orning to go to bed t night t 10pm or ull night slee with the short- nd long-ter eory shuingtht coes with dres nd restortive cell work tht coesduring slee. Tt is our nture.I get u in the orning becuse I know ech dy will be exce-tionlly wonderul,nd tht tkes y ind wy beyond y hysicl liittions,including tht broken rt o y brin.As the oe I once red to y kids reveled to e:“Good orning, good orning,it’s tie to ce the dy, rst we’ll hvebrekst nd then we will ly.
— Donnie McLeod, Almonte, <donnie_mcleod@bell.net>
“If you want to build a ship,don’t drum up people to collect wood anddon’t assign them tasksand work, but rather  teach them to long for theendless immensity of the sea.”
— Antoine de Sint-Exuéry,uthor o 
 Le Petit Prince
How cool is this:“This week on the Mercer Report, Rick visits the winners othis season’s Spread the Net Student Challenge.Congratulations to Algonquin College in Ottawa, ON;
Almonte & District High School in Almonte, ON
; andPleasantdale School in Estevan, SK! <spreadthenet.org>Airs Tuesday, April 2 at 8
(8:30 NL) on CBC.”(Taken rom the Rick Mercer Report’s Facebook page)Hearty congratulations to the ADHS team o
ColleenStratford-Kurus, Margot Denis, Shelby Featherston
Laura Barrass
, who raised the most money o anyhigh school team in Canada. And a big thanks to KathrynHallett or taking and sending in this great shot o
Rick Mercer
reading theHumm!Just a gentle reminder aboutthe
General Store Publishing House
and the
The Rules:
A maximum o eight lines, any orm (haiku, etc).GSPH’s poetry editor will judge them.They must be sent to submissions@gsph.com (with “Poetrycontest” in the Subject line) by May 5, 2013.Winners will be announced in the June issue o the
The Prizes:
First place receives a $100 GSPH git certifcateSecond place receives a $50 GSPH git certifcateand Third place receives a $25 GSPH git certifcate
 Bad Poetry Contest  
www.thehumm.comApril 2013
One o lie’s ysteries is how dierently everyone’s eory oertes nd how it in-uences our lives. With the excetion o ew hotogrhiclly-induced “eories”,y own childhood reins obscured by tie. Tt is not the cse or Grh Ross, reelnce illustrtor nd grhic designerro Merrickville. “kid with  cryon” is theelicitous ne he bestowed uon the ul-tidiscilinry studio he estblished in 1992,when  orer collegue oered hi n il-lustrtion contrct nd sid, “I need  kidwith  cryon.”Te ohnd coent resonted with Ross, in-stntly conjuring u ond childhood eories o “Ruert Ber”, the children’s coic stri chrctercreted by English rtist Mry ourtel in1920. In 1935, Alred Bestll, orer illus-trtor or
, bece the Ruert rtistnd storyteller nd worked on Ruert sto-ries nd rtwork into his 90s. Te coicstri is still ublished in the
 Daily Express
,nd every yer since 1936 
 Rupert Annu-al 
book hs been relesed. Te enduringwhite ber dressed in  red sweter nd yellow-checked nts nd scr reinsindelibly etched on Ross’s visul cortex. Aglnce t the illustrtions Ross cretes orchildren’s books roves tht Ruert is lsolodged securely in his hert.
Not Just Kidding
A quick look t <kidwithcryon.co>shows the ull rnge o Grh Ross’s rtnd design work, snning illustrtionsor children’s books to the design o cor-orte logos nd event osters. His clientsrnge ro book ublishers to govern-ent gencies to sll locl businesses.Te dening chrcteristic o ll o Ross’srt ws identied or e when he sid,“Wht I strive or is to ke y illustr-tions eling to ll ges — it’s like cre-ting  visul oe tht everyone getssoething ro.” He told e he chievedhis riry gol s n illustrtor when  booksellerssed on this coent to hi: “Looking t Ross’sillustrtions kes e wnt to red the book.”Looking t ny o his illustrtions brightens your dy nd uts  sile on your ce. I you cnlook t his deiction o “Joy!” (ictured bove) with-out siling bck, I would strongly suggest you con-tct Miss Write (see ge 22) or dvice ieditely.
by Sally Hansen
   A  r   t …   a  n   d   S  o  u   l
Purchase a locally handcrafted pottery bowl for $20, fill it with delicious Edamame Salad and help support local sustainable food programs in our community.
 106 Wilson St. West Perth, Ontario613.267.5409
Mon-Thurs 8am-8pmFriday 8am-9pmSat 8am-6pm & Sun 9am-6pm
u   r  
Foodsmiths 12th Annual 
Saturday, April 13th11am - 2pm
Fill Your Bowl
Foodsmiths 12th Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser 
Graham Ross —kid with a crayon
Gret evidence o his success s n illustrtoroccurred in 2005 ter the rt director t BritishColubi-bsed Orc Book Publishers contctedhi s  result o  rootionl ckge he rou-tinely sent to ten ublishers. He ws hired to designnd illustrte  wonderul rhying story by uthorNed Dickens titled
 By a Tread 
. Te collbortionerned the  nuber o wrds (2006 CCBC OurChoice) nd rve reviews, like this one ro
Ca-nadian Children’s Book News
— October 1, 2005:“Tis rollicking rhying story is enorously un,not only to the er, but to the eye.” Te July 1, 2005,issue o 
 Deakin Newsletter 
ws even ore secic:“Bright, lively, inventive, nd  gret del o un tored loud s  whole, or with young ssistnce,
 Bya Tread 
is  joy. Grh Ross’s lively colourul il-lustrtions re the erect cconient.” It’s stillvilble t your ublic librry or by urchse t<orcbook.co>.
Light My Fire
Graham remembers deciding he wanted to be anartist at the age o our or ive, when his drawingo a ire truck received a hugely avourable reac-tion rom everyone who saw it. Born in Ottawa,he studied and loved art in high school and ol-lowed up with a two-year art course at the HighSchool o Commerce, to explore whether artwas what he really wanted to do. Concerned about the ability tomake a living at it (his ather had relegated his own love o art tothe back burner to support the amily), Graham chose SheridanCollege to acquire his degree in Book Illustration. His studentplacement with McClelland and Stewart resulted in a ull-time job in oronto, where he enjoyed working two years as a graphicdesigner.
He et his wie Jenn, n erly childhood eductor, terhe oved bck to Ottw, where he sent three yers with design r creting ny governent ublictions. In2000, Jenn sotted n 1840s log hoe on  ten-cre lot be-tween Ketville nd Merrickville. As Grh succinctly uts it, “I love y neighbours but I love y sce.
Looking or the Right Writers
Another successul book collbortion with uthor MichelRck resulted in
 Edward Built a Rocket Ship
, nd the twore working on  sequel:
 Edward Built a ime Machine
. Inoticed tht Edwrd sees to hve  ber with hi s herockets into outer sce. Ross loves working with uthors,but coents, “It’s  rel chllenge i the book is oorly written — good writers lese ly!”He ttributes  lot o his success s n illustrtor o chil-dren’s books to his exeriences o reding to his dughterOlivi s she develoed into the vid reder she is tody. Justs he reclls the exciteent he elt when his dd broughthoe the next
, his key childhood oentswith Olivi revolved round reding together. Tt lesureotivted hi to develo workshos or children in grdeschool tht cobine reding, drwing nd exloring rt.Ross hs lso conducted children’s workshos or the Ot-tw Public Librry.Ruert reigns, but king  living includes creting ndroducing eye-ctching rint nd web-bsed terils orconies, events nd ublishers. As  reelncer oer-ing, ong other services, design nd roduction or rintterils, identity systes, dislys, signge, exhibits, web design,reorts nd resenttions, 2D nd 3D illustrtion, otion grh-ics, digitl video, udio nd sound integrtion, Ross hs estblishedstrong llinces with other rs nd individuls such s web techni-cins, rint rs, writers nd hotogrhers. Hve un exloring hiswebsite t <kidwithcryon.co> to recite the diversity o hiscretivity. He cn be contcted by hone t 258–6340 nd by eilt <grh@kidwithcryon.co>.

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