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By taking such a plunge you
If magick was always hypnotic and if
Lost in a maze of quasi-masonic
Victorian forbears of The Golden Dawn
Yesod with the ritual of the Goetia of
Before we discuss the
The Victorian and Edwardian
Hypnosis was a dirty word in this
Victorian fairyland not because it was
It will be recalled that the dualist
At this point the romantic reader may
Hypnosis is the key to entering their
Carl Jung called the “collective
Earth-Goddess of the Renaissance
I suspect that it is intrinsically related
Trismegistus and the doctrines of the
When the student fully grasps the
Don Juan: “Did I really fly?” The
The reader might agree with most
Crowley?’ Wasn’t he subjective in his
(6.) If Crowley had realized that the
Mathers’ ignorance of the hypnotic
Quixotic medievalist who insisted on
What is hypnosis? Nobody really
By this definition anyone who is
Gurdjieff went so far as to suggest that
Gurdjieff intimated. These trances are
Hypnosis was known and used in
From ancient times up into the
1840’s the phenomenon was thought to
(7.) Ficino did not extend his method to
Many medieval and Renaissance
Walker calls “transitive operations”
Holy Book known as The Asclepius,
Renaissance knew very well that such
The crystal ball and the dark
Their use was linked to theories of
Edward Waite called such techniques
This “spirit theory” in magick and
Viennese physician Franz Anton
Mesmer. He called it “animal
1780’s demanded a pseudo-scientific
Mesmer and his fellow magnetizers
Mesmerism has been completely
This ploy cannot possibly succeed
Erickson will frankly admit that they
I submit that there probably is a
To totally discount the work of such
Moss (Kirilian photography) and the
(an anathema in politics but a
The Mesmerists held that a
In modern magical Mesmerism
The question still posed by
Mesmerism is whether hypnosis is only
To return to our chronology: there
Europe but they infuriated the medical
Even though Mesmer was an M.D.,
In the early 1800’s Mesmerism
Dogma. Today it is philosophically
If you have ever wondered why certain
The scientists and physicians of
Mesmerism could not be ignored and
Cartesian terms. Somehow they had to
Following the lead of the Abbe de
We cannot say that they threw out the
Even though Braid and his
Estabrooks points out that in Freudian
(self-hypnosis) tend to function like the
(E.g., “When I snap my fingers you
If we accept Dr. Estabrooks’
As valuable and important as the
The negative side of this phenomenon
The black magick nadir of this
Heil!” Hitler first hypnotized his
Candidate are not as fanciful as they
In occultism we find the villain in the
(the deepest level of hypnosis)
This ability has nothing to do with
Having established that magick is a
First you have to establish an
In this case rely on a good preliminary
If you are fully honest about the
There is as much self-hypnosis
(auto-suggestion) involved in magick
Temple of Astarte (O.T.A.) insists that
The reader may be thinking that yoga
I do not mean to imply that yoga
A noted anthropologist once wrote
Before going any further we
National Anthem – to see a spirit in the
Triangle when he says the “key word”,
What I am saying is that ritual
Before any magical working is
(15.) When this experience reaches its
The purpose of working a path is
As long as we stick to traditional
Always remember in magick that
Keep your narration simple and
Phillips published a path working script
We should establish canons of
Becoming devotees of a “guru” may be
West. If hypnosis is our operative
But we are slowly gaining ground
Yesod being the gateway to the
Publications for $2.00 postpaid
Robertson’s review in Gnosis
(1981) has stirred the ant-hill of
Resonance Theory”. At the risk of a
Yetzirah). Sheldrake is sympathetic
Sheldrake’s experiments with rats in
Levi (whom Crowley claimed as a
What he did not understand was the
O.T.A.’s “Assumption of
God/Goddess Form” method of
Chapter Ten of The Book of
Solomon’s Magick by this writer
Linguistics discipline – but all this
Pavlov’s stimulus-response
Skinner’s Behaviorism in the U.S. --
Chomsky demolished Skinner’s
Brainwashing of the North Korean
Goetia technique to beguile others
(especially young women). In 1972
Western occult lodge to adopt its
Chapter Nine
Ekankar.) We kabbalized the
(the entity speaking through the
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Magick and Hypnosis

Magick and Hypnosis

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Magick and Hypnosis
Magick and Hypnosis

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Published by: Thomas Lee... Ah hell you know. on Apr 01, 2013
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