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A Blueprint for a Better World 8

A Blueprint for a Better World 8

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Published by mikaoj33

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Published by: mikaoj33 on Apr 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 7Survival Gardening
"I have seen the lifeless eyes and the spindly, wobbling
legs of children denied the balanced nutrition of an
adequate foodsupply. Hungry children of war-torn
countries have snatched food frommy own hands. "
—Willis J. Hackett
Monday was always market day in the sleepy littletown that was the center of culture and religion for theinhabitants of northern Spain. Monday, April 26th, 1937,began like any other previous market day as farmers andpeasants descended from the neighboring hillsides andcrowded into the town square. Those not activelyengaged in business transactions clustered in groups nearthe ancient and revered oak tree, under whose spreadingbranches Basque officials had been elected to officesince medieval times.
Even though the town was a center of Basquenationalism, its name was unknown to most foreigners. That was to change dramatically the following day as astunned world learned that the name of the little townwas Guernica. At 4.30 p.m. on that fateful Monday,twenty five bombers of Hitler's elite Kondor Squadron,accompanied by more than twenty fighter aircraft, beganbombing and strafing the town. Over the course of thenext terrifying three hours, the Nazi merchants of deathdropped one hundred thousand pounds of high explosiveand incendiary bombs on Guernica. The blanketbombing was a new Nazi tactic, orchestrated at therequest of Generalissimo Franco, for the purpose of breaking the spirit of the Basque populace. When the
Blueprint for a Better World
Blueprint for a Better World

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