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Unit 4

Unit 4

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Published by nidhi140286
Total Quality Maintenance
Total Quality Maintenance

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Published by: nidhi140286 on Apr 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unit 4
Total Quality Maintenance
After completion of this unit, the students will be aware of thefollowing topics:
Concept of Total quality Maintenance
Maintenance Roles
Different perspectives of Maintenance
Production process in relation with Total Quality Maintenance
Features and benefits of TQM
Maintenance definition and role in the business of thecompany is usually confused particularly betweenpractitioners. But in literature, we can find approximately thesame confusion about maintenance role in companybusiness. The main question to ask when it concernsmaintenance role is whether maintenance is to repair, to domeasurements like applying condition monitoring (or it is themanagement tools box needed for maintenance processesthat are decided according to CM indications/assessments oraccording to the time schedule following a statistical model.Also when investing in maintenance, it is ever a seriousquestion to answer, which is whether maintenance is forsolving technical issues, like reducing downtime or it is ameans for handling economic issues affecting productionprocess and accordingly company competitiveness andprofitability.Real issues in production, quality and maintenance arecomplex, because ofthe interplay between many factors.Condition monitoring (CM) software programs particularly forvibration became more popular in many industries, like paperand pulp mills, refineries and power stations, and recently inmanufacturing industry, Al-Najjar (1997) and the references
 Total Quality Maintenance
Notes ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________ 
cited there. In applications, the databases of these softwareprograms are limited and in general not integrated withdatabases for operation, quality and management andaccountancy. A database for a wider range of information isneeded for effective diagnosis and prognosis of equipmentcondition. The data needed for this database can either befound in plant's different databases or collected from thefield. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the possibleimpact of using Total Quality Maintenance (Total qualitymaintenance) concept on diagnosis/prognosis technique,product quality and profits and competitiveness of thecompany particularly when the downtime is expensive, likethe case in process and chemical industries.
4.1Maintenance Roles
Maintenance is termed in this paper as: a combination of processes targets to maintain the quality of the work areasinvolved in production process. This is because its role is fordetecting and controlling the deviations in the condition of aproduction process/equipment, production costs, workingenvironment and product quality in order to interfere when itis possible to arrest or minimise the deterioration rate beforethe process condition and product characteristics areintolerably affected, and to perform the needed action torestore the process or equipment/element to as good as new.All these should be performed while continuously reducingcost per unit of quality product.
Notes ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________ 
 Total Productive Maintenance
Efficient maintenance is that which targets to minimise theproduction cost continuously by shortening downtime andmaintaining the quality of the elements involved in theproduction process and accordingly increase companycompetitiveness and profitability. This is because it is ameans for solving economic issues. In other words, werequire maintenance to prolong machine effective-life andenhance the return on investment. Enhancement in theproduction and maintenance processes cannot beaccomplished cost-effectively without effective identificationand localisation of damage and description of damagedevelopment mechanisms see also Fig. 4.1. The latter will not be easy to accomplish without high qualityand better data coverage, that is in order to make a cost-effective maintenance decision, wide coverage data of highquality are needed. These data should cover several relevantworking areas, For Example. Operation, Workingenvironment, organisation and management, quality,accountancy system and life cycle cost management andanalysis and personnel competence and skill. This is becauseit is necessary to evolve and apply a new maintenanceconcept giving all these demands that have become verycrucial for increasing the competitiveness and profitability of companies in. This maintenance concept should give thepossibility of handling production technical and economicissues with respect to maintenance, which demandsimproved data quality and coverage that should be given byit for detecting/identification, localisation and description of damage and its developing mechanisms.
In many cases, the company profit, state of machines andproduct quality in a manufacturing company cannot beassessed and/or controlled effectively if the data gatheredfrom these working areas are treated individually andseparated from the rest of the plant information-technology(IT-system). The cost of breakdown in the production systemcan be very high, not only in the direct financial terms butalso in poor moral of production staff and in unpleasant
 Total Quality Maintenance
Notes ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________  ___________________ 

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