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Theory of Machines-Cam and Followers

Theory of Machines-Cam and Followers



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Published by Nuumero uno

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Published by: Nuumero uno on Mar 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TOM 1—Cam and followers VIVA Question and answers
Cams & Followers Syllabus:
Concept & definition of cam & follower, types, classification, different followermotions, their displacements like uniform velocity, S.H.M., uniform acceleration & retardation, Drawing profile of plate cams by graphical method.
1)Define cam and follower.
A cam may be defined as a rotating machine part designed to impartreciprocating and oscillating motion to another machine part, called a follower.
Why are cams required? Or Necessity of cam and follower mechanism.
In machines, particularly in typical textile and automatic machines, many partsneed to be imparted different types of motion in different planes in a particulardirection.. Change of circular motion to translatory motion of simple harmonic typeand vice versa can be done by slider crank mechanism. But now the questionarises, what to do when circular or rotatory motion is to be changed into linearmotion of complex nature or into oscillatory motion. This job is well accomplishedby a machine part known as cam and follower.
3)Where are cam and follower mechanisms used? Or State applications of cam and follower mechanisms?Ans:
Cam and follower mechanisms are used in modern machines for example for operating the valves in I.c. engines, textile machine tools, paper cuttingmachines, feed mechanisms of automatic lathes, switches etc.
4)Out of cam and follower which is the driver and which is driven and why?
Cam driver; Follower driven because cam imparts reciprocating andoscillatory motion to another part called as follower.
5)Choose the correct option for the followingIn a cam and follower mechanism,
a)Follower normally rotates while cam may translate or oscillate. b)Both cam and follower oscillates
c)Cam normally rotates while the follower may translate or oscillate.
d)Both cam and follower rotates
6)Classify various types of cams.
Ans: Cams are classified on the basis of Physical shape:
Radial cams, disc or plate cams
In the figure shown below both the cams are plate cams.In radial cams the working surface is so designed that the follower moves in a planeperpendicular to the axis of cam. The position of the follower is determined byradial distance from the axis of cam.Follower is held in position with the cam by means of spring force or gravitationalforce.
year Mechanical Engg (unaided) P batch1
TOM 1—Cam and followers VIVA Question and answers
Cylindrical cams
In these types of cams, follower either reciprocates or oscillates in a plane parallelto the axis of the cam. In this a circumferential contour is cut in the surface of thecylinder which rotates about its own axis as shown in figure. The follower rides inthe groove of the cylindrical surface and it reciprocates /oscillates in the planeparallel to the axis of rotation
year Mechanical Engg (unaided) P batch2
TOM 1—Cam and followers VIVA Question and answers
7)Classify various types of followers
Ans: Followers are classified in following ways:
Based on surface in contact
: Knife edge follower,
Roller follower,Flat faced follower, Spherical follower 
Based on type of motion:
Oscillating follower, Translating follower 
Based on line of action:
Radial (in line) follower 
Off-set follower,
Knife edge follower: Roller follower
year Mechanical Engg (unaided) P batch3

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