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He Belongs to Me: Chapter 1 Proposal

He Belongs to Me: Chapter 1 Proposal

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Published by Momo Kwon
After years of struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one best friends Park Sandara and Lee Chaerin find their friendship strained as they compete for the heart of their longtime friend Kim Himchan.
After years of struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one best friends Park Sandara and Lee Chaerin find their friendship strained as they compete for the heart of their longtime friend Kim Himchan.

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Published by: Momo Kwon on Apr 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1: Proposal---August 20, 2011---Chaerin had just begun studying when she heard screaming outside the dorm; she bolted from herdesk sending her chair skidding across the floor, grabbing a bat from underneath her bed she flewdown the stairs and threw open the front door. Outside stood Dara, her yelling had ceased and shehad tears running down her face as she tried to catch her breath."Dara, what happened? What's going on?" Chaerin scanned the area quickly for signs of danger buteverything seemed normal."H-Himchan!" Dara cried latched onto her sobbing into her shoulder."What about Himchan? Oh my God is he okay? Is he hurt?""No, he's not hurt." Chaerin's brain began frantically trying to process the cause of her distress andher worry was replaced with anger as she gripped the bat tighter."Did he hurt you? I swear I will beat his sorry a-""No h-he didn't h-hurt me!" She exclaimed laughing now, Chaerin stared at her lost as Dara steadiedherself. She beamed at Chaerin and held up her left hand for inspection, on her finger was a delicatesilver bad in the center a stunning round diamond. "He PROPOSED!!!!"Chaerin shrieked flinging the bat across the lawn and they embraced, bouncing joyfully. "Oh myGOD! Dara I am so happy for you! Your ring is gorgeous! AHH!! Congratulations!!!!""Thank you.""I want to know everything every last detail, come on." She gushed ushering her back into theapartment.
“Dammit we don‟t have champagne guess wine coolers will have to do.”
“It‟s fine.”
They sat facing each other neither could sit still as they stifled giggles.
“Ok Who? What? When? Where? and How?”
 Dara grinne
d widely, “Me and Himchan, of course, are getting married he proposed
after dinner at
LaBelle Vie
“Ooooh fancy!!!”
-and there was a band and flowers and he told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend therest of his life with me -
“He sure knows how to lay it on thick.” Chaerin mused raising an eyebrow making Dara laugh.
“Yeah he pulled out all the stops he got on one knew and asked to marry him!!!” Both girls began
squealing unable to contain their excitement.
“Okay and then what? Tell me!?” Chaerin whined.
“Well, I said yes!!! We went back to his place and
“Went to go have some „alone‟ time?” Giving Dara a pointed look who then flushed scarlet.
“NO!!! Just talked and went swimming.”
“Well boo! that‟s lame.” Dara pouted crossing h
er arms over her chest making Chaerin giggle.
“Kidding. Anyways I am so happy for you Dara you‟re GETTING MARRIED!!!!”
 The two girls talked for hours about the proposal laughing and enjoying celebratory drinks until theywere sleepy and decided to call it a night. In her room Dara laid down pulling out her cell to text hernew fiancé.Dara: Hey, i told CL she was soooo happy she said 2 tell u "congrats & ur smarter than u look" herwords not mine kekekeHimchan: Tell her thanx i think...so how is being engaged Miss Park? (soon 2 be Mrs. Kim) ;)Dara: I LOVE IT!!!! i still can't believe it, still feels like a dream...Himchan: 4
it must be true lol & i know what u mean i hate being apart...i want 2 c uDara: I know me 2 but i have class 2morrow :'(Himchan: I'm sorry i 4got i'll take u 2 lunchDara: YAY!!! lunch time with my fiancé <3Himchan: It's a date now get to bedDara: kk night I love youHimchan: Good night I love you tooShe smiled fondly at the message tucking the phone beneath her pillow and drifted off to sleep witha grin plastered on her face.

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