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WEB Week-1.B Introduction to Web Programing

WEB Week-1.B Introduction to Web Programing

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Published by Pyong Pyaa

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Published by: Pyong Pyaa on Apr 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INFO-3303 Web Programming-II
Introduction to Web Programming Week 1-Bby Zeeshan BhattiDepartment of Information ScienceKICT-IIUM
Java Servlet
 Java servlets are a key component of server-side Javadevelopment.
 A servlet is a small, pluggable extension to a server thatenhances the
servers functionality.
Servlets allow developers to extend and customize any  Java-enabled server
a web server, a mail server, anapplication server, or any custom server
 with ahitherto unknown degree of portability, flexibility, andease.
Introduction to Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
The Common Gateway Interface, normally referred to asCGI, was one of the first practical techniques for creatingdynamic content.
Is a specification for transforming information between www server and CGI program
 A CGI program is any program designed to accept andreturn data that conforms to the CGI specification
CGI program could be written in any programminglanguage including C , Perl, Java or VB
CGI are most common ways for web servers to interactdynamically with users

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