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terbaru assigment 28.03.2013

terbaru assigment 28.03.2013

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Published by Anwar Mupangat

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Published by: Anwar Mupangat on Apr 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PAGE 20 [Q1 & Q2]1. A pseudo code that converts the distance in mile to kilometre is given as in Algorithm 2.3.Usinf the Microsoft Word software, develop this pseudo code according to the stepsexplained in the first concept.Algorithm 2.3: Convert the distance in mile to kilometer 1.
Set KM_PER_MILE to 1.6093.
Set Distance_Mile to 1004.
Convert the distance in mile to kilometres using theformula:Distance_Kilo = KM_PER_MILE x Distance_Mile5.
Display the distance in kilometer 6.
End2. Algorithm 2.4 is pseudo code that reads the radius of a circle, and computes the area of thatcircle. Using the Microsoft Word software, develop this pseudo code.Algorithm 2.4 : Compute the area of circle the area of a circle1.
Set PI = 3.141593.
Read the Radius4.
Calculate the area of acircle using the formula:Area = Radius x Radius x PI5.
Display Area6.
PAGE 27 & 28 [EXERCISE 3 : Q1,Q2,Q3 & Q4]Given the following set of problems. Analyze each problem and identify the input, fomulaand the output. Write the psedo code and draw the for each.1.
Read three numbers. Calculate the sum of those three numbers and find the average.Display all three numbers, as well as the total of those numbers an the in average.
average the numbers of three numbers
the three numbers are given, num1, num2, num3
Average = Sum total of number divide total number of number 
 Pseudocode design of the problem:
StartRead three numbers, num1, num2, num3Calculate the average using formulaAverage = Sum total of number divide total number of numbersPrint the Average of numbersEnd
 Flowchart design of the problem:
StartRead three numbers
,num1, num2, num3
Calculate the average using formulaAverage= sum total of number divide totalnumber of numbersPrint the Average of numbersEnd
Calculate the average weight of four students. Attempt to analyze this problem bysating i
t’s input, output and the formula required to determine the average weight.Display each student’s weight calculated.
Average weight of four student
Input: a)
weight of student
number of student
  
    
 Pseudocode design of the problem:
 StartRead weight of student, student1, student2, student3, student4calculate the average using formula :
      
Show the Average weight of studentEnd
 Flowchart design of the problem:
weight of student,student1, student2,student3, student4
Calculate the average usingfomula:Average weight =Total weight of student
÷ number of student
Show the Average weightof studentEnd

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