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Ides of March

Ides of March

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Published by jfroldan

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Published by: jfroldan on Apr 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Screenplay byGeorge Clooney &Grant Heslov andBeau WillimonBased on the play"Farragut North"ByBeau Willimon
INT. MIAMI UNIVERSITY - OXFORD OHIO - AUDITORIUM - DAYStephen Meyers, Press Secretary to Governor Morris isstanding at a podium on a stage...there is a single spotlighton him. The rest of the stage is dark.Stephen is talking into a mic with no emotion...just matterof factly.STEPHENI am neither Christian...noratheist. I am not Jewish orMuslim. What I believe...myreligion is called theconstitution...A pause.Stephen snaps his fingers in the mic. We hear the distinctsound of feedback getting louder until it stops.We hear the director speak over the loud speaker.DIRECTORHang on...let me open these up....We wait as Stephen looks around. He looks at stage hands whoare busy working. No one pays any attention to him as hestands there. This isn't awkward for Stephen, THIS ISROUTINE.DIRECTOR (CONT'D)Okay...Lights come up on another podium revealing a debate stage.Stephen continues.STEPHENI will defend till my dying breathyour right to worship whatever godyou believe in...The lights on Stephen's podium go out, he's in the dark. Hekeeps going.STEPHEN (CONT'D)If I'm not religious enough foryou, don't vote for me.To the Director.(CONTINUED)
STEPHEN (CONT'D)You got it?His podium light comes back on.No answer from the Director, Stephen continues.STEPHEN (CONT'D)If I'm not experienced enough don'tvote for me. If I'm not...DIRECTOROkay got it, thanks.STEPHENThanks. We'll need these monitorsturned up a bit...it's a big spaceand he wants to be able to hear.STAGE MANAGERYou got it.STEPHENAlso we'll need these podiums puton a riser as we agreed to in thepre-conditions. You're a fewinches short and it makes it harderfor the Governor to read his notes.STAGE MANAGERNo I know, we just got those specslast night and they're building apiece to go under...STEPHENGreat, thanks. See you guys in afew hours.We see we're in an auditorium of a college.Stephen meets up with BEN HARPEN his staffer.BENI didn't know the Governor hadtrouble reading his notes. Whydoesn't he wear...STEPHENHe doesn't but Pullman is 5'8"he'll look like a hobbit behindthat podium.2.CONTINUED:(CONTINUED)

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