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The Prophets Elijah to Christ

The Prophets Elijah to Christ

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Apr 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Prophets Elijah to ChristBy ADREW W. BLACKWOODCopyright, 19 1 7, byFLEMIG H. REVELL COMPAYForewordTHESE studies on representative proph-ets of Judah and Israel aim to bepopular and suggestive, rather thantechnical and exhaustive. They have beengiven at the Montreat Bible Conference, and atsimilar assemblies, as well as in various con-gregations, notably in that which I now serveas pastor. Again and again I have been askedto name at least one book giving a spiritualpresentation of the prophets from the conserva-tive point of view, and adapted to the needs of the Christian business man or house mother, aswell as of our young folk in school and college.When I have frankly confessed that so far as Iknow such a book remains to be written, some of my friends have kindly suggested that I preparethese studies for the press. Those who knowhow the new friends in the South have openedtheir hearts to me will understand why theirwish has become my law. Should we notthink of the prophets, too, as our friends ?These studies point out an attractive routeover which the busy pastor may lead his con-gregation, and by which the thoughtful lay-man, with no special preparation for the task,7
8 FOEEWOEDand with only a few minutes each day for quietthinking, may hope in time to make his waythrough this large portion of the Biblical world.Owing to the vast areas of thought and of lifeto be traversed, the teacher can hope merely tosuggest a perspective and a starting point foreach study, as well as a path of approach, andthen leave the thoughtful student to completethe survey. The aim throughout must be, notto raise critical questions, still less to solvethem, but to show the heart and the life of each man, largely from a single point of view,and to sound forth at least a portion of hismessage to the modern world.In quest of truth and light on these prophetsI have gone to many books, and the best of them have sent me back ere long to the Bible.For counsel and encouragement I have lookedto a few friends, and especially to three : WalterL. Lingle, D. D., presiding genius at Montreat ;Win, M. McPheeters, D. D., professor of He-brew in the Columbia Theological Seminary ;and George A. Wauchope, Ph. D., professor of English in the University of South Carolina.Each of these in his own way has let the cour-tesy of a friend shine through the discriminationof a scholar. " Other men have laboured, andye are entered into their labours."A. W. B.Columbia, 8. C.
ContentsiThe Prophets : Men Greater Than Kings i iIIElijah : The Prophet of Fire . . 51IIIAmos : The Herdsman from the Hills . 73IVHosea: The Prophet of Forgiving Love 89VIsaiah : The Prophet to the ation . 108VIMicah: The Social Message of theProphets ...... 133VIIThe False Prophets : Hypocrites . .153VIIIJeremiah: The Patriot and Saint . . 173IXMalachi : An Old-Fashioned Revival . 198XJesus Christ : The Matchless Prophet . 217Charts

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