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Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

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Published by Joseph Markenstein
Mystical Scientific Serendipity will show us what we could never know without an accident of discovery. Is it just a phantome of the Sea? Or do we see the true hone of ability?
Mystical Scientific Serendipity will show us what we could never know without an accident of discovery. Is it just a phantome of the Sea? Or do we see the true hone of ability?

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Published by: Joseph Markenstein on Apr 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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©Joseph MarkensteinApril 2, 2013
In phenomena, the parcel of psychotomimetic alkaloids may create what here wemight call “somatomimetic” fusion embodiment. This use of drug induced hypnosis(when the subject is made perfectly comfortable i.e. only so much as to make euphoria),together with some form of “virtual reality” via back-lit LED can in fact cause a person to bi-locate through psychological infusion within the power of suggestion.Whether or not this would disturb the subject is a question for theology, notscience. That being those in the past who were witnessed in two places at once (St. PadrePio in the 1960s was witnessed both at the Vatican and at the monastery in San GiovaniRotundo through a phone call from the Vatican officials who saw him there and those atthe monastery who also saw St. Padre Pio there at the same time) were mystics rather than being under a powerful hypnosis.The difference being contrast and appearing opaque; mysticism is a person whohas dying Love, while a subject under deep hypnosis is dead to their free will. Theformer has interior active intent and the latter has passive observation. If the operator does not overtax the subject, it will be a pleasant experience; otherwise the subject will perceive being controlled by an outside mechanism in which case all subjects becomeagitated.The Acting Person relays this to us by joining the idea of hypnosis and seduction.Jesus has an innocent power of seduction over the bio-organic choice that the unleavened bread makes when Jesus “knocks” at the door to kindly ask the bread if it will give Himit’s substance for joyful annihilation from it’s former to it’s latter existence. SinceAbram in Genesis, diplomacy through bread and wine has been known as picnic (pique-nique is the French term for “bury the hatchet”). Morphology proper has permissible parameters of invitatory request where improper anthropomorphism is an ex-vitatorycommand by an operator on a subject.It means that hypnosis is NO picnic when it leaves the control of the subject to anoperator other than the self. Theologically, Jesus leaves the control of bread to itself andallows it to make an “informed decision” rather than “operating” the bread intoannihilation of it’s substantial self for Himself to be the replacement. Hypnosis incontrast, makes a forceful play temporarily seem “inert” or without force. When,however, the subject reaches a plateau of the nadir deep, it realizes and begins to fight;for it was relaxed into resignation before it could make the “informed decision” that it isfusion and not integration (fusel not integral).Integration is morphologically proper, though it still grows from the base of decline, through knowledge of the pains of integration. Fusion is anthropomorphicallyimproper by dissention into decline, blindly opaque to the realities of sufferingintegration.If, and only if, a study of the phenomenon of bi-location is done with the subjectsfull awareness, we might see the psychology behind this mystery!

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