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Kimberley Chronicle Volume 26! Life in The Mining Camp - Part 2.

Kimberley Chronicle Volume 26! Life in The Mining Camp - Part 2.

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Published by Wade Jarvis
Doug Johnson's memories from McDougall Hall.
Doug Johnson's memories from McDougall Hall.

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Published by: Wade Jarvis on Apr 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kimberley Chronicle
Volume 26 Monday April 1, 2013 kimberleychronicle@gmail.com
Your Biweekly Source for Kimberley’s Past, Present & Future 
 Welcome to our 26
issue o Kimberley Chronicle! A year has already passed since our inaugural issueand we look orward to the many more years yet to come. Tere seems to be no end in sight or inter-esting stories rom our area. We are excited to share with everyone Doug Johnsons second installmento “Lie in Te Mining Camp”; he has some great memories to share. We love hearing, reading andprinting these stories so please keep them coming. We can be contacted at 427-5430 or via email atkimberleychronicle@gmail.com. We also have a acebook page with links to all o our past issues. Feelree to contact us and let us know what you think.
 Life in Te Mining Camp - Part 2
Growing up in the mining camp didnot require making any lie alteringor other agonizing contemplative de-cisions. Even when you neared theend o high school you only had toconsider two options – “get on withthe company” or go away to universi-ty and “make something o yoursel.Both paths were equally appealing.And in the years beore that - say 5 to15 years old and in the summer time –Mom would make your decisions oryou. Aer breakast you were kickedout o the house. . Really! Families o 3 – 4 kids were the norm and Momdidn’t need you underoot and hang-ing around the house. Her days weretoo busy – even the weekly laundry required work all day with a wringerwasher and hanging the clothes on anoutside line to dry.
My Mom wouldmake me a picnic lunch and usher meout the door to McDougall Hall withthe understanding that I wasn’t todarken her doorstep ‘til supper time.In the early 1950s the Baby Boom inthe world was in ull swing. In Cana-da, history shows there were now atleast 2 million new kids between theages o 1 to 8 years old; and I swearevery summer they all converged onMcDougall swimming pool.McDougall Hall, the grounds and pool in 1935. Photo coutesy o Kimberley Heritage Museum and Columbia Basin Institute o Regional History. Highquality prints available at www.basinintitute.org.
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Kimberley Chronicle
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We were in and out o that pool at least 10 times during the day inter-rupted by rantic games o towel tag, sock tag, building tents with ourblankets and towels, lching comic books rom the supervised play-ground, and keeping an eye out or empty pop bottles. Tese bottleswent to the canteen and or 1 coke bottle and 1 orange crush bottle youcould load up with penny candy that lasted all aernoon (jaw breakers,sugar strawberries, black babies, mint leaves, etc.).We had no concept o time. It seemed like those days at Mc-Dougall Hall were going to go on orever. When the hottest part o theday was upon us then we noticed some o the older kids, adults andeven the lie guard start to cast glances north towards what was knownas Sullivan Hill. Tat was our rst clue that “the happening” was aboutto commence. Minutes later all action stopped. Games o tag, races,swimming came to an end with silence as the barely audible wail o a siren began to ll the air. In a ew seconds it was at ull pitch andhundreds o people and all o own Site would be standing transxedstaring up at Sullivan Hill. It seemed like orever we stood there, thetension so thick you could cut it with a knie. And then it happened.KABOOM! Sixty years later, words don’t do those moments justice. I you were standing beside older single pane windows, they rattled. Ona cloudy day, the sound rolled down like thunder. Te explosion wasimmediately ollowed by a thick brown dust cloud that was gargantuanand seemed to block out a good part o the sky above Sullivan Hill. Inall honesty, or the rst two summers o “the happening” us youngerkids really didn’t know what was going on. Te older kids understoodthis was just open pit blasting at the Sullivan Mine done at precisely thesame time every day. My age group leader and best buddy Robert Pratt,who seemed to know everything, told us that it was the Chinese gettingcloser and closer to Kimberley with their bombs. O course at this timethe Korean War was ramping up with the entry o Red China and Rob-ert had been eavesdropping on the adults talking at the table and it washis Dad and his Uncle Bill (Pratt), the Veteran o WWII, who told hisbrother Jim, that the Korean War was getting bigger and he hoped they wouldn’t be sending him to that one too! At any rate we liked Robert’sexplanation, we ran with that one, and it didn’t make any diference nohow, because we knew the next day was going to be another beautiul,un, exciting day at McDougall Swimming Pool and lie in the miningcamp was still good. And I also knew that aer the huge explosion my Dad would soon be home rom work and a great supper would be wait-ing or me at home. Next issue – Lie in the Mining Camp Part 3 - TeBest Play Grounds in the World!
By Doug Johnosn
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Puzzles & rivia
1) 2) 3)4) 5) 6)7) Easter is a movable holiday. It occurs on the rst Sunday ater the rst ull moon that happens on or ater what?8) On April Fools’ Day o 2009, travel site Expedia oeredexclusive fights to this highly desired space destination.a) Te International Space Station b) Te Moonc) Pluto d) Mars
9) On April 1, 1946, a powerul tsunami killed scores o un-suspecting people (who thought the warning was an AprilFools hoax) at this pacic island.a) Hawaii b) Guam c) American Samoa d) New Guinea e) Fiji10) What happens to emale errets i they don’t mate whilethey are in heat?
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