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A Companion to Biblical Studies

A Companion to Biblical Studies

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Apr 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A COMPAIO TO BIBLICAL STUDIESCAMBRIDGE UIVERSITY PRESSC. F. CLAY, MAAGER A COMPAIO TOBIBLICAL STUDIESBEIG A REVISED AD RE-WRITTE EDITIOOFTHE CAMBRIDGE COMPAIO TO THE BIBLEEdited byW. x EMERY BARES, D.D.FELLOW OF PETERHOUSEHULSEA PROFESSOR OF DIVIITYPREFACEMORE than twenty years have elapsed since The Cambridge Companion to the Bible was published. During that period BiblicalResearch has continued to be active and fruitful, and the old Companionis not sufficient for the wants of the present day. The time has comefor the issue of a new edition or rather, of a new book, which coversmost of the old ground, but at the same time contains many importantadditions. The general structure of the old book remains, but fresharticles have been added, old articles have been re-written, and everypage has passed under a revising eye. It is not invidious to single outfor mention one of the new articles, for the writer is venerated by allreaders of theological literature in Great Britain. The pages devotedto the Revelation of St John are from the hand of Dr Henry BarclaySwete, whose retirement from the Regius Professorship of Divinity
took place on Sept. 29, 1915.The present book contains some seventy fewer pages than the old,but the pages themselves are larger. Some of the old articles havebeen improved by being shortened, and room has thus been found formuch new material. Dr Westcott s article on Sacred Books of otherfaiths has been omitted with much regret, but it was felt that only thehand of the writer could have adapted it successfully to modern days.Special attention has been given to the ew Testament. BesidesDr Swete s article there are new contributions from Dr A. E. Brooke,Mr Valentine-Richards and Mr Dean Smith. Another addition is thearticle on the Theology of the .T. by Mr G. H. Clayton. Mr Elmslieand Mr Lanchester have written new articles on the Old Testament.The Dean of Wells and Professor Gwatkin have revised theircontributions to the Companion of 1892. Dr Murray has broughtvi PREFACEhis article on the Textual Criticism of the .T. up to date, andDr Bonney has given much time to the revision of his chapter onGeography. The late Professor Skeat most kindly undertook to gothrough his Glossary again, but he died within a few days of makingthe promise, and the sheets were returned untouched to the Editor,who under these circumstances has ventured to make a few additionalentries. Dr Watson of Peterhouse has revised the Index of Subjects andthe Concordance with thoroughness and care. For the present form of several articles which have been lightly touched the Editor is himself responsible, e.g. for Dr Moulton s essay on the English Bible and forthe Introductions to the Synoptic Gospels. The new contributionsby the Editor are (a) a discussion of the "Testimony" of Josephusto Jesus Christ, and (6) a chapter on the Sacred Literature of theGentiles. Chapters v (the Section on the Poetical Books), xv (Chronology), xvi,. xvn (both on Antiquities) and xx, xxi (Zoology andBotany) have been rewritten at a considerable expenditure of timeand labour.Professor Be van was unable to find time to revise Chapter xvni.so that it falls to the Editor to accept responsibility for it, but thefullest use has been made of the careful work which appeared in theCompanion of 1892.Of the Maps attached to the volume six are new, while four whichappeared in the former book have been revised.
The Editor desires to offer his sincere thanks to the many contributors who have helped to make the Companion a new book bygiving of their best.W. E. B.ovember, 1915TABLE OF COTETSHAI \ PAGEI. THE STRUCTURE or THE BIBLE . 1 9(1) Arrangement of the Books of the O.T.(2) Groups of Books of the .T.By the Right Rev. H. E. RYLE, D.D.,Dean of Westminster*.II. LIMITS AD GROWTH OF THE BIBLE . . . 10-36(1) History of the Canon of the O.T.(2) History of the Canon of the .T.(3) Secondary and Apocryphal Books.By the Right Rev. H. E. RYLE, D.D. 1Appendix A. Extra- Canonical Sayings of our Lord 33Appendix B. Early on-Christian References to Jesus Christ 34-36By the Editor.III. PRESERVATIO OF THE TEXT OF THE BIBLE . 37-56(1) The Text of the Old Testament.By the Rev. W. A. L. ELMSLIE, M.A..Fellow of Christ s College, Cambridge.