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WWI Technologies LP

WWI Technologies LP

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Published by Alec Heist
Lesson Plan on World War I Technologies.
Lesson Plan on World War I Technologies.

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Published by: Alec Heist on Apr 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World War I | Technology
Alec Heist
Grade U.S. History
Student Objectives/Student Outcomes:
-Students will practice ISAT prep in the warm up.-Students will fill out questions regarding different types of technologies of World War Iadvances.-Students will present their findings to the other students in their groups.
Content Standards:16.A.3b
Make inferences about historical events and eras using historical maps andother historical sources.
16.C.3c (W)
Describe the impact of technology (e.g., weaponry, transportation, printing press, microchips) in different parts of the world, 1500 - present.
Smart board, PowerPoint, computer, handouts
Teacher’s Goals
:-To make sure the students analyze the new technologies and advancements of war throughoutWorld War I and that they understand the impacts this had during the time period, and the future.-To engage the students throughout the lesson with technology, group work, and visuals.
10 mins
Start of Class:
I will begin the class by letting the students settle into their seats. I will put up theISAT warm-up while I take attendance. I will instruct them to get their warm upsout and answer the questions.10 mins
Introduction of Lesson:
I will introduce the lesson by explaining what outlining the day’s activities and we
will begin to read a quick introduction page on WWI and technology as a class. Iwill call upon students to read and discuss problems that come up.25 mins
Lesson Instruction:
After the reading, I will split the class into groups of three. Each member will get adifferent source on WWI technology and will read it to themselves, while takingnotes on it. They must write 3-5 sentences summarizing their individual source.Then the students will present their piece of technology to their group members,
and each member must have 3 fact/notes about the other students’ sources.
Assessments/Checks for Understanding:
The main assessment will be their paragraph and notes on the other presenters. Thediscussion/PowerPoint is meant to be a formative assessment on whether or not the

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