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Shaar HaKochavim

Shaar HaKochavim

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Published by Mihai Vartejaru
Hebrew magical text
Hebrew magical text

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Published by: Mihai Vartejaru on Apr 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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'c .mic`n 'b .dpal 'a . dng '` mei . miaakd x¼ rymei . mik`lnd x¼ ry .. izay 'f .dbep 'e .wcv 'd .akkdpal 'a mei .adcen l` 'd car ezxyne l`wex '`'b mei .z¦x©g l¥ ` o¤a¤ ` `¨xFn ezxyne l`ixab ek`lne .q¥x§g¤n `¨a¨ ` x¨n§g© ` l` ezxyne l`nq ek`lne mic`n wcv 'd mei .o¨w§x¤a ezxyne l`kin ek`lne akek 'c mei ek`lne dbep 'e mei .fixedny ezxyne l`iwcv ek`lne l`ivtw ek`lne izay 'f mei .`¨ r§aFf ezxyne l`pre` a¨d§ci¤n . zxg` `g¼qep .. jep`a` oenin ezxyne .l`iicxce mec` .litxy`e fixedny .l`iiwexe a¨d§c¤n .l`xid e` l`ixabe oal .l`kine y¨d§p©c .l`iwcve owxa .mipiicd zeny el` . zxg` `g¼qep .. l`ixfre oeninmic`n lr .`xga wcv lr .l`iiwex izay lr hleydakk lr .oFn§y© ` dbep lr .`zinlk dng lr .li`iidc.xe`d ilra zeny el¼ `e .. x©k§œyœ©t dpal lr .l¦ lFr ilra el¼ `e .. l¨k§y©œy`¨i¦v jygd lra mye .aEc§n¤i§ l¤i .l`iihpxy 'a mei .l`ixfr oeilrd ek`ln '` mei minid'e mei .litxy` 'd mei .l`iicxc 'c mei .l`iiwdn 'b meidlha . zetewzd zeny el¼ `e .. oexhhn 'f mei .l`ixab.§a¤x`¨y el xn`ie oFni¦x§f© ` mdik`l[n] mine`z xey x`¨x¦ ` wr"na .. oEd`¨x el xn`ie oEd§x©a¨ ` a"`qa
.. z¨x¦k¥a el xn`ie oi¦n§d©n c"cba . `¨nix¨ ` el xn`ie .odinzege miakk 'fd rah e¼dfeizaylwcvlmic`nldngldbeplakkl

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