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His legs dangled over its arm and the telephone was cradled in the V which
Sophia. Another time? I'll be in touch—' He had returned the receiver to its
And where had it all begun?
Benno were the fifth generation of Massimos in Venetian glass. It was news
Italian warmth to a bleak English spring. Over the telephone he had been
Benno like a well-learned lesson. And though Benno had listened and ques
She shook her head. `No.'
Tania stared. `I did! On his bureau where he couldn't miss it.'
Massimo behind her. And yet supposing she told him of Benno's heartless
She flinched. `You mean—can you trust me not to escape?'
A knot of police was gathered round the wreck of the car. The man who
DURING the days which followed Tania was to experience the full sad
Benno's honour I care about. Imay know the blame for the circumstances of
Instead you dismissed him—"I'm afraid I don't love you. Sorry you've been
'Didn't love you enough to be driven to it?'
Her tears would flow and Tania did her best to comfort her
But there could have been nothing in the remains of that failed enterprise
Vicente to return them to her when she decided his demands of her for
She wasn't attending. Her glance had gone behind him to see Vicente
Tania stared at the granite profile turned to her
Benno had found something of po tential value among Reggio's papers—
Benno had said Vicente had shown only a lacklustre interest in the scheme
Fedore's invitation to dine with him. I didn't even consider debating with
'Assumptions—such as?'
Benno did!'
Pascale had not rung again. Or perhaps he had and Vicente had managed
Vicente's cool denial she felt the distant dignity with which she had meant
Not—not that you knew I'd broken with Benno before he died? You
"decent" time!' she accused. `And what about your stepmother? How would
Perhaps he wasn't. But she would be gone with no chance or satisfaction of
Benno's death and the `knitting in' of this new family thread. There were
Tania's relief she did not claim to believe that romance had blossomed
Fabia to see nothing sinister in a mar riage which had been arranged after so
She nodded Yes. `Of me?'
Then it became the first morning of her marriage to Vicente and a prospect
They wouldn't be the two different people which she and Vicente would be
No. And No again to the possibility that last night had changed or bettered
Resentment of treatment of her came to a head one night aft she had
But she felt at the English girl whom Vicente had married within a few
For a long moment the stared in hostile silence at each other's image Then
'Shall we see?'
So ran her scheme—only to prove its futility in its execution
'Yes—that it would be beneath a Massimo wife to work!'
And recognising now that a disloyalty she had thought justifiable was at the
Jealous of what? Tania did not for a moment believe she had really wanted
Greniere. You will have heard how we re your daughter-in-law and I met by
Sophia was equal to it. Her faint smile as modest as her words were self
He excused his undress and was about to go to change when Sophia sighed
Vicente'— (he had been `Vicente' since her first dive into the pool) —'shall do
She looked up at him appealingly. `I—can't!
The air was still and warm; a single star had ventured out and a slender
Tania by announcing to the group nearest to her-no one else was listening-
He was talking and laughing with two com panions
He was Pascale Fedore
Tania checked and tightened her grip on his arm as she caught sight of
She sighed. `I couldn't afford to. If I had re fused Vicente I couldn't have
Vicente dealt with his effects after he was killed. But when I asked Vicente
You want justice for your father. But what would it mean to your marriage
Sophia's apartment again. But she would not have that. She had been
Benno. She didn't want Vicente to be guilty too. She had begun to find it
Pascale's shrewd question about the future of her marriage if Vicente were
Fabia's news that he had already gone to the airport to be away for several
Benno's association with Sophia to be unwilling to meet her under Fabia's
Madrigna told me. And—' this time surprising herself by the admis sion—'I'm
Watching them go and trying to give her attention to Tertio at the same
Fabia had gone to bed. Tertio rode noisily away and Vicente saw Sophia
Tania remembered her revenge and shook her head. `No.'
Tania flushed. `For that—yes.' But only for that
Not to mention forgoing rights of my own which I had warned you I meant
There would be others. There had to be ... ! In the heady optimism of her
Florian's for supper. He invited Tania to fly with him to Rome when he had
Vicente's affair with Sophia had begun and ended on that night offesta at
Tania directly throughout the meal and left the table before coffee was
He had been sitting at his desk but he stood now and did not invite her to
The smack hadn't been a brutal one nor very painful. Its sting was in its
She saw the brittle accord they had achieved disappear in their new
Fabia asked no questions and made no comment when Vicente did not join
Tania's mail. It asked simply that she should see him. If she could reach
She asked Rietti to wait for her and joined him. The nearby cafes were full
Sophia and Vicente had become unlikely intimates. She also told him she had
But she had set her hand to the plough
Gala and the Fair high points of agreeable entertainment beyond which
Seigmann offered. `Perhaps. It's said that we can expect some novelties.' Herr
VICENTE came into her room the next morning at the same time as
She moistened lips gone suddenly dry. `Really? S—since when?'
Pascale. But she had not seen him when Vicente came to make a way for
"troubling" me with. But you!-you have suc ceeded!' She turned to Tania
She frowned. `Relieved? You think I can be? Why?'
Pascale looked taken aback. `He said that? What was it?'
And what did Benno mean by telling you I was sitting on an unsuspected
England since we were married. And even our two German guests at the
For both of you. And that is why you will not run to him with doubts and
Venice!' Your reluctance to admit you could ever leave him; your
'Is there anything you want to tell me?'—a question she had utterly
She remembered her hopes and her prayers of that dawn-and the despairs
Matteo will meet you with the launch in half an hour from now. Don't keep
Murano archipelago which housed most of the other glass foundries. On
San Paolo there was room only for the stark Crystos building and a hamlet
Sophia's sweeping over to the desk to beat an imperious tattoo upon its
Morre's plans for inexpensive glass which Benno—like the word or not-
"extract" gauge out of me all I knew about Benno's wheeling and dealing
Massimo who didn't get away ... And what's more'-she reached again for
She glared at him. `That's no business of yours!'
Greniere's own.' He stood up. `Do I take it you are ready now for Matteo to
She looked up. `And you—? To tell me?'
Pascale's memory of it. She watched Vicente's frown lines deepen and his
He glanced at her. `You too?'
Not in any existent foundry—not even Reggio Morre's—but in the records of
Tania shuddered. `It was horrible! And you were cruel.'
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Jane Arbor - Invisible Wife

Jane Arbor - Invisible Wife



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Jane Arbor - Invisible Wife
Jane Arbor - Invisible Wife

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