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Bison Courier, April 4, 2013

Bison Courier, April 4, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Apr 03, 2013
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Bison Courier
Official Newspaper for the City of Bison, Perkins County, and the Bison SchoolDistrict APublication of Ravellette Publications, Inc.
 P.O.Box 429 • Bison, SouthDakota 57620-0429  Phone: (605) 244-7199 • FAX (605) 244-7198 
Volume 30Number 42April 4, 2013
Includes Tax
Highlights & Happenings
BHS seniors and parents
please email or drop off a seniorpicture for the graduation page inthe Bison Courier. courier@sd-plains.com Thank You
Describe any Business experi-ence and financial manage-ment experience that you havebeyond that of household fi-nances.
I am currently a trustee of theTown of Bison, to which part of myresponsibility is to review and ap-prove the monthly claims of thetown. It is also part of my respon-sibility to review contracts andbids for projects along with therest of the Board to make decisionsthat are felt to be in the best inter-est of the town.
How would you conduct aneeds assessment of the com-munity and then prioritizethose needs in terms of timeand money.
The infrastructure of Bison is inneed of attention in some areassuch as streets and sewer. Most of the waterlines have been updatedwithin the last 35 years. Some of the sewer lines have been replacedand some still need some atten-tion. Due to some unforeseen cir-cumstances and climate the sewerlagoon cells that were suppose tobe dry most of the time hold watermost of the time thus causing ero-sion. The dry cells were designedand built without riprap which isnow needed on account of thewater to prevent the cells fromwashing out. The streets as manypeople know need some attention,after being advised by engineersfrom the SDDOT and contractorsuntil the water is removed fromtown and gotten away from thestreet bases and edges it will onlywaste finances to repave streets.Bringing forth the storm sewerproject which will help resolvethese issues. The storm sewerproject is being designed to allowfor expansion to more areas of town as money allows. To priori-tize these issues I would say thesewer mains need to be addressedfirst, secondly the storm sewer,thirdly the lagoons, and finally thestreets because it doesn't make alot of sense to fix streets and tearthem back up as the other projectsare completed.Other needs of the communityare housing, the lack of and condi-tion of what is available. Fortu-nately we have private individualsaddressing this concern, but theTown of Bison needs to work withthese individuals to encourage thegrowth. We have nice parks main-tained by the town and volunteerorganizations and individuals.People have asked about aswimming pool at this time that isnot a feasible asset.
How do you see yourself put-ting the needs of the commu-nity as a whole?
When it comes to the needs of the community I like to visit withindividuals on a personal basisand ask people at random versus just the individuals in my"NEIGHBORHOOD". I am notgoing to ignore an issue because itdoesn't pertain to me or affect me.If it is a valid issue or concern Iwill take it to the board to discussas a whole and invite the individ-ual to come to the meeting or re-main anonymous which ever theychoose. Some items I have broughtto the board I may not have agreedwith, but it was asked of me to doso, I like to keep an impartialstand until all facts are repre-sented rather than gather only thefacts that support the side of theissue I support.
Do you consider yourself a for-ward thinker and how wouldyou work with the other mem-bers of the Board and the com-munity to think creativelyabout solutions
?I think it is very important to beproactive about issues. I do thinkoutside the box I feel to find themost feasible and agreeable solu-tion to an issue. I try to researchdifferent solutions when time al-lows and feel it is very important.I am always looking for the bestsolution and the best use of fi-nances.
Please discuss your thoughtson open government wherebusiness is conducted at themeetings, and not on the streetthus being consistent in whatis said and done from meetingto meeting.
I feel open government is impor-tant. It gives the public opportu-nity to participate in meetings, or just sit in to learn what is goingon. It is hard at times to post anagenda far enough ahead of timewhen an engineer or other individ-ual is in town on short notice andcould have a meeting about projectinformation. Sometimes by beingable to have these meetings withall board members present and noaction being taken can save thetown money.
 What do you want to see hap-pen in the next 3 years inBison?
I would like to see work on theinfrastructure as time and fundingallows.
Our streets are in such de-plorable condition, somethingneeds to be done, are theygoing to get anything done?
 As discussed in a previous ques-tion. After conversations withSDDOT engineers and contractorsgiving their professional opinionsof addressing the water issue be-fore repaving streets. At an esti-mated cost in excess of $130,000per mile, with roughly 7 miles of streets in the town of Bison basingmy decision on their advice that'sa lot of money wasted. In coopera-tion with Perkins County a grantis being applied for to help withthe cost of fixing Coleman Avenue.The chip sealing done last yearwas just a band aid so to speak toextend the life of the streets untilthey can be properly fixed. An ex-ample of the water issue is thenew pavement between GrandElectric and Bison Grain on 1st Avenue West it didn't last verylong and was very expensive.
 Why did you decide to run forschool board and what do yousee as your qualifications toserve other than being a resi-dent and taxpayer?
I decided to run for school boardagain because I have 4 children inthe Bison School, and one is a spe-cial needs student.I want to make sure that all thestudents in the school district getthe best education and learningenvironment we can give them.
 What are your feelings onBison building a new school,and if a new school is not builtwhat are your views on cor-recting the problem.
I feel that something majorneeds to be done with the currentbuilding situation. Whether it isbuilding a new school or makingimprovements on the currentbuilding.There are still many things toconsider and a lot of unansweredquestions for me to say one way oranother on building a new school .I am one person on the schoolboard representing the people of the school district and I want to bemore informed and base my voteon how the people feel not solelyon my personal feelings.If a new school is not built I be-lieve that a thorough inspection of the current school needs to be doneand categorize the areas of con-cern and concentrate on the mostpressing ones.I want a safe and comfortableschool for our students and will domy best as a board member tomake that happen, whether it isbuilding a new school or not.
 What do you see as the mostpressing issue facing the BisonSchool District?
I think that a couple of issuesfacing the school , as a board weneed work on ways to attracthighly qualified teachers to ourdistrict as well as incentives to getthem to stay and the buildingissue.
 Why should I vote for you?
I believe you should vote for mebecause of my past years of experi-ence and dedication to the BisonSchool Board, I represent and lis-ten to the people in our district,and want the best education forour students.
Three candidates vie for two seats on the Town Board
Three vie for School Board
Dan BeckmanChris SeidelLuke ClementsDave Kopren
Describe any Business experi-ence and financial manage-ment experience that you havebeyond that of household fi-nances.
I have worked for Bison GrainCompany for 26 years running thefuel department from, ordering,delivering to pricing.
How would you conduct aneeds assessment of the com-munity and then prioritizethose needs in terms of time
continued on page 12 
 Why did you decide to run forschool board and what do yousee as your qualifications toserve other than being a resi-dent and taxpayer?
I decided to run for school boardbecause I care about the quality of education that our children re-ceive. My qualifications includebeing a graduate of Bison HighSchool and a parent of three chil-dren, two whom are enrolled in theBison School. I have lived heremost of my life having deep familyties.
 What are your feelings onBison building a new school,and if a new school is not builtwhat are your views on cor-recting the problem.
I feel that we need to take a se-rious look at the condition of thecurrent buildings and what theneeds of the district will be in thefuture. Security, health and safetyand handicap accessibility will allneed to be considered when deter-mining the building needs of theBison School.
 What do you see as the mostpressing issue facing the BisonSchool District?
The most pressing issues will bestaffing followed by building is-sues.
 Why should I vote for you?
I am dedicated to making our chil-dren’s education positive. I willstrive to make decisions that willbetter our children’s education andour school. I welcome commentsfrom patrons and will work withthem to address concerns.
continued on page 3  All candidates received the ques-tions and were asked to returnthem, following are those that re-sponded.
Page 2 • The Bison Courier •
Thursday, April 4, 2013
 Alcoholics Anonymous
is meetingweekly in Bison. The group meets every Thurs-day at 7:00 p.m. in the basement of the Presby-terian Church. Everyone is welcome.Please note: Due to a church event, there will beno meeting on Thursday, March 28th.
The Bison Public Library
will have a story time on April 5th and 19th at 10:30 a.m..
is Saturday, April 6th everyone is invited to at-tend Grand March at 8 p.m.
To have your NON-PROFIT meeting listed here, please sub-mit them by calling: 244-7199, or e-mailing to: courier@sd-plains.com. We will run your event notice the two issues priorto your event at no charge.
 T h is 
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Published weekly every Thursday by Ravellette Publ., Inc.at POBox 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
 Telephone: 605-244-7199 • Fax: 605-244-7198
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Display and Classified Advertising: Mon-days at 12:00 p.m. Legals: Fridays at 12:00 p.m.
Don Ravellette
News/Office Manager:
Arlis Seim
Ad Sales:
Beth Hulm (244-5231),beth@sdplains.com
Ravellette Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied or in any way reproduced from this publication, in wholeor in part, without the written consent of the publisher.
What is happening to our home town
by the concerned citizens of Bison
Citizens of Bison are extremelytroubled by the ordinance they willbe voting on April 9th. They feel itis an infringement upon the rightsof all citizens of Bison. It appearsthat this ordinance is geared to-wards the benefit of a few people,not for the best of the commongood. This goes against the Amer-ican way of life. Any law or ordinance in exis-tence should be written to benefitcitizens as a whole. This ordinanceis written in vague terms andmuch of it's contents is subjectedto multiple interpretation and friv-olous penalties. How can the townof Bison dictate what people cando on and in their own properties? As far as the citizens of Bisonknow, no one signed any covenantsor part of a homeowners associa-tion. How is it that the town of Bison can tell a landowner theyare not allowed to lease their ownland? Or have a compost pile? Dothe penalties extend to gardens orunwanted varmints on people'sland as well? Why should Bisoncitizens have to ask their neigh-bors for permission to buy a pet for
Letter to the Editor
I am a little confused and an-gered by the latest Bison Townboard’s animal control proposal. Iwas unaware we had such a bigproblem. The town of Bison hashad a dog leash law for as long asI can remember, but is seldom en-forced. I was also under the im-pression that property with largeanimals was grandfathered in andwhen the property was sold theability to have large animals wasthen removed. This has been en-forced as well as the current leashlaw. The current proposal seemslike someone’s inability to controlone specific animal and insteadlegislates all animals.I was not aware that house petswere a problem. The proposed leg-islation is ambiguous and musthave been put together by thecombined efforts of an attorneyand an engineer. If I am under-standing this proposal correctly,individuals that are renters willnot be able to have any pets be-cause they do not own property. if our children come to visit or if someone using one of our twocamp grounds come to town, theywould not be able to have theirpets. We are unable to drive onany street in town without overus-ing the shock absorbers, but wecan spend money hiring an attor-ney to write a policy that will putone resident against another. If someone does not like me, he orshe can say, during the publichearing, they do not want me tohave pets and then I would haveto put my pet down. What is nextto be controlled?I have always thought beingable to have a large animal orsmall pets was part of Bison’scharm. Maybe the smell someoneis detecting occasionally is notlarge animal waste but instead isour own lagoon or our compostpile. Next, we will be wanting tocover the lagoons so that no one isoffended by a smell. I suggest weconcentrate on promoting ourquiet, safe community and not en-couraging disputes between neigh-bors. I also find it interesting thatthis proposal was introduced tothe public March 28th with lessthan two weeks till the election.I suppose I could be fined forhaving an undocumented animalif someone sees me buying mousetraps./s/ John Bolsmo
Letter to the Editor
I am writing this to address theproposed Nuisance Ordinance thatwill be voted on Tuesday, April 9th. Attempting to make it unlawful topossess any animal within the citylimits with the exception of horsesand possibly dogs is ridiculous.There are so many families thatare barely scraping by and itseems like a crime to then attemptto charge them to own pets thatthey have had for years and thatare another family member. Notonly that but what about thosewho are starting families or whohave young children and want tostart teaching them responsibilityby getting them a kitten or a fishor a puppy. they will have to pay$30 for their goldfish. What if someone’s cat gets their neighbor’scat pregnant? Who pays for thekittens.The kids that are in 4-H like tocome in and work with their ani-mals when it’s farther than 14days from an event at the fair-grounds. They have to pay everytime they want to bring their live-stock in and work with them.How does this ordinance affectpeople who are visiting their fam-ilies and bring their pets alongwith them? They not only have tobuy the gas to drive here but alsohave to spend $30 for their pet.Not only does it greatly affect allthose citizens with pets, but alsothose who have the land to have afew head of livestock for theirlivelihood. How is it fair that if this passes the city can take thatlivelihood away from them. Thathardly seems fair.Citizens don’t like the smellcoming from the lagoon. Can wemove that when the stink blowstowards town?It seems to me that people areforgetting we live in small townSouth Dakota and not Chicago.This is rural America. We havelivestock here because it’s ourlivelihood. We have pets becausewe have the room for a yard forthem to run around in. It seemsludicrous to make people pay forthat./s/ Tara Burton
Letter to the Editor
 ATTENTION: Voters of theTown of Bison.On Tues day April 9th the citi-zens of Bison will be voting on aNuisance Ordinance. Please reallythink about how you vote! Petswill have to leave or be paid for!If you want to bring an animalor animals into the Bison city lim-its you must 1st apply for an Ani-mal Permit - pay $30.00 - what if they say no?What happens if someone comesinto town with a dog, ect. will theTown Board demand payment? Also does one pay when they bringan animal to be butchered? Peoplewon’t even dare stop for gas - if they have an animal in their car orhorse trailer.So for all the animals that arenow in town do those owners haveto pay to keep them?It also mentions manure pilessmelling. I think the lagoon hassmelled more than the manurepile. So if the lagoon really throwsa big stink will they remove it!I also don’t think the few cows orsheep we have had in the pastmade any more noise then thebarking dogs. Next we’ll have abarking dog ordinance. After reading the Nuisance Or-dinance petition one really won-ders what were those few peoplethinking when they started this?I urge all citizens to vote NO!/s/ Cheryl Hulm
Bison Clinic 
Open Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00Appointments 8:30 - 4:30Closed from Noon - 1:00 pm Dan Kvale, MSPA-C • Monday - Friday105 W Main605-244-5206 
their child? Seems silly, but someof these items could be seen aspart of what the ordinance covers.( Again, too vague). The citizens of Bison feel that if this is allowed,more negative " ordinance’s " areto follow.The citizens of Bison need toconsider the negative impact thisordinance will have on the major-ity of the people. This is BisonSouth Dakota of the United Statesof America not the Republic of Russia or China.
The Bison Courier •
Thursday, April 4, 2013
• Page 3
Pastor Florence Hoff, CREFirst Presbyterian Church
These are the names of the twelve apostles: first Simon (who iscalled Peter) and his brother Andrew; James son of Zebedee, andhis brother John; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthewthe tax collector; James son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus; Simonthe zealot and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him. these twelveJesus sent out. (Matthew 10:2-5)Look at that list of names. For the most part, they are famousnames. With the exception of Judas Iscariot, we now call thesemen “saints”. We name children and churches after them.However, when Jesus first chose these men to be his apostles,they were not famous. They were just common folk: mostlyfishermen, a tax collector, and a zealot. Jesus did not chose thembecause of their spotless moral background, their great potential,or their superior sanctity. They were chosen by grace. They werealso sent by grace.We call the “apostles” because Jesus sent them out to announcethe Kingdom , to proclaim the coming of the Messiah, to preachthe good news, to bring the Savior’s healing love to people inneed.Christ has called and sent us too! We share the assignment givento the apostles: “Go into all the world and preach the good newsto all creation.” (MK 16:15 Like Peter, John and the others, wehave been called and chosen by grace and expected to share thegood news. Without any worthiness or “potential”, we werechosen to be recipients of God’s mercy. God loved us and sent hisson to die for us. Christ loved us and gave himself in payment forour sin.Now our Savior sends us to tell what he has done. The story istold that when Jesus ascended to heaven after his mission onearth, the angels asked him, “Did you accomplish your task?”“Yes, it is all finished,” the Lord replied.“We have a second question” said angels. “Has the whole worldheard of you?”“No,” Jesus said.The angels then asked, “Then what is your plan?”Jesus said, “I have left twelve men and some other followers tocarry the message to the whole world.”The angels looked at him and asked, “What is your Plan B?”Jesus said. “There is no Plan B. I will reach the world throughthose who are my disciples.”Prayer: O Lord, we praise you for bringing us to faith. Count eachof us among those you will use to tell the world what you havedone, Amen.
Pastors Perspective
Nutrition SiteMenu
Thursday, April 4
Cabbage beef soupcold turkey sandwichstoneground wheat crackerspeach crisp w/topping
Friday, April 5
Chicken cacciatorebaked potatogreen bean almandineapplesauce
Monday, April 8
Grd beef/grn bean casserolepotato roundsseasonal fruit 
Tuesday, April 9
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ginger pork chopsbaked potato, spinachgrapes & cake
Wednesday, April 10
Chicken alfredoItalian vegetablesapple crisp & grape juice
School Board Candidates
Dan Kvale
 Why did you decide to run forschool board and what do yousee as your qualifications toserve other than being a resi-dent and taxpayer?
There are several reasons I amrunning for the school board. Pri-marily, I see a high quality educa-tion as key to the success of everystudent in any field of businessestoday. In my profession, as aPhysician Assistant, higher educa-tion allows my associates and I todo the work that we do. Without ahigher education, I would not beable function in my current role. Ialso have 3 children in the Bisonschool system and therefore havea vested interest in the success of our school and students.My qualifications for the schoolboard include 8 years of experi-ence on the school board, one of which, as schoolboard president. Another qualification is my expe-rience supervising the staff at theBison Clinic who have professionaldegrees similar to those of staff atthe school.
 What are your feelings onBison building a new school,and if a new school is not builtwhat are your views on cor-recting the problem.
I am in favor of improving ourschool, whether this means build-ing a new structure or a renova-tion of the current building.Whichever route the communitychooses to go, it needs to be an in-formed decision. There are severalupcoming major expenses to theold building that may cost nearlyas much to repair as a new struc-ture. I am in favor of several com-munity meetings to find the direc-tion the community wishes us toproceed, doing the research to findthe costs and then put the matterup for a ballot vote.
 What do you see as the mostpressing issue facing the BisonSchool District?
The most pressing issues facingthe Bison School District are themaintenance of the building, fund-ing and providing a high qualityeducation. Portions of the currentbuilding are 80 years old and havebeen added onto over the years.We have been improving and re-pairing the building since I joinedthe schoolboard in 2004. We arenow at a crossroad of deciding tocontinue with some expensivemaintenance or begin anew. Fund-ing for rural schools continues tobe a battle with our State Repre-sentatives. Attracting new teach-ers to rural areas has alwaysproven difficult. We currently havesome fantastic teachers, howeverwe seem to be looking for aboutone new teacher each year. I havebeen proposing some ideas re-cently to the board to perhapsdraw in some new talent to ourrural community.
 Why should I vote for you?
 Voters should select me becauseI feel I have ideas to help theschool grow. I try to be community-minded as seen by my involve-ment in Bison Economic Develop-ment, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts andthe Bison Ambulance. I enjoyproblem solving and will approacheach obstacle with an open mind.
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