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Notice to aspiring Churches.pdf

Notice to aspiring Churches.pdf

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Published by Fr Stephen Smuts
Church - TAC
Church - TAC

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Published by: Fr Stephen Smuts on Apr 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Traditional Anglican Communion is an affiliated global body of traditionalistAnglican churches, ascribing to the authority of the Holy Scriptures, CatholicFaith and Order, The Affirmation of St Louis, The Concordat of the TraditionalAnglican Communion and the use of the Book of Common Prayer. The Bishopsof the Traditional Anglican Communion are deeply committed to Mission andEvangelism.We reject the modernist and liberal agendas of the current wider Anglicanchurches and are determined that our Christian standards are kept at thehighest possible level. We continue in the “faith of our fathers”.Each member church of the Traditional Anglican Communion is an autonomousand self-funding body, with its own Constitution and Canons and governingchurch structures. These member churches and their Bishops and Vicars Generalmeet in a global body named the College of Bishops of the Traditional AnglicanCommunion. This is the highest decision-making body in the Traditional AnglicanCommunion, and ratifies all matters that affect the corporate life of those withinthe affiliated churches of our Communion.All Bishops appointed or elected in TAC member churches are ratified by theCollege of Bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion before anyConsecration is able to take place. Detailed biographies and evidence of dueprocess having been followed are submitted to all the member churches forratification. This is in accordance with the requirements of the Concordat of theTraditional Anglican Communion.
Church leaders wishing to join the Traditional Anglican Communion need to beaware that there is a lengthy process to be followed before any church iswelcomed into the TAC. This cannot be by-passed, and the formal process endsonly when the College of Bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion hasmet and discussed an application brought to the College of Bishops by theirSecretary.Only once that application has been discussed and voted upon, and the Collegeof Bishops is in full agreement, will an applying church be welcomed into theTraditional Anglican Communion and granted a seat in the College of Bishops,with voice and vote.The processes that are in place are not in any way obstructive or exclusive, butrather, and because of the multiplication of so-called Anglican churchesthroughout the world, addresses the need to have certain protective measuresin place to prove authenticity and Catholicity before wasting valuable time on awider global conversation. The measures are also in place to stop the attemptsby blatant charlatans to get their hands on money for their own selfish ends andnot for the spreading of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are satisfiedthat a church leader with any integrity would willingly submit to what are, infact, ordinary requirements for good church governance.When applying to become a part of the Traditional Anglican Communion,therefore, the following needs to take place:1.
Contact should be made with the Secretary to the College of Bishops inorder to open the discussion. [
The Secretary to the College of Bishops is aserving Bishop on the College of Bishops: his details are below 
] He willrefer the applying church to the TAC Bishop in closest geographicalproximity. The formal conversation can then begin.2.
Detailed documentation needs to be supplied to the Secretary of theCollege of Bishops of the TAC by the applying church. The TAC College of Bishops requires:i.
Proof of the registration of the church in the country concerned incompliance with the laws of that land. A copy of the churchletterhead should also be supplied.ii.
A copy of the Constitution and Canons that govern the applyingchurch.
An organogram that gives a clear outline of the governingstructures of the applying church.iv.
Audited Financial Statements for the past three years. [
Theseshould be available from any reputable church body 
A copy of the Directory of Bishops, Priests and Deacons, togetherwith their qualifications and the names of their parishes and theirgeographical location.vi.
A detailed breakdown of the Theological Study requirements forcandidates for Ordination within that church, and the preferredinstitutions utilised for theological training.vii.
Details of the affiliation of the applying church with any otherecclesiastical bodies. [
this is necessary in order to see what futuredifficulties might be experienced in terms of alliances that arealready in existence and which could compromise our relationship
Proof of the valid Consecration of the Bishop (or Bishops) of theapplying church. This is vital documentation, and would need todisclose:-
The date and venue of Consecration-
The names and church affiliation of those Bishops whoparticipated in the Consecration-
Proof that those Consecrating Bishops were men of theApostolic Succession in churches that are Sacramental andCatholic in nature and profession.-
Proof of theological qualification of the Bishop/s of the applyingchurch, including a full Biography for the records of the TAC.-
A copy of the Profession of Faith signed by that Bishop upon hisConsecration, giving a clear indication of his statement of faith.[
Please be aware that the above are most essential documents,as any Bishop that has been ‘consecrated’ outside of all therequirements laid out above cannot be permitted to sit on theCollege of Bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion.Likewise, those ordained by him cannot not be accepted as beingin valid Holy Orders
If there is a church publication that gives details of activities by theapplying church, recent copies should be included to give somedetail of church life outside of the formal paperwork.

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