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eMarketing the Essentials

eMarketing the Essentials

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Published by smh9662
E-Marketing and Digital Marketing
E-Marketing and Digital Marketing

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: smh9662 on Apr 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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eMarketing: The essential guide to digital marketingFourth editionBy Rob StokesCompiled by Sarah Blake and Quirk Education
When we began work on the first edition of “eMarketing” back in 2007, Icertainly did not anticipate that we’d be publishing a 4
edition four yearslater. Witnessing the growth and maturation of the digital marketing industryover the last twelve years has been incredible, but it is the last four yearsthat have demonstrated the most change.No longer is digital seen as just another channel. I believe that viewing it thisway has manay dangers. Digital is too pervasive in our lives to be called amere channel. Television is a channel, but you don’t carry a TV around in yourpocket. Digital, and in particular its exploding mobile elements, has beenpulled into every facet of our lives. It is as relevant to a developing nation asit is to the ‘first world’, and can have an empowering impact whether you area business executive or you live in a rural area. The internet is noweverywhere, and for marketers it has become a non-negotiable part of themarketing mix.Quirk has also evolved tremendously during this time. We have expanded toover 150 people and our clients have grown to include some of the mostvaluable brands in the world. In turn, the structure of our agency haschanged to meet the needs of our clients within this digital landscape. Traditionally, our business was made up of tactical teams: search engineoptimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), creative, engineering, emailmarketing, etc. At one point we had about 15 different teams within theorganization. Over time, this structure became less effective than we wouldhave liked. Even with fantastic communication within the business, having somany separate teams meant communication within the business, having somany separate teams meant we were siloed. It became increasingly obviousthat the various elements of digital marketing work hand in hand, not justbenefiting each other through coordination, but actually relying on each otherfor success.A year ago we began a transformation. We took a step back and analyzed thedigital landscape and what it meant to our clients and their customers. Theresult of this analysis was a restructuring of our various tactical teams intofour key disciplines: Think, Create, Engage and Optimize. The Think team is responsible for research, insight and strategy. They in turnwork closely with the Create team whose job it is to build beautiful andfunctional digital assets. Our create team is made up of designers,copywriters, video experts, front-end developers and engineers.But a digital asset in isolation is like the proverbial billboard in the Sahara –invisible. This is where our Engage team comes in. Their job is to drive trafficand build customer relationships. Within Engage resides Search EngineMarketing, Social Media, Display Media, Viral Marketing, Email Marketing andCRM. It is particularly within Engage that you see the importance of teamsworking together. Social media benefits SEO which benefits PPC which in turncan help build that important database of email subscribers. A basic example,
but I think you get the point. If these eMarketing tactics are being used inisolation, you will lose out on a lot of value.Finally our Optimise team straddles everything we do at Quirk. One of ourphilosophies is “Enough is never Enough”: the relentless pursuit of theperfection that you know does not exist. The Optimize team focuses onanalytics, conversion optimization and user experience testing to make sureeverything we do for our clients is more effective every day. The mostwondorous thing about the internet is its measurability, and our Optimizeteam relishes in this opportunity.We have seen this structure and behavior become increasingly effectivewithin our agency and for our clients. It was only natural to extend it to thestructure of our textbook.Another evolution at Quirk, since the publication of our previous book, hasbeen the growth of our education business. The QuirkStars have beenlecturing at universities and teaching at other companies for years, but on avery ad hoc basis. Suddenly, with the launch of our textbook, this area of ourbusiness was in huge demand and as such Quirk Education was born.We still do a lot of face-to-face teaching, but the fastest growing componentof our educational business has been in our online learning offerings. We nowoffer a full certificate course in eMarketing as well as short courses in socialmedia, WebPR, mobile marketing, SEO, ORM, email marketing and writing fordigital. Over the next year we will expand these to include courses inanalytics, UX, strategy, internet law and more. It’s an exciting time for us aswe are quite obsessed with education and it is very fulfilling to be able tocreate a business out of it.Of course, whilst our facilitated online training is charged for, our textbookwill always be available for free online. It’s our contribution to the industrythat we have gained so much from.It is important to raise a glass to those who made this textbook possible. If ittakes a villages to raise a child, in our case it takes an entire agency to writea textbook. It’s really difficult to single out individuals as everyone played asmall part in one way or another.However, special mention must of course go the lovely Sarah Blake withoutwhom this book would never have happened. She is a genuine digitalpolymath and her brain and superb writing skill has ensured that this bookhas the dept and breadth that make it the text of choice for over 400academic institutions across the world. The Quirk Education team alsodeserves much credit, but in particular their mighty leaders Kat Scholtz andLyndi Lawson who did a huge amount of work, not only with the content, butall the other elements which are essential to bring a book to fruition. Thanksgo again to Solveig Bosch for her efforts in laying out the book and making itlook great and also to Roger Ewing who designed the cover based on CraigRaw’s original idea.

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