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Published by Susie Cambria
DC Council, CM Cheh, CM McDuffie, CM Bonds comment on the FY 2014 budget proposed by Mayor Vincent C. Gray.
DC Council, CM Cheh, CM McDuffie, CM Bonds comment on the FY 2014 budget proposed by Mayor Vincent C. Gray.

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Published by: Susie Cambria on Apr 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Susie Cambria
Mary Cheh <updates@marycheh.com>
Monday, March 25, 2013 4:43 PM
Cheh Requests Support for Ward 3 Projects in FY14 Budget
March 25, 2013
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 Jonathan Willingham Chief of Staff jwillingham@dccouncil.us Kiara Pesante Communications Director kpesante@dccouncil.us Dee Smith Director of ConstituentServices dsmith@dccouncil.us Judy Hubbard Asst. Dir. of Constituent
Dear neighbors,
This week, the Mayor is expected to deliver his FiscalYear 2014 budget to the Council. Once we receive it, wewill begin the next phase of the oversight process, witheach Councilmember conducting another round ofoversight hearings for the agencies under their committeejurisdiction.I have asked for a number of things in the budget, relatedboth to the Ward and my committee. The items identifiedbelow are those that touch Ward 3 residents mostdirectly.
1. Full Funding for Hearst and Mann Modernizations in FY 2014
~$16 million for Hearst and ~18 million for Mann in FY 2014
Hearst and Mann are two high achieving schools that servestudents from across the District. Hearst is more than 50percent over capacity, and half of its students are intrailers.
Hearst is the only school that we know of that hasno common space whatsoever – no cafeteria, no gym, noauditorium, and no multipurpose room
. Students receivetheir lunch in a hallway and eat it in theirclassroom. Similarly, Mann is 36 percent over capacity, and
Services jhubbard@dccouncil.us Leah Singleton Community Outreach Director& Scheduler lsingleton@dccouncil.us Drew Newman Legislative Director anewman@dccouncil.us Aukima Benjamin Administrative Assistant abenjamin@dccouncil.us 
half its students, too, are in trailers. Many years ago, a groupof neighbors built a small community room adjacent to Mann,but it holds only a fraction of the student body. Like Hearst,
Mann has no cafeteria, no gym, no auditorium, and nomultipurpose room
.The Department of General Services planned and promised thecommunities complete modernizations thisyear. Unfortunately, there is only funding to modernize theexisting buildings – not to add any new spaces that theseovercrowded schools desperately need. Fully funding thesemodernizations in FY 2014 would allow work to continueuninterrupted from this summer and be completed by August2014 – which would ultimately save the District money!
2. Modernization of Palisades Library & Cleveland ParkLibrary
$2.965 million & $2.3 million, respectively 
The modernization of the Palisades Library was included in lastyear’s budget, but is not slated to begin until FY 2017. Thesame is true of the modernization of the Cleveland ParkLibrary. The two libraries are next in line to be modernized(the Northeast Library modernization is already underway andLamond Riggs is not slated until FY 2018). In both instances,modernization is needed to replace aging buildings with limitedcapacity. Modernized facilities are expected to significantlyexpand the availability of electronic resources and programingcapabilities, consistent with the mayor’s educational prioritiesand reflective of the vibrant communities in which they aresited.
3. New Hardy Recreation Center
~$15 million
A new facility is needed to replace the current small,inadequate, dilapidated facility on Q Street off of MacArthurBoulevard.
4. Modernization of Palisades Recreation Center
A modernized facility would complement the refurbished fieldsat the Palisades Recreation Center. The current facility isinadequate with nothing in the neighborhood to offset itsfailings.
5. Trash and Recycling Containers
$10 million in FY 2015 or FY 2016 Capital Budget
The District last replaced residential trash and recycling
containers throughout the District in 2001. DPW stated thatthe containers have a 10-year lifespan. Despite the fact thatthese containers are beyond their intended lifespan and DPWwould like to replace them, funds are not currently budgetedfor this purpose.
I have also asked DPW to increase the size of the recyclingbins.
6. Repealing the Out-of-state Municipal Bonds Tax
The tax on out-of-state municipal bonds was inserted into theBSA during the discussion of the FY12 budget as aplaceholder. It was then enacted based on maneuvering duringthe vote. Thanks to the Mayor, we have managed to delay itsimplementation until January 1, 2013, but it should beremoved altogether. Contrary to the common refrain that it isa tax on high-income earners, the most recent data shows thatapproximately 57% of bondholders reported an income of lessthan $200,000 and 38% are over 65. In truth, these bonds aremainly used for retirement planning. And although the currentlaw grandfathers in bonds purchased prior to January 1, 2013,that doesn’t sufficiently insulate seniors.For one, most individuals hold their municipal bonds in theform of bond funds. Those funds sell and purchase bonds on aregular basis. As that normal churn occurs, more and more ofan individual’s holdings will lose its tax-exempt status, eventhough the individual hasn’t made any new purchases. Second,the District simply does not have the variety or number ofbonds issued each year to cover the demand to offset thebonds from other jurisdictions that have lost their tax-exemptstatus.
7. DMV Customer Service Improvements
Recurring Funds in FY 2014 Operating Budget
With over 1,000 new residents moving to the District eachmonth, the District’s population is steadily growing. As almostevery new resident must visit the DMV, this rising populationputs an increasing strain on DMV resources. While the DMVused to have four service centers, it currently has only three,which can have very long waits. I support creating a fourthDMV service center – either at the Georgetown Park mall orsomewhere else in Wards 2 or 3 – and increasing the staffinglevels at all DMV centers to accommodate the increasednumber of residents.

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