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LULAC- It Looks Like Checkmate for Margaret Moran, Luis Vera and Manuel Escobar

LULAC- It Looks Like Checkmate for Margaret Moran, Luis Vera and Manuel Escobar

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Published by vomeditor

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Published by: vomeditor on Apr 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Editor: The way things are looking earlyon after LULAC decided to sue DomingoGarcia to try to have him enjoined from being acandidate in the upcoming run for President of  National LULAC are appearing minute byminute to be a slam dunk for checkmate of theLULAC Queen.
LULAC decided to play the game with oneQueen and two Castles. Domingo Garcia willhave One Queen, the King, two Bishops, twoKnights, two Castles and 16 Rooks. The onlyway for LULAC to win is to have DomingoGarcia enjoined. Domingo Garcia can win intwo ways, out right having the court deny therequest for the injunction or getting the casedismissed, thrown out of court on the groundsthat the lawsuit is a frivolous lawsuit or that thecase is not ripe as a legal cause of action.Frivolous lawsuits have a cost to the loser for attorney time and all costs associated againstdefending in the lawsuit. In all honesty, thecase does not belong in court. Imagine how thecourts of Texas would come to a standstillentertaining stupid motions like the LULACmotion to enjoin candidates from running for office in the hundreds of thousands of state
created corporations, limited liability companiesand limited partners, both for-profit and non- profit organizations, that do business in Texas.
The LULAC Constitution lays it all out. TheExecutive LULAC Board makes the decision onthe application for candidacy and the GeneralAssembly ratifies or overturns the decision of the Executive Board. Unless there has beensome denial of a person's rights that are per-se,that is, seen on the surface, seen at first glance,the General Assembly usually has the lastword. The Texas courts throw out cases likethis 98 % of the time.
Whoever in LULAC decided to sue DomingoGarcia in Domingo Garcia's backyard in acourtroom where the democratically elected judge who presides in that court is a Democratwining out against red meat Republicans by53% of the vote should be awarded the MostPendejo Person Award of the Decade. TheEditor would be glad to deliver such an award.
 National LULAC is going to get a shalackingfrom Domingo Garcia and from the court.Imaging Luis Vera and Manuel Escobar tryingto explain to the court that Domingo Garcia
lacks an ability to "understand LULAC'smandate and response to its challenges."Domingo Garcia is a former Texas legislator, avery successful lawyer, a giant of a civil rightsleader in the Hispanic community in Texas andis married to Dr. Elba Garcia, a dentist in Dallasand a member of the Dallas CountyCommissioner's Court, District 4. The twoGarcias to the two Morans, Margaret and Oscar,no se pueden comparar, Margaret being on the payroll of LULAC with a $60,000.00honorarium that she got the National LULACBoard to give her and Oscar, a person who iswell known in LULAC circles as making aliving off of LULAC ventures, the latest beingthe LULAC Kingsville Apartments inKingsville and the LULAC Haciendaapartments in Corpus Christi.
What a change Domingo and Elba Garcia would bring to LULAC, Domingo as the NationalPresident of National LULAC and his wife asthe First Lady of National LULAC.
But before getting to checkmate, DomingoGarcia will have in his hands the rules of discovery laid out in the Texas Rules of Civil

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