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Primitive by Mark Nykanen

Primitive by Mark Nykanen



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Published by: BelleBooks Publishing House on Mar 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Environmental extremists want to use her. Corporationswant her dead. The government wants her gone. And her daughter just wants to save her life."
BelleBooks and Bell Bridge Books
PO Box 67 Smyrna, GA 30533 * 706-867-7709 and Fax: 706-867-7705 bellebooks@bellebooks.com*www.bellebooks.com *www.bellbridgebooks.com
CONTACT: Deborah Smith
Title: PRIMITIVE Author: Mark NykanenPublishing Date: September 2009 Format: trade paperback Pages: 335 Price: 16.95Publisher: Bell Bridge Books, a division of BelleBooksISBN
LC:Genre: Suspense/ThrillerCataloging or Publication data in book? NoneIllustrations, index, bibliography in book? NonePrimary Wholesalers: Ingram, Brodart, Baker & TaylorOther formats released on same publishing date: Ebook Synopsis: A “neo-primitive” cult kidnaps a famous fashion modeland holds her hostage, forcing her to act as their spokesperson. As timeruns out her estranged daughter allies with a dangerous activist group
to rescue her, while battling dark agendas from the government and BigOil.Excerpt: Prologue
Drowned. Suffocated. Entombed alive.Sonya Adams wondered bleakly how the media would cover her death.
 Aging fashionmodel dies in bizarre escape? Body of middle-aged beauty found in underground river 
?What would intrigue them more—her age, her looks or the way she was about to die?An eerie noise still emanated from deeper in the tunnel. She listened as an air currentmoved over her body, damp with fear despite the cold temperature. She gripped the moistground, bracing herself for the flood. But it was only the
of water. A lot of water.Sonya took a moment to get settled and assure herself that the tunnel could startclimbing at any time. But she also cautioned herself to be careful. The thought of spilling down into the rushing water was terrifying.She thrust the candle as far as she could, dragging herself on one raw elbow untilshe spotted a strange shiny surface rising up twelve feet in front of her, reflecting thecandlelight so suddenly that she startled.She crawled forward for a better look and started to fall. She screamed and jammed the heels of her hands into the slick rock, dropping the candle and putting it outinstantly; but still she slid, gaining speed, on the verge of toppling. The ground vibratedwith the roar of water.In her final frenzied panic, she reared up on her hands and knees, driving her back into the low ceiling and arresting her slide only inches from the water. Breathing so hardshe could hear only the sound of her fear, she backed up, terrified of slipping evenslightly, knowing that the flow moved so fast that it need catch only a hand or a limb toclaim all of her.Another step back, and another, her head pounding with blood’s angriest rhythms.After a frantic, sixty-second retreat that felt more treacherous than a cliff walk,she collapsed to her belly on safer ground, crying and hugging the dirt.
Come on, I got in
, she pleaded to herself, I
get out.But she couldn’t. Not even relaxing her muscles could move her back through thistorturous passage.Her stomach boiled with anxiety, a siege of raw, wretched terror that left hertwisting violently—brief, brutal movements that bruised and bloodied her, but gained nota hint of retreat.A peculiar madness had set in, that the rigid shackles of earth that had claimed herbody were now claiming her mind. Horrid, tumultuous sensations forced themselvesupon her until all she could feel was the massive, malevolent pressure trapping her in the
cold hard ground. Her eyes offered no salvation, only a blinding loss of light. Open orclosed, she knew but a blank universe of compressing darkness, the grotesque horrors of the living grave.As the madness marginalized the last of her sanity, and her thoughts careenedwith the wildest fears she’d ever known, the frigid dampness seeped into her core andbecame a cruel, kindred assault. She shivered uncontrollably.A noise rose near her feet. In the same instant she realized a sock had slipped off in her struggles, and she felt her foot’s naked vulnerability.The sound petrified her. It did not come in kindness. Or in rescue. Not to a mindmaddened by the worst the earth could offer. No, to Sonya Adams deep in this dark stranglehold, the predator had come finally to strike.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Nykanan (website atwww.marknykanen.com) is an Emmy and Edgar-winning journalist and the acclaimed author of threeprevious thrillers for major publishers: SEARCHANGEL, THE BONE PARADE, and HUSH. See asample of his reviews below.All of Mark’s previous novels have been selections othe Doubleday and Mystery Guild Book Clubs.REVIEWS FOR MARK NYKANEN’S NOVELS
“A taut wire of a thriller.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
.“Emmy and Edgar-winning journalist Nykanen uncovers his characters’3

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