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Index to Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Social Science

Index to Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Social Science

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Index to Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Social Science, number 4 in the series Studies in Business History, published by Pickering & Chatto.
Index to Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Social Science, number 4 in the series Studies in Business History, published by Pickering & Chatto.

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Published by: Pickering and Chatto on Apr 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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– 259 –
Addams, Jane, 82Arica, social science in, 157–8Alderman, E. A., 151–2Alliance Employment Bureau, 62Alsberg, Carl, 162American Baptist Education Society, 20,23–4American Baptist Home Mission Society, 12American Birth Control League, 91American Board o Commissioners o For-eign Afairs, 47–9American Child Health Association, 103American Council o Learned Societies, 197American Economic Association, 122, 188American Historical Association, 197American Home Economics Association,172–3American Museum o Natural History, 105American Political Science Association, 120,187–8American Psychological Association, 113American Social Science Association,119–120American Sociological Society, 121, 188American Statistical Association, 181American University o Beirut, 157Americanization studies, 66Andrews, Samuel, 8Angell, James Rowland, 96–7, 99, 105, 109,116–7, 149, 192, 200–1anthropology, 124–5, 131, 140, 169–71Applegarth, H. C., 47Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary (SpelmanSeminary), 13, 15–16, 19A& Co., 69Ayres, Clarence, 190Bachman, Frank P., 205Bacone, Almone C., 12Bagge, Gösta, 158Baptist Union Teological Seminary (Mor-gan Park Seminary), 19–21, 24Barton, James L., 49Beard, Charles A., 64, 120, 139, 191Bemis, Edward W., 29–32Bentley, Arthur, 120Berlage, Nancy, 174Beveridge, William, 123, 159, 191Black, Edwin, 172Black, John D., 165Boas, Franz, 125, 131Boy Scouts o America, 103, 172Bowley, A. L., 125Brookes, Edgar, 158Brookings, Robert S., 68, 100, 185Brookings Graduate School, 185, 193, 202Brown, Marcus, 46Brown University, 144Brunner, Edmund, 139Bryn Mawr College, 121Buck, J. L., 156Bulmer, Martin, 210Bunyan, John, 46Bureau o Municipal Research (New York),67, 85Bureau o Social Hygiene, 4, 81, 89–90, 168,181, 194Burgess, Ernest, 128Buttrick, Wallace, 53Cambridge University, 197–200Carnegie, Andrew, 25, 61, 63Carnegie Corporation (New York), 66,95–7, 99–100, 105
 Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Social Science
Carnegie Foundation, 100, 204Carnegie Institution (Washington), 61, 81,89, 95Cassel, Gustav, 159Cattell, James McKeen, 117–8, 139Chase, Harry Woodburn, 134, 137, 170Chicago Commission on Race Relations,128Child Study Association, 172child welare and parent education, 104,109, 145, 172–7China, social science in, 154–6China Medical Board, 154Civic Federation, 2Clark, John Bates, 72, 139Clark, Jonas C., 18Clark, Maurice, 8Clark University, 18Cleveland, Frederick A., 67–8, 85Cobb, John Candler, 196Colorado Fuel and Iron Co., 75–7, 84–5, 94Columbia University, 17–18, 42, 108–9,119, 121, 138–40, 143, 181, 186,200–1, 204–5Parker Institute o International Afairs,140, 177Committee on National Income, 98Commonwealth Fund, 177company towns, 64–5, 75Connecticut College, 144Coolidge, Calvin, 98Cooper, Peter, 18Cooper Union o the Advancement o Science and Arts, 18coordinated data collection, 180–2Corey, Charles Henry, 14Cornell, Ezra, 18Cornell University, 18, 164, 172, 174, 205Coss, J. J., 199Country Lie Commission, 65criminology, 136, 181–2, 192Uniorm Crime Reporting System, 181Curtis, James, 141Cutting, R. Fulton, 63Dahlberg, Jane S., 63Dante, 34Dartmouth College, 105Dawes, Charles, 101Day, Edmund E., 110, 166, 202, 208Dealey, James Quayle, 144Denison College, 20, 24, 26Denver University, 153–4Dodge, Cleveland E., 206Dougall, James W. C., 146Douglas, Stephen A., 19Dowling, Mr, 10Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde, 55Drake, Francis, 18Drake University, 18Du Bois, W. E. B., 121Dugdale, Richard, 166Duncan, Mr, 10Durkheim, Emile, 120–1East Harlem Health Centre, 103Economic Foundation, 186–7economics, 61, 97–101, 106, 110–1, 122–5,130–1, 133, 155–6, 160–1, 165,184–7, 189, 191, 193, 204–5 political economy, 29–30, 72–3, 140business cycles, 186Eisler, Robert, 198–9Elliot, Charles William, 72, 141Ellis, Henry Havelock, 90–1Ely, Richard ., 160–1, 165Embree, Edwin, 104–5, 169Emery, Henry C., 72
 Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
, 181–2Engels, Friedrich, 120eugenics, 90–1, 168–71American Birth Control League, 168American Eugenics Society, 168Eugenics Record O ce (New York), 90Eugenics Survey o Vermont, 166Nazi eugenics, 172–3Farris, Ellsworth, 158First World War (World War I), 92, 106,114, 139, 176, 179Fisher, Donald, 210Fisk University, 145Flagler, Henry M., 8Fleming, Walter L., 150Flexner, Abraham, 90–1, 105, 169, 178,193, 196
261Flexner, Simon, 41, 90, 97Folsom Mercantile College, 7Ford, Guy Stanton, 110, 144, 192Ford, Henry, 64–5Fosdick, Raymond B., 89–92, 105–6, 109,177Frank, Lawrence K., 109–12, 155, 163,172–3, 200–1Franks, Angela, 172Freud, Sigmund, 91Friis, Aage, 168Gamble, Vanessa Northington, 149Gates, Frederick ., 22–4, 27–8, 33–4,40–1, 49, 52–4, 58, 67, 70–5, 77, 82,101, 154, 170Gay, Edwin F., 69, 71–4, 86–7, 97–8Gee, Wilson, 151–2General Education Board, 4, 51, 97, 177, 205Giddings, Franklin H., 121Gilchrist, Huntington, 178Giles, Harriet, 12–13Girard, Stephen, 18Girard College, 18Girl Scouts o America, 103, 172Gladden, Washington, 47–8Glenn, John M., 62, 109, 158Goddard, Henry, 166Goldenweiser, Alexander, 182Golder, F. A., 157Goodspeed, Tomas W., 20–1, 23government research, 64–9Grant, Madison, 169Greene, Jerome D., 67–72, 78, 81–3, 86–7,90, 94–7Gregory, . E., 125Gunn, Selskar M., 205Gunton, George, 32Hadley, Arthur, 72Hale, George Ellery, 163Hamburg Institute o International Afairs,179Hamilton, Walton, 202Hampton Institute, 51Harding, Warren G., 98Harmsen, Hans, 172Harper, William Rainey, 20–1, 23–4, 28–9,32–5, 38Harrison, Shelby M., 62Harvard University, 82, 119, 140–2, 165,177, 179Hawthorne experiments, 118Hayek, Friedrich von, 126Henderson, Lawrence Joseph, 140Hewitt & uttle Co., 7Hicks, Clarence, 64Hobhouse, L. ., 125Hogben, Lancelot, 171Hogg, Margaret, 125Homer, 34Hoover, Herbert, 98, 194Hopkins, E. M., 199Hopkins, Johns, 18Howells, William Dean, 37Hoyt, J. B., 15Hubbard, Silas, 46Hull House (Chicago), 82, 88, 121human migration, 138, 160, 162–5, 192humane studies, 195–200Hume, David, 119Hutchins, Robert M., 201–2Indian University (Bacone College), 12, 19industrial relations, 81–9, 93Inglis, William O., 102Institute or Government Research, 67–9,78, 100, 185Institute o Economic Research (Institute o Economics), 69–75, 78, 81–3, 86–7,97, 184–5, 193Institute o Pacic Relations, 156, 180International Association o the Chies o Police, 181International Education Board, 151International Institute or Arican Languagesand Culture, 158International Institute o Agriculture(Rome), 167International Missionary Council, 158international relations, 92–3, 140, 177–8,192Iowa Child Welare Research Station, 174Iowa State College, 164, 172–4Irvine, Laura M., 10

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