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Published by: The University Daily Kansan on Apr 04, 2013
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All contents, unless stated otherwise, © 2013 The University Daily Kansan
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Partly cloudy in themorning, then clear.Winds less than 5 mph.
Support your ellow state university Wichita Statein the Final Four o the NCAA men’s basketballtournament this weekend.
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A beautiful day!
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the morning Brew
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Volume 125 Issue 98
Thursday, April 4, 2013
“Haltime locker roomupdate: Jamari just slappedTyler across the ace or tryingto initiate a ‘tickle fght.’”
“Can’t wait to buy my‘We were ranked aheado KU or a brie period otime’ t-shirt at theK-State Bookstore.”
“Niko just suggested toCoach Sel that we runthe ‘pickle roll.’ NaturallyTyler and Evan beganlaughing hysterically.”
“Withey, Withey, Withey,can’t you see. Sometimesyour blocks just hypnotizeme. #WitheyBlockParty”
Go to the sports section to read Fake Jeff’s goodbye 
Thursday, april 4, 2013
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Partl cloud inthe morning, thenclear. Winds romthe South at 5 to 20mph.
Sunny side up
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Mostl cloud in themorning, then over-cast. Breez. Windsrom the WSW at 10to 20 mph.
Easy, breezy, beautiful
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Partly cloudy with a70 percent chanceof rain. Winds fromthe ENE at 10 to 15mph.
Stay under your umbrella
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Forecaster: Wunderground.com
 Wht’s the
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ettmt c ct t
Laken Rapier
act ttmt c ct t
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Ashleigh Lee
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g m   v
Malcolm Gibson
s  mkt v
 Jon Schlitt
Students given notable engineering scholarship 
eMily donoVan
wo Jayhawks have beenawarded one o the nation’s mostprestigious merit-based, under-graduate scholarships in the sci-ences. Qi Chen, a junior study-ing chemical engineering romOverland Park, and Lianna Dang,a junior studying chemistry romShawnee, have both received theBarry M. Goldwater Scholarshipater a rigorous application pro-cess and intense national com-petition.“his scholarship is mostly toencourage people to go to gradschool and pursue a researchcareer,” Chen said.One o his reshman orienta-tion seminars was led by Dr. KyleCamarda, an associate proessorand associate dean at the Schoolo Engineering, who mentionedChen’s computational chemicalengineering research at the endo the presentation. he projectstarted when Chen walked up toCamarda and asked i he had any open space in his lab.“he project I’m workingon right now is quantum leveldescriptors and computationalmolecular design,” Chen said. “Ilook at a molecule, look at whatother charges are on a moleculeand, rom that, compare it withother molecules to igure outhow well they’ll play together —what kind o interactions they’llhave.”Based on those interactions,Chen’s research can determinehow a molecule will react in achemical reaction or in a mix-ture, allowing speciic moleculesto be designed to act in a speciicway.“he irst year, I would show up to group meetings and every-thing would ly over my head,”Chen said. “But ater you go to aew meetings, you start catchingon to things.”Ater spending last summerin Denmark collaborating onthe project, Chen presented theresearch at this year’s AmericanInstitute o Chemical Engineers’annual meeting in Pittsburgh.Outside o the research lab, Chenorganized this year’s EngineeringExpo, is involved with the Sel Engineering Leadership Fellows(SELF) Program and plans tospend this summer working asan intern with ExxonMobil.“he biggest part o the appli-cation was talking about yourexperience in research and why you are a scientist,” Dang said.Dang sent out emails, attend-ed meetings and entered theresearch lab in her sophomoreyear ater Chen persuaded herto get involved with on-cam-pus research. Having started o making nanoparticles, she now works to make industrial cata-lysts, which convert the letoversrom plant eedstock like cornhusks or vegetable oil into sell-able byproducts.“A big ocus o my researchis renewable and sustainableenergy,” Dang said. “We’re mak-ing the biodiesel process moresustainable and more energy-eicient by using the byproductsto make valuable chemicals.”he Journal o the AmericanChemical Society published anarticle covering Dang’s catalystsearlier this year. Dang is also thetreasurer o her scholarship hall’sexecutive board and involvedwith the Chemistry Club, takingchemistry demonstrations out toelementary schools to get kidsexcited about slime and thingsthat blow up or are gross totouch.he two have been datingsince meeting up to take a walk around campus on move-in day their reshman year. A mutualriend, sophomore Mike Marcus,hassled Dang into approach-ing Chen ater he had met herthrough the Science Olympiadat Shawnee Mission NorthwestHigh School, and knew Chenthrough collaboration withShawnee Mission East HighSchool’s Robotics Cvlub.“Lianna’s mom still owes me ahome-cooked Chinese gourmetmeal because she’s so happy thatI set the two o them up,” Marcussaid. “I consider that the mostsuccessul relationship that I’veever been involved with.”he scholarship will be appliedto Chen and Dang’s senior years.
— Edited by Elise Reuter 
Te Lawrence City Commis-sion election was held on uesday,and 10 percent o registered votersin Lawrence turned up at the pollsto vote. Te three open seats werecaptured by Mike Amyx, Jeremy Farmer and erry Riordan.Amyx and Farmer cruised to victory with 7,019 votes and 5,271 votes, respectively. Tey will eachserve our-year terms. Riordan,on the other hand, barely inchedahead o Leslie Soden, beatingher by 94 votes or the third avail-able seat. He will serve a two-yearterm.Te 56-year-old Amyx has beenactively involved in governmentsince 1983 when he was frst elect-ed Lawrence City Commissioner.He has been elected to the post atotal o fve times. He has also beena Douglas County Commissioner,Chairman o the Douglas County Commission and Mayor o Law-rence. Amyx voted against the $25million recreation center in north-west Lawrence, making him theonly commissioner to do so.Farmer is the executive directoro Just Food, an organization thatprovides ood or those in needin Lawrence. He has worked ornonproft organizations or overa decade and was the director o community awareness at ProjectHope Food Bank in Hot Springs,Arkansas beore returning to hishometown, Lawrence. He plans topush or a stronger emphasis ontechnical education and be an ad- vocate or threatened populationsin Lawrence. Tis will be his frstgovernment job.Riordan, a graduate o the Uni- versity o Kansas Medical School,is a pediatrician who was chair-man o the Douglas County Plan-ning Commission in 2005 and2006. He was also the presidento the Oread Neighborhood As-sociation rom 2003 to 2004 anda board member or the DouglasCounty Health Department. Hecommitted $18,000 o his ownmoney to his campaign.
— Edited by Elise Reuter 
MaTThew Johnson
Three elected Tuesdayto City Commission
Saturday, April 6Sunday, April 7Thursday, April 4Friday, April 5
Spencer Museum o Artauditorium
5:30 to 8 p.m.
Patrick Sammon, the producerand director o “Codebreaker,” willpresent this new documentar high-lighting a pioneer o codebreaking inWorld War II.
KU Tango Spring Classes
Kansas Union
7:45 p.m.
Learn some new dance movesat the Union this Thursda. No partneror experience needed.
“The Stor o Luke”
Libert Hall Cinema, 644Massachusetts St.
7 p.m.
This flm, directed b Law-rence native Alonso Mao, centers ona oung autistic man on a quest tofnd a job and a girlriend. Tickets orthis one-da screening event are $8.
Regina Carter
Lied Center
7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Enjo a night o traditionalArican music inused with contem-porar jazz and Aropop energ bviolinist Regina Carter. Tickets are$15 to $28.
Girl Scout Rummage Sale orCommunit Shelter
American Legion, 3408 W6th St.
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
This charit event hosted bGirl Scout Troop #7745 benefts theLawrence Communit Shelter.
Edible Books Festival
700 New Hampshire St.
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Check out the entries inthe Edible Books Festival, in whichcontestants create an edible work oart based on literature. Or, enter thecontest as an individual or a team nolater than Frida b calling the librarat (785)-843-3833.
Scar Larr Kansas Bike Polo
Edgewood Park, Maple Laneand Miller Drive
7 p.m.
This hbrid game is exactlwhat it sounds like. Mallets and ballare provided, but bring our own bike!
Karaoke Sunda
the Bottleneck, 737 NewHampshire St.
11 p.m.
Enjo karaoke estivities and$2 draws and wells.
For more information visit our Facebook page at KU Blood Drive
901 MISSISSIPPI785-842-44502000 W 23RD ST785-331-4242
dreams can come true. now open until 3am.
(785) 843-8650
 (785) 841-7096
1410 Kasold St.JadeGardenOnline.comSun: 11am-MidnightMon: 11am-10pmTue-Wed: 11-MidnightThu-Sat: 11am-3am
A 32-ya-od ma as astdTusday on th 1600 bock o 23dStt on susicion o bugay oa non-ding, cimina damagto oty, tht, ossssion ocontod substanc, batty andobstuction o ga ocss. Nobond as ostd.A 21-ya-od ma as astdTusday on th 2400 bock o Mas-sachustts Stt on susicion ooating a vhic und th in-unc, no insuanc and tans-oting an on contain. A $700bond as aid.A 27-ya-od ma as astdTusday at th intsction o 15thand Kntucky on susicion o in-toxicatd dstian in th oad-ay. A $100 bond as aid.A 23-ya-od ma as astdTusday on th 3600 bock o 25thStt on susicion o ossssiono contod substanc. A $500bond as aid.
— Emily Donovan 
thURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013
Today is th 25th annivsay o KU’s83-79 in ov Okahoma o th NCAAchamionshi. It as th 50th yao th tounamnt, and th sco athatim as 50-50.
pOlICe repOrTS
Te Sigma Phi Epsilon ra-ternity is currently involved in alawsuit regarding an incident thatoccurred in March 2011.Andrew Johnson, a junior romSalina, is suing the raternity, thenational Sigma Phi Epsilon or-ganization, the Gamma chapter’salumni board, and two members,Rashid Franklin “Scooter” Me-barek and one identied as “JohnDoe #1.”Johnson is suing on the countso negligence against the rater-nity and the alumni board or ail-ing to prevent underage drinking,enorce underage drinking laws,provide supervision and maintainrelated raternity and state policy and laws, among other relatedreasons. He is suing the two indi- viduals or negligence that causedan injury.According to the DouglasCounty Court records, Johnsonclaims that on March 11 at theunction hosted by the raternity known as “Heaven and Hell,” heand other underage memberswere allowed access to alcoholwithout supervision.In the records, Johnson said thatupon returning to the house, hewent to bed, but was awakened by the two members “messing withhim” while he slept. Johnson thenstates he was placed in a headlock and his head rammed against aconcrete wall. He suered a “mas-sive closed head injury” and wastransported to Lawrence Memo-rial Hospital and Lie Flighted toKansas University Hospital.Te court records state thatJohnson “permanently lost hissense o smell and continues tosuer cognitive decits.Meberek, the KU Interrater-nity Coucil and representativesrom the Sigma Epsilon chapterand national headquarters wereunavailable to comment at thetime the Kansan went to press.Johnson, his amily and theOfce o Greek Lie declined tocomment.
— Edited by Elise Reuter 
Member injured,sues fraternity 
KU Police expand force,crime rates increase 
eots by poic at th Univsity tocub th us o ak IDs is attibutd toan incas in cimina onss ot-d to th KU pubic Saty Ofc, ac-coding to a ss as wdnsday.Th ofc said it ocssd 818 o-nss in 2012, incuding to obbisand on sx ons, u om 732 o-cssd in 2011.Th as citd th ofc’s atici-ation in “a muti-agncy, gant-und-d ak ID aanss and nocmntinitiativ” as  as its counting odunk-diving cass as cimina o-nss, not incudd in vious yas,as asons o th incas.“poviding a sa nvionmnt oth KU community is ou imay goa,”said Univsity poic Chi rah Oi-v in th as. “w a assistd byoactiv ots ik th Fak ID TaskFoc and by Univsity suot o thincasd us o cosd-cicuit cam-as on camus.”
— Marshall Schmidt 
HELENA, Mont. — A Montanaederal judge will retire ollowingan investigation into an email heorwarded that included a racist joke involving President Barack Obama.U.S. District Judge RichardCebull had previously announcedhe would step down as chie cir-cuit judge and take a reducedcaseload, but he inormed the 9thU.S. Circuit Court o Appeals thathe now intends to ully retire May 3.he appellate court posted astatement by Chie Judge AlexKozinski on its website uesday announcing Cebull had submittedthe retirement letter.he March 29 letter comesater the appellate court’s JudicialCouncil issued a March 15 orderon the investigation into theFebruary 2012 email, but appellatecourt spokesman David Maddencould not say whether Cebullresigned because o the order.“he misconduct processis conidential. I am not privy to what the order said nor do Iknow what Judge Cebull’s moti- vations were,” Madden said in aWednesday email.he council’s order will remainconidential during an appealperiod, which concludes May 17,Madden said. he council willmake an announcement aterCebull’s retirement takes eect,he said, but added that he wasunable to answer when the orderor the letter will be released to thepublic.A Cebull aide directed calls orcomment to Clerk o Court ylerGilman, who said Wednesday thatCebull would not have any com-ment other than the court’s state-ment.He declined to release the res-ignation letter or describe whatit said.Cebull wrote a letter o apology to Obama and iled a complaintagainst himsel ater he GreatFalls ribune published the con-tents o the email, which includeda joke about bestiality and thepresident’s mother.he Billings judge orwardedthe email rom his chambers to sixother people on Feb. 20, 2012, thenewspaper reported.wo other groups also demand-ed an investigation, with one, theMontana Human Rights Network,starting an online petition callingor Cebull’s resignation.Kim Abbott, the network’s co-director, said Wednesday she waspleased with the announcementbut hopes to see the results o theinvestigation.“he email really called intoquestion his ability to treatwomen and people o color airly,so we’re happy Montanans will getto appear beore a dierent judge,”Abbott said.he complaints were reerredto a special committee appointedby the appellate court to investi-gate whether Cebull’s email con-stituted misconduct.
U.S. Distict Judg richad Cbu is sn in this undatd f hoto. Cbu,Montana’s chi da judg, i ti ooing an invstigation into an maih oadd that incudd a acist jok invoving psidnt Baack Obama.
Federal judge to retire afterinvestigation of joke in email
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There is No Place like this Home Court 
��  

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