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Published by jimmypreach

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Published by: jimmypreach on Mar 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Luke 7:8
I say unto one,____________,and he____________________.
Matt. 20:24
The servant is not ______________ his Lord.
Matt 7:21
Not everyone who says to
Me, “Lord Lord,” but he who
 _________________________ .
Matt. 7:24
Whoever hears thesesayings of Mine, and does them, I willliken him to a ____________________.
John 6:38
Not to do My own __________, but the __________ of Himthat sent me.
Luke 22:42
Father, if it is your will, takethis cup away from Me; nevertheless not _______ will, but _________ be done.
Matt. 24:46
Blessed is that servantwhom his master, when he comes willfind ________ doing.
The Principle of Lordship
1. Slavery was common during the time of the New Testament.2.
The Greek word “
” means Lord. It
was a common word the vocabulary of someone living in the 1st Century.3. A Lord is one who has authority.4. A Lord issues commands which must beobeyed.5. A Lord will not tolerate servants who placetheir own will above his own will.6.
A Lord’s desires replaces a servant’s de-
sires.7. Whom you call Lord does not always showwho is your real Lord.8. In knowing who is your real Lord, actionspeaks louder than words.9. A Lord is not only heard by his servantsbut also obeyed by his servants.10.
Even Jesus placed the Father’s will above
His own will.11. A Lord will bless the servant who fulfills
the Lord’s will.
 12. A Lord will curse the servant who fulfills
the servant’s own will.
The Principle of Servanthood
is the Greek word for slave used inthe passages in this lesson.2. A slaves job is to serve his Lord. Chris-tians as slaves serve Jesus.3.
A Slave/Christian shows his Lord’s superi-ority by fulfilling his Lord’s will.
 4. A Slave is a man who was purchased byhis Lord.5.
A Christian was purchased by Jesus’
blood, therefore, Jesus is a ChristiansLord.6. The one whom a slave obeys is his Lord.7. If a Christian obeys a man or a culture
then Jesus is not that Chrisitan’s Lord.
A servant should follow his Lord’s com-
mands and examples.9.
A Christian follows Jesus’ examples.
Jesus’ real servants have completelygiven themselves to Jesus for Jesus’ us-
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 A Servant is not above his master
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